Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Ten: Most Iconic Movie Characters

What would this website be without the glorious help from other bloggers out there who spend more time producing content than thinking about producing content. One of those angels is Nostra from My Filmviews who puts the best blogathons, memes and similar gifts out there now and then. This time, it's another relay race...

A list of 10 iconic movie characters has been made. That list will be assigned to another blogger who can then change it by removing one character (describing why they think it should not be on the list) and replace it with another one (also with motivation) and hand over the baton to another blogger. Once assigned, that blogger will have to put his/her post up within a week. If this is not the case the blogger who assigned it has to reassign it to another blogger. After you have posted your update leave the link in the comments here and I will make sure it gets added to the overview post.
Another angel is my desi girl Nik from Being Norma Jeane who was kind enough to tag me for this blogathon. I wasn't sure whether I'd dare to participate but okay then, let's get it on with.

The road so far

The Ten

I haven't seen this one yet so I'm unsure. He's not 'iconic' in my world
but I am living in a world of few sports movies.

Unquestionably iconic. Even as a kid who had never seen any of these, 
I remember using the line "Bond. James Bond".

Alien fan for life. Since last Halloween.

It's weird how often the line "E.T. phone home" bustles around in my head.

Even though this is another one I just recently caught up on,
Dorothy is definitely ├╝ber-iconic.

The hat, the talk, the walk - everything about him fits the list, doesn't it?

One of the most iconic characters of any part of pop culture. Everyone
knows Darth Vader, he was the essence of Star Wars before I had
ever seen any of the films.

Cheeky, determined and loving, this perfect nanny has every right
to be here in this list.

When a leg says everything - that's when you talk about an icon.

The Removal

As much as I am infatuated with in love this character, as sexy and badass as he is, I just don't think that it's fair to have two Star Wars characters in here, one should be enough to represent the franchise. And after all, Darth Vader is still arguably the most iconic Star Wars character - speaking from the experience of not having seen the movies until a few months ago. Another reason for removing him is that there is also another young Harrison Ford character on here with Indiana Jones. So I think this is proof enough of his ability to create great characters just like Darth Vader proves how iconic Star Wars is. No need for Han Solo here, I'm sorry.

The Rookie

I really wanted to include an animated character here and there was no real question about it having to be either Woody or Buzz. Toy Story is just one of those truly iconic cinematic franchises that fascinates audiences of all ages. Choosing Buzz has to do with my experience as a long-time film illiterate who didn't watch the films until a year ago. Buzz was always the front-runner just like in the movies, he is featured most prominently on posters and in teasers and trailers you just get the sense that he's the biggest hero in the franchise. Of course, Woody has some great values too but Buzz is the epitome of the classic Hollywood hero - strong, humorous and brilliant. In a sense, he's a bit too much, which is why he's also a fun mock of classical heroes. Lastly, he has a Spanish counterpart. That's all I have to say.

I will now pass the honour/ trouble to the only thing I know about Portugal- Sofia from Film Flare (unexpected, wasn't it?).


  1. Love the animated gifs. Great idea and thank you for you kind words about me! I also chose not to include too many Star Wars characters so I understand your choice. Nice addition of Buzz. I actually bought one of them and still thinks it's a very cool thing to have.

    1. I desperately need a Buzz! Good idea for my christmas wish list. Yes, I read that in your original post - it's just unfair, isn't it? It's not like Star Wars is the only iconic movie out there.

  2. Buzz is back!!!!!

    Icon personified!

    1. He was in there already before?

    2. Yes, I put him there. Thank you for bringing him back!!

  3. Hahahaha, awesome gifs! The Darth Vader one made me laugh out loud. In class. :D

    1. Thanks- I had to choose that one. It makes me grin every time I look at it :D

  4. Im not upset to see Han Solo get voted off. I will agree that he is a good character but he is not as iconic as Darth Vader or others(btw that dancing gif is AwesomeSauce) Ellen Ripley is awesome and so is Indy. Great job with including Buzz Lightyear on the list . I would have a hard time choosing between him and Woody

    1. Good to hear that, it was a tough choice but I feel content with it. Well, I would've loved to put Buzz and Woody both in, but there's something about Buzz.

  5. Ellen Ripley 100% yesterday, today and tomorrow!!!

    ...and that Buzz Lightyear gif <3 <3


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