Monday, January 10, 2011

Holiday is what I want... (+ Fav. Movie Holidays)

My christmas holidays have just ended, and now it's back to school & homework. I know, that many of you have already been working since 1st of january, and I'm very sorry for you. You must feel even worse than I do. Or maybe not... My friends and I had a discussion going on today, at school, on whether it's better working or going to school. We came to the conclusion, that school is fun because of the friends you see daily, and the good teachers, but it's also not that fun, because of many teachers that are annoying and do a bad job, and because of the fact, that we actually have to work sooo long. Not only school - afterwards, there's homework and projects and etc. etc.
Now that the holidays have ended, I came to think about holidays in the movies... Thinking about that, I realized, there aren't too many movies including holidays. Anyways, I made a list of my favorite "filmi holidays". And here it is (no special order):

DHOOM: 2 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
We were already at the beach of Goa (?) in Dhoom, but as is well-known, Dhoom:2 mainly used its budget for sparkling stars, special-effects and... location!

Men and women with colorful (and not many) clothes, beach-feeling, glowing skin, latino-music... Oh yes, this is holiday-feeling. Add some Hrithik, Aishwarya, Abhishek and optionally Uday, and you have the perfect entertainer (no convincing skript needed).

Dhoom:2 may be totally exaggerated, unnecessary and meaningless, but it's fun (also because of the locations).

CHALTE  CHALTE - Mykonos, Greece
"Suno Na Suno Na, Sunlo Naaaaa....". I even had this DVD twice, but I sold one of them on ebay. A must-see for everyone, Rani's Big Break... got it.

I've never been to Greece, but my parents have, and they loved it. It looks a little like Malta, which is one of my favorite holiday destinations...

Would love to go there one time.

Not one of my favorite films (read more about why), but I must admit that it was filmed on great locations... I really like the USA, because its such a large and complex country, but I've only been to Florida.

NYC is a place that I really want to visit one time, as well as Vegas. Funny is, that I actually watched "Hangover" just after watching this one.
The desert scenes were well-filmed, too.

DDLJ - Switzerland
Switzerland, die Schweiz, one of our neighbor countries... Never been there. Might be because its near, but not really near. You know what I mean? It's like, I've never been to Holland, either. No one of my family wants to go there, so... I'll have to wait, until I'm grown up.

Switzerland has been a holiday location in many, many Bollywoodfilms. I've once read, the reason might be, that Switzerland looks a lot like Kashmir, but you can't really go to Kashmir, because there's so much war.
However, a destination that I would like to visit one time (Switzerland and Kashmir).

The " Dil Chahta Hai fort" has become quite famous after the success of the movie, and you can see some tourists posing on the pictures here.

Goa is not the only place I want to visit in India - I want to travel everywhere in that country. Mumbai, Delhi, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal... And I'd also like to see that fort!

Goa has been used as a location in several other films, for example "Aisha" and I think also "Dhoom".


These are, off course, just a few of my favorite movie holiday destionations... If you can think of some, just tell me.

Buy the way, how's operation "AFAD" (a film a day) going? Well, good, but I didn't find the time for seeing one today. However, I bought a really expensive DVD today, the Jodhaa Akbar Special Edition for 22EUR! I don't usually buy such expensive DVDs, but I had a gift card, so whatever... Looking forward to see this one, but I have about 6 more DVDs waiting.
By the end of each month, I'm going to write one or two sentences about the films I've seen.

Kaal - Jungle, India
Wild tigers, snakes and ghosts... My worst nightmare absolutely favorite Bollywood holiday destination!

Thanks for reading,
Mette M. K.


  1. Ahh great idea for a fun post, i still haven't seen Chalte Chalte though i have to rectify that very soon as i do love the songs and yes Dhoom 2 totally sold me on brazil

  2. My fav pick has to be DDLJ (*_*)


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