Saturday, March 26, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Only (really) blogging for about 4 months now, I'm feel very proud and honoured by receiving this special award, which Jack L. passed to me. Once more: thank you so much, Jack.

The special thing about this award is, that the receiver must name 7 facts about him-/herself, and then pass it of to seven bloggers, that he/she admires (seems like 7 is a really special number - thinking about "7 Khoon Maaf", for example). At least that's what it says in Jack's post (I hadn't heard about the award before, and I don't even know, where it "came" from).

To start with, 7 facts about myself:

  1. I have only two real movie pictures in my rooms. At my father's, it's a poster of Band Baaja Baaraat (which I haven't seen yet, by the way), and also a picture of Marilyn Monroe in that white dress, but I don't think that counts. At my mother's, there's a tiny postcard with the movie poster of Rebel Without a Cause, which I think I've seen when I was little... Oh, and then there's the big black/white pop art poster with pictures of different actors from the late Hollywood era.
  2. I'm not only a film buff, but also crazy about books. Well, not only books, but everything readable. If there's nothing to read but a bad-looking book or magazine, I'll read it. I can't go from a flee market without buying a book (or a movie, for that matter), at least most of the time. There are about 16 unread books on my book shelves, because I just need to buy them when I'm in an Antic shop or something similar. And I don't want to count the rags of magazines that are laying around in the cupboards. Some of my books don't even stand on shelves, they're just stacked in some corners.
  3.  My favorite TV shows are Desperate Housewives, How I Met Your Mother and the fabulous, award-winning Türkisch für Anfänger ("Turkish for Beginners", read more). I don't watch them on television, though, except for DH... And the only one I've seen all episodes of is the last one, which I have on DVD - all three seasons. Sadly, it's ended now, but I can re-watch it a 1000 times with my sister and/or best-friend: It's GENIOUS.
  4. I don't know what I want to be, or where I want to be, after I finish High-School in 3 1/2 years. I know that I'm going to study, and I know that I'm going to be in a large city, but where and what... I don't know. Some of my child/teenage job dreams include: marine biologist, astronaut, dancer, actress, director, fashion journalist, journalist, lawyer, dentist, designer, language-something and more.
  5. Not that I want to bullshit or something, it's just that this might interest you or whatever: I've always been the best in my class. I was being offered to skip one class two times, also last year. I decided to stay with my class and friends though, but I think they're a little jealous and maybe "sad", whenever we get a test or our grades. My favorite subjects are German, History, Geography and English, but I'm really into politics, and it's sad we don't have a subject like that yet. 
  6. Just as with movies, I don't prefer any certain genres in music... Well, apart from Soundtracks: There are so many different songs and genres in Soundtracks, and often songs are not composed for the films itself... I just love how music and picture is combined so beautifully in many films. That's why there is a lot of film music on my iPod (the nano 5g, red). Only thing I absolutely hate regarding music is this sleek, auto-tuned disco-pop, which is the most frequent played on our radio stations here. Most played songs on iTunes: Suno Aisha (movie "Aisha), Wouldn't it be Nice (The Beach Boys, but also featured in "50 First Dates"), Selfmachine and Spirit Golden (I Blame Coco), 80 Years (Dúné), Khwaja Mere Khwaja (movie "Jodhaa-Akbar"), Never Hear Surf Music Again (127 Hours) and that's it for you folks. I won't reveal more... Oh, other than my newest obsession: Opera, namely since I watched Match Point. I fell in love with the song "Mi Par D'Udir Ancora"... And this: though I dance Ballet, I do like classic music, but it's not my favorite or something.
  7. Parties are up and coming within my social environment, now that we all turned 16 and so on... I think it can be fun, really, with good friends, just dancing (even though the music is not the best, obviously), but it's nothing I want to do every weekend. Also, alcohol is fine with me, though I don't really like it, but I think many people my age (also friends of mine) cross the line sometimes. They just want to be mature and prove they're old enough to make own decisions and stuff. It's the same with sex. I'd never planned on writing about sex on this blog, but why not - someone needs to say this: It's too early for many of them, and they don't prove anything by doing it. But they'll never realize, I just hope that not everyone is that stupid...
So, that was a lot about myself, but nothing that I wouldn't say in public, nothing that I would hide from anyone, and that's why I'm not scared of saying it online.

And finally, these are the bloggers that I hand this award out to:
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I know there are many other talented writers out there, I follow many of them, but these are the ones I think deserve this award the most. I'm aware of the fact that six of them are Bollywood blogs, but I think this part of the film blogger community needs something like this, and these are really good blogs.

Congratulations to all of you.

Mette M. K.


  1. Most interesting facts.
    I love soundtracks as well, especially the ones for Tarantino's films.

    I don't go to parties often, mainly because I don't drink and that's what most parties revolve around. Also I just can't stand the music my friends listen to...

    I must say that your English is very good and you seem to be an all around intelligent person (based on these few facts, of course).

    It seems I really must see Match Point soon.

  2. @ Jack L: I think we actually have much in common - still, only based on the facts you wrote about yourself. Okay, apart from the fact that I do have a TV :)

  3. I guess we do have quite a bit in common!
    It's always good to know that there are others my age who share some of my views, sometimes it doesn't feel that way...

  4. What what what? What's this award? This is intriguing. And so very cool that you picked me among your 7, I'm flattered. Thank you! :)

    But first and foremost, congrats to you for getting it, and I hope this keeps you motivated to keep writing! And to keep watching movies :)

    Argh... now on to writing 7 things about me... this will take some effort since I usually try my best to NOT write about myself :)

  5. Great to know more about you! It is fascinating how people from different backgrounds and all can find their way into Bollywood!

    I feel really excited about being awarded (THANK YOU!), as I´m only blogging for a month now. It really warmed my heart! Now I just hope I can find 7 blogs that I really love and that have not yet been awarded!


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