Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Cinematic Alphabet - World Edition

Here is the promised World Edition of what I did earlier with Indian films.
It was not easy to create this one, as I've already seen 1000s of films, and off course do not have some kind of record of films viewed. These might not be my total favorites, because like Jack L., I wanted to create a list that's a bit different from others', and also I needed to find examples for all letters of the alphabet.

A is for Atonement [UK]
Avatar is one of my favorites, but off course, no one can beat Mr. McAvoy and Mr. McEwan

B is for Billy Elliot [UK]
Black Swan is too new, and only seen once, but it was considered, just like Bright Star

C is for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button [USA]
This one is probably on most lists, but it truly deserves it

D is for Dirty Dancing [USA]
A bit kitschy and mainstream, but so lovely 

E is for The Exorcist [USA]
Tight battle with E. T., but Horror needs some more appreciation

F is for Forrest Gump [USA]
Why do I keep commenting my selections?

G is for The Godfather I [USA]
Part Two was also great, but Brando really is the Godfather

H is for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban [UK]
Picked as a symbol for the whole series

I is for Into the Wild [USA]

J is for The Jungle Book [USA]
Did I ever mention I love Disney? This is not my favorite, however, but just came into my mind.
Picking "Becoming Jane" would be a cheater, I thought (and maybe too embarrassing)...

K is for The King's Speech [UK]
Hyped for a reason

L is for The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and The Little Mermaid [UK/USA]
... No, I was not able to decide...

M is for Match Point [UK]
Woody at his very best

N is for Network, The Social [USA]
Come on, how could I not cheat for this one

O is for Olsen Banden (all films) [Denmark]
These three guys are the loves of my life (don't tell James... whether Franco nor McAvoy)

P is for The Piano [Australia/NZ/FR]
I would have taken The Pianist or Pride & Prejudice, but then again... so mainstream, no?
At least one learns certain things from this one - how to buy a piano without money, in example.

Q... hm....

R is for Rataouille and Radio Rock Revolution [USA/UK]
Who can choose between a cute rat... or a good meal, and some rockin' roll?

S is for Same Same But Different [Germany]
Everyone knows Slumdog Millionaire, and it's fantastic, but: You HAVE to watch this film.
Do not miss it if you call yourself a movie buff, or whatever else fancy name you can imagine.

T is for Titanic [USA]
What was that? I'm not a film buff, I'm a typical teenage girl with a bad taste for cinema? 
How dare you - away from this blog. Titanic stays here.
(Can you imagine Leonardo actually ever looked handsome? It's unbelievable, these days.)

U is for Up [USA]
Couldn't think of many U-films, but whatever, Animated Features are often underrated among intellectuals.

V is for The HangoVer [USA]
You'd have killed me for selecting Valentine's Day, but I couldn't think of any other films.

W is for Das Weiße Band [Germany]
Sometimes, but only sometimes, German directors can be genius. 

X is for... well, I'd pick X-Men: First Class, but there's only one reason for, and one against this:
For: James McAvoy
Against: I haven't seen it, and the last time I watched X-Men with my family, I had to repress hysterical laughs every 10th second.

Y is for Yes, Man! [USA]
There is a God hidden inside of Jim Carrey. By the way, ever tried that Yes-programme?

Z is for Zweiohrküken [Germany]
Hate him or love him... Til Schweiger. I tend to the last one, even though his films do look a bit similar. For the non-Germans: This is the guy who died in "Alexander". 

Thank you for reading,
Mette M. K.


  1. Awesome list :)
    You succeeded in making it very different, congrats for including animated films, I completely forgot to include any...

    Anyway, I just finished watching Match Point!
    It's a peculiar film, at first I didn't like it much, but by the end I realised that it was a much better film than I firs thought. Thanks for recommending it :)

    btw, I noticed you've got a lot of German films on this list, most of which I haven't seen, and I was wondering if you had seen anything by Werner Herzog, my favourite German director...
    His films are exceptional.

  2. Great list. I think I would vote for The Little Mermaid.

  3. I love the fact that you picked my favourite HP, be it in books (though it's a tie with the sixth) or as movie. :D

    Great, great list! There are some I haven't seen (and don't think I will soon. I am a film-buff, but a Bollywood film-buff) but for those I have, then I totally agree. You also seem to be fond of J. McAvoy, just like me. I love the guy!

  4. @ Jack L: I must admit that I also had an awkward kind of feeling about Match Point, but at the end it's like a circle that is completed.
    I'm pretty sure I've watched Bad Lieutenant, though it must have been a while ago. But I've heard about Werner Herzog several times. Might watch some more of his films.

    @ Bonjour Tristesse: As much as I try - I really cannot decide..

    @ Siham: For me it's a tie with the seventh, but the third has always been my very favorite film and book.
    Oh, don't get me started on that James... :)

  5. Nice list! I really like Match Point, a favourite, which I reviewed recently.
    I plan to review Titanic, so keep an eye out ( :

  6. @ moviesandsongs365: Well, then I'll search for that Match-Point-review! And keep my eye out for the Titanic-review (I don't think I could review it, because I love it so much).


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