Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Weekual Thursday PP: Haunted Love


I haven't got much time right now, because we need to do a lot for school and so on, so that's why I'm not posting as frequently as otherwise. I'm sorry for that, but off course I will stick to writing your Weekual Thursday PP (though I wont write as much as I usually do).

So here's we have of new releases for tomorrow:

India's First Stereoscopic 3D film... by known-to-make-many-bad-films Vikram Bhatt...

And (I know I stole that line from someone): Yash Raj Ka the End... by some "Bumpy" (?)
Haunted 3D
Director: Vikram Bhatt (Elaan/ Raaz)

The only film of Vikram Bhatt I've seen is Ghulam. I was 10 years or so then, so I don't remember much else than Rani, Aamir, some catchy tunes - and a lot of blood and disgusting dishoom scenes.

Haunted, honestly, looks like some very bad collage of the "best" scenes from Hollywood Horror hits, and the scary part seems to be those where we hear a woman screaming. Which is, like, 20 times (only in the trailer).

I'm not familiar with the actors, but what I've seen of the leading actor is not what I call promising. The woman, I think, is only supposed to be beautiful and able to scream.

Luv Ka the End
Director: Bumpy (debuting with this one)

Look, I have this problem with film titles that are misspelled. I haven't seen "I Hate Luv Storys" (= I Hate Love Stories) yet, only because of its title.
So, you see that this is the first wall between my and "Luv Ka the End".

The other one is the actress, who has some similarity with Amrita Rao, but a much squeakier voice.

And I also find the trailer very fake. It just... it doesn't look fun. It doesn't look genuine, but more like some very through-thought commercial teeny production, that is supposed to make YR films look younger and more successful.

In a nutshell: If I were in India, I'd either go shopping for some DVDs, or watch some of the older releases I haven't seen yet.


  1. I agree with both of your takes on these movies! Bollywood has yet to master horror, and I don't think Haunted will be an exception.

    And UGHH I also hate misspelled titles! I don't get the point! It's "Love" not "Luv" and "Replay" not "Replayy" etc etc.

  2. Not interested in either of these films..... I have seen I Hate Luv Stories.... and did not like it at all. Don´t think this shall be any better.


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