Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Weekual Thursday PP: Misspellings, guns n' boxes

Dear Blogger,
I think the best way to express my feelings is with this song:

After squeezing in the task of writing my weekual posty-post, between practicing for choir and for ballet, you deleted my post! You don't know what this means to me, right? You don't know, how little time I have at the moment, and that thursday is a very busy date (!!!) for katten/fanden/satan da, sgu!!!

All right, after swearing in Danish (I don't want this blog to be polluted by the vulgar English swear words), I can now take my time to write, what I already wrote on Thursday:

This Thursday (rhmr: Saturday), the Weekual Thursday PP is celebrating its 1-month-anniversary:


A sad aspect is, that I now don't have any time/ energy left, to participate in Madhuri Week with more than my current two posts. But I'm looking forward to tomorrow, when Gaja Gamini will list all contributing posts on her blog.

I also wanted to say, that yes, I have checked out some of the ratings for the three films releasing to... yesterday, but I haven't read any review yet, so my opinion is only half-influenced.

Whatever, let's take a look on Friday (the 13th, hehehe) 's releases, which include 3 new-coming directors' works:

Another bland-looking misspelling/ Amrita-ka-the-final-end
Most promising child-film for a long time
M & M's mixed with "Love, Sex aur Dhokha" - interesting...

The guns n' Nanas - awesome.

Love U... Mr. Kalakaar!
Director: S. Manasvi (debuting)

It's such a shame that Amrita Rao is wasting her talent again and again. 

The trailer looks bland, uninteresting and unoriginal.

Not even the drawings are new - they look very Hum Tum to me, hai na?

In Katy Perry's "Ur So Gay", I could just look away from that misspelling, but I quite like the song - and I don't like the trailer from this film, so that's a different situation. At least they spelt Love right.

But has anyone got a English dictionary in Mumbai at all? 

Stanley ka Dabba
Director: Amole Gupte (debuting)

It's only the Creative Director - but anyone from the Taare Zameen Par crew is someone I have confidence in for making a good child film.

Stanley ka Dabba looks fun, original and much better than "Zokkomon" (which I talked about in a previous edition).

The poster is kept simple, just as the trailer, and the combination of both make me want to hear more about "Stanley's lunch box".

Ragini MMS
Director: Pawan Kripalani (debuting)

Looks a bit like "Paranormal Activity" to me, but I haven't seen that one yet, so I'm not the one to decide about how far it is inspired by the Hollywood Superhit.

All I can say is, that this seems to bear all potential to become the best Indian Horror flick by far - not that it's hard to do so, but it really looks promising.

I am personally a big fan of Horror films, even the bad ones - they're just so much fun! Oh, I love them, I just love them...

Perhaps, I'm even looking more forward to this one, than to Shagird...

Director: Tigmanshu Dhulia (Haasil/ Charas)

Considering the fact that Dhulia is releasing approximately 8 (!) films this year, I really hope he worked hard on each one, and that it was pure coincidence they all are released in the same year (you know, long production time etc.).

Just by listening to the melody in the trailer, I get excited for this film. 

Ah, can you feel the cold metal in your hand, can you sense the smell of dark humour mixed with the flavour of Delhi - and can you hear this Western-y soundtrack in your background?

I do.


Let's hope that Blogger warns us next time they decide to burn off thousands of posts, and otherwise: be sure to check out Gaja Gamini's list of Madhuri-Week-posts tomorrow.
Oh, and to the Europeans amongst us: don't vote for Germany tonight - so embarrassing they chose the same singer as last year (and the song is not good at all).

Thanks for reading,
Mette M. K.


  1. I'm glad to see Amrita back in action, but with Tusshar Kapoor...? He's the worst. So none of these films are appealing to me unfortunately :/

    Also! Doesn't Ragini MMS come out this week? Or am I mistaken?

  2. Damn that blogger failure was really annoying, I lost my most recent silent film review that I had spent hours on but hadn't backed up...

    Anyway, nice post. I enjoy reading these as before I had a real stereotypical view of films made in Bollywood, but reading these post about recent releases, I realise how diverse the films are and how similar to Hollywood films in a way.

  3. @ Jack L: Yes, it was. I feel sorry for you - and myself :). But lesson learned: always back up your recent blog posts.

    And: YEAH! That's exactly what I want Bollywood-"outsiders" to realize. You don't need to watch Bollywood, or Indian films in general, but I just don't like that negative and prejudiced attitude many people have towards Bollywood.
    It's like... Chinese films for example: I don't watch many of them, maybe by coincidence I'll watch one in a year, but I'm open for them, and I don't prejudice them.

  4. Stanley ka Dabba I'm really looking forward to. When films deal with people's little obsessions (ala Amelie) they generally do well (I may be wrong).

  5. @ The Bolly Hood: I don't think you're wrong. Taare Zameen Par was also like that, just as an example. And Amelie is... well, fabulous!

  6. Hey lady, I don't usually have much to say about your Thursday Preview posts because I'm either not interested in the films coming out that week, or I am bitter and licking my wounds for not getting to see them. Or in some rare cases, I am getting ready to go to one in which case, again, no point in commenting.

    BUT, I did want to share with you that you've made me very lazy to do any research of what movies are coming out: I just come to your blog and then type the names in my local theatre website to see if they're coming. So thank you, and please keep this feature up! I like being lazy :P

  7. @ Dolce and Namak: Nice of you to comment anyway... I can be lazy too, at times... And now that PFC has been "deleted" or whatever you'd call it, I don't watch all the new trailers, so I personally benefit from my weekly Thursday research :)


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