Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Hiatus

Yes, Lime Reviews will be on summer hiatus until middle of August.
I'm going to Greenland on wednesday for 3,5 weeks, after that I'll spend some time in Denmark, and finally I'll be in Hamburg for one week. 
The last week I'll spend with my friends.

I've never been to Greenland before, and I am INCREDIBLY excited.
I probably won't be watching any movies though, in these 3,5 weeks, which is going to be weird. Very weird. The worst thing is, that I'll be missing the preview of Harry Potter 7.2!!! The last HP!

But no, I wont complain, because bla, bla, I'm so happy to have this opportunity, not exploring the country the way a "normal" tourist usually does, because I'll be living with native people, and my Danish "guest mother" (Ever told you about my guest family? It's more like a real family, where I often spend my holidays.) is originally from Greenland.
 I won't even be thinking of the midnight release of Harry Potter, where all Harry Potter buffs meet for the last time to get their next dose of the awesomest drug ever invented (thank you J. K. Rowling!!!), because... I'll be looking at the wonderful nature, you know ice bears and ice and... water... and... blue whales... air temperature: 5-7° C...


I'm being very unthankful. 




Whooooooooyyyaaaaaa..... GREENLAND!!! <3


  1. Have a great time on your holiday! (Seems like an around the world holiday, too!)

    And hey, it's always good to get a break from films sometimes. Let's you soak up other art forms, and have some breathing space!


  2. I'm jealous, that sounds like a very interesting vacation. Enjoy Greenland, and your break from blogging.

  3. Have fun in Greenland,
    my blogs on a kind of hiatus as well...

  4. @ all of you: Thank you so much!


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