Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Weekual Thursday PP: Are you Ready to Rambo?


It's June? Can you believe it?

... "Summer time is finally here..."...

As you can see, I changed the whole layout to celebrate the arrival of summer.

Moving on to the releases:

Oh - my -gosh... This is not looking good...
And I'm sure all of you know about it... The next demonstration of Salman's... ahm... talent.

A Strange Love Story 
Director: Tarique Khan (Ek Se Bure Do (???)) & Sahil Seth (debuting)


What's that ^ for?

Ah, whatever, I am so not impressed.
The trailer tried hard, the posters try hard, and the director(s) didn't try hard enough to get their film released on a better date. Never heard of Salman Khan?

Well, his latest film is releasing this Friday, so you better beat it (I didn't say that, it's just you know, common sense).

There is really no way I'm ever going to watch this film. I'd not even watch it on a date.

Director: Anees Bazmee (No Problem / Thank You)

Of course I watched the trailer several weeks ago, like millions of other people did...

... Already then, I was so not impressed.

Dabangg was fun, but if something is fun (and successful), that doesn't give you the license to do the same thing once more. And that being said, Ready is not only a copy of Dabangg but also an official remake of some South Indian film.

Yes, I will watch Ready. But only because of Asin.

I hope she's not completely wasted in it.


  1. Agree about Ready. I think it's a movie made for die hard Sallu fans and those are the ones who will really love it no matter what. I didn't even like Dabangg so I don't expect to like this. But when has that ever stopped me from seeing a movie?

  2. Love the new layout! Very stylish and summer-ish :)

    I loved Dabangg but Ready completely fails to impress from trailers. Plus I don´t think Sallu looks good with Asin. I´m willing to give the film a chance, but don´t have high expectations.

  3. @ The Bolly 'Hood: Hm, Dabangg is a mind-splitter. I love it in some ways, but in certain angles, it's a mess.
    It's hard to stop me from seeing a movie, too, but at the end of the day, I'll always have to ask myself: Do I want to buy this DVD, or don't I?

    @ Gaja Gamini: Thank youhuuu! Asin and Salman are like Greenland and Spain.. :)


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