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The Weekual Thursday PP: Summer Break Edition


Lime Reviews will have a summer break from next week on (I'll write more on that later - there'll be a bye-post, too), so of course, I won't be able to keep this feature during the next 8 weeks.

Therefore, I decided to create a summer break edition, where I'll present to you the films releasing until third week in August (at least the ones that are announced until now).

Something I also wanted to mention: I'm not trying to decide what you should watch and what not, I'm just giving my personal advice - so you can follow it or not, that's all up to you.

However, we'll skip the "first introduction posters", how I like to call them, the pictures or posters I usually post at the start of each post.

17. June

Always Kabhi Kabhi
Director: Roshan Abbas (debuting)

Let's start with some things I hate about the film until now:
- the voice of the first girl we see in the trailer
- Shahrukh using his commercial voice, as if he was selling a car or something... no emotions...
- the song at the end of the trailer
- the first look poster - everyone's looking very wax statue-y

We all know, that this isn't the next 3 Idiots or Main Hoon Na.
But. The film does have potential. To  entertain us, at least.

I hope that it's not all as bad as it looks like, even though I doubt that Shahrukh is more than an ambassador for this film.

Verdict: Maybe-watch

Bheja Fry 2
Director: Sagar Ballary (Bheja Fry)

If Vinay Pathak as Bharat Bhushan is some kind of Indian counterpart of Zach Galfianakis as Alan in Hangover, then one could say that Bheja Fry 2 is some kind of Indian  counterpart of Hangover 2. I myself am a big fan of the Hangover-films, and also liked the second film, and I really liked Bheja Fry as well (read my mini review here). 

But will a second part work? It is, of course, without Rajat Kapoor (my love), but Kay Kay Menon is a good compensation. However, it will probably be quite senseless - but Hangover is not better regarding this factor.

Setting the story on a cruise, and later on an island, is a good idea though, as the film probably won't grow boring because of that.

Hm, my mind is split about this one, I don't really know what to think of it.

Verdict: Maybe-watch

Bhindi Baazaar Inc
Director: Ankush Bhatt (debuting)

Warning: The theatrical trailer is longer than 4 minutes, but you can watch half of it only, if you want to. I only watched half of it - I'm always scared to get to know more about a film, than I want to.

That aside, Bhindi Baazaar Inc looks really good. They've made a lot of posters, by the way... 
I just read an interview with Shilpa Shukla in the latest edition of ISHQ (a great Bollywood mag), and it was very interesting. I hope she'll be recognized more after this one.

I also already mentioned Kay Kay Menon, who will be playing a major role in BBI, and I'm excited for that, too.

In a whole, the film looks pretty interesting.

Verdict: Do-watch

Bin Bulaye Baarati
Director: Chandrakant Singh (Rama Rama Kya Hai Dramaaa)

Ugh... eye cancer. 


Even more after watching the trailer!

If you want bad comedy, discrimination of homosexuals, nonsense, eye cancer and an item number by Mallika Sherawat in one film - watch Bin Bulaye Baraati.

If you don't want any of these, then don't watch it.

Verdict: Rather-do-not-watch

My Husband's Wife/ Mere Pati Ki Patni
Director: Vinod Chhabra (Mysteries - Shaque (???))

Even more eye cancer... What, are we back in the 90s? No, this is even worse.

A mixture of soft porn, soap opera and... well, the worst 90s' Bollywood films, and a trailer seeming to be made on Windows Movie Maker.

And the poster...

Verdict: Rather-do-not-watch

24. June

Double Dhamaal
Director: Indra Kumar (Dil/ Mann/ Masti/ Pyare Mohan)

Indian slapstick... Always an issue. Sometimes, when in the right mood, I'm able to actually enjoy a film like this, but mostly I don't.

No Entry and Bhagam Bhag were two films like this, for instance, that I was able to enjoy.

Double Dhamaal doesn't look like the worst thing I've ever seen, nor the worst film Arshad ever wasted his talent in, so it might get a chance to convince me.

Verdict: Maybe-watch

1. July

Bbuddah... Hoga Terra Baap
Director: Poori Jagannath (Shart, Pokiri)

I don't know if either Double Dhamaal or Bbuddah will be successful, or even both (neither being successful is not to be suspected), but I do know for sure, that big can't-see-through sun glasses in neon colours will be THE new accessory amongst Bollywood-lers.

I might buy some myself... That'd be fun. I could do a post on them...

Oh, sorry, I was just rambling... Well, you can look through all the teasers, I didn't want to do that myself, but I'm more optimistic concerning Bbuddah, than DD.

One explanation might be Amitabh, who is able to act in the worst films (*cough aag*), but still never looses his dignity, somehow... Another one might be that poster and trailer are more cool. Whatever.

Verdict: Do-watch

Delhi Belly
Director: Abhinay Deo (Game)

Wauw! I didn't know it was looking this good, as I've only seen the very first teaser some months ago...

I didn't even know Imran was in it. He finally gets the opportunity to show a new side of himself - the new styling is also very helpful. I am so seeing the JTYJN-talent back again (ok, I haven't seen any other Imran-film, but I've heard about them).

Did I ever mention I love Aamir Khan (which includes his company Aamir Khan Productions)? I think so. He is incredible. Everything he touches turns to gold (and I know you've heard that before, but it is true, d.i.!).

Sooooooooooooooooooo excited!
(By the way: when - is - Dhobi Ghat - releasing - on - DVD????)

Verdict: Watch, watch, watch it!!! (And feel pity for me for one second).

8. July

A Classic Story
Director: Pankaj Yadav (debuting)
So, it's hard to find anything about this one, other than the crew, which is unknown to me, so here are some links that might help the research-loving reader:

Pankaj Yadav's IMDB page  (the film doesn't have one yet)

Cast & Crew on indiafm

Saadat Hasan Manto on wikipedia (the one whose "Jaanki" the film is based on)

Verdict: Do-watch, because I'm curious

Chillar Party
Directors: Vikas Bahl (debuting as a dir.) & Nitesh Tiwari (debuting)

Okay, if you make a film, you seem to be having the option to give it a stupid name, create a couple of stereotype characters (here children) and invent a stupid plot that's even stupider than the things I mentioned before.

Then you have a film.

A good one? No. Can you know that without having seen the film? Yes.

Verdict: Rather-do-not-watch

Murder 2
Director: Mohit Suri (Zeher/ Kalyug/ Raaz 2)

I know that the Bhatt films are very sex-sells and like to "borrow" ideas from other film industries. I also know that Murder was very sex-sells and the idea was "borrowed".
But nevertheless, I like most of the Bhatt films, and there are many reasons for that (not only the fabulous soundtracks) - and Murder is one of the very best Bhatt films I know.

However, Murder 2 seems to be having more than one little flaw - here's a list of some things I'm not looking forward in it:
- Emraan's ugly hair style
- "Jaqueline Fernandez" (never heard of) instead of Mallika...
- the posters (ew...)
- No good songs until now (at least in the trailer)
- No chemistry, no good plot, no originality, no entertainment...
But: It's Murder 2. And it's the Bhatts. So who knows...

Verdict: Maybe-watch

15. July

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
Director: Zoya Akhtar (Luck By Chance) - FEMALE DIRECTOR!!!

I love Zoya Akhtar. Not only because she's one of the few Indian female directors, but also because her films are wonderful.
Well... at least the only one she's made until now. Already one of my favorites.

The trailer of this one certainly also looks great (didn't watch it another time now, but I remember it) - three hotties, Europe, summer, sun... Perfect.
There can only be one big summer hit a year, and I think I can already tell for sure, that This Is It.
Yes, it's inspired by The Hangover. So what? It certainly looks better than Bheja Fry 2. And I love The Hangover. And I love Zoya, Abhay, Hrithik, Farhan... even Kalki.
Ok, some plot lines are a bit annoying (having fun before marriage - after that life's "over" (though I don't intend on marrying myself) and the annoying dominating female fiancé), but otherwise: Sooooooo excited!

Verdict: Do-watch

22. July

Director: Rohit Shetty (Golmaal-series/ Sunday/ All the Best)

Oops... I think I'm having a déja-Dabangg right now. Or is it a Dabangg-vu? Hm....

No, honestly. He's been training. There's a small love story, but he almost immediately gets the girl. He's corrupt. And: I almost forgot, he's a police officer. In a small village.

Yawn... I think I'll re-watch Dabangg instead.

... Or the Lion King hahaha....

Verdict: Rather-do-not-watch

29. July 

Director: Ajai Sinha

I don't think I want to say anything about a film that doesn't even have a poster yet.

5. August

Chala Mussaddi - Office Office
Director: Rajiv Mehra (Ek Jaan Hai Hum/ Chamatkar / Ram Jaane ('re kidding?!))
... ... Sorry... ... Oh my gosh, this is really the guy who directed Ram Jaane (bursting with laughter)... I can't believe it! I have to watch this film!
Ram Jaane! "Pump up da bhangra"... Hehe.
He directed his first film in 1983! And the last one in 1995! ... I was born in that year.

Verdict: Do-watch

Chitkabrey - The Shades of Grey
Director: Suneet Arora (debuting - but check out his IMDB, there are pictures (!))
"The relationships of seven couples are put to a stress test. Whether they break or get stronger?".

That's all I can find about this film - but I'm not going to be mad, I mean, were out in the late releases now.

12. August

Director: Prakash Jha (Mrityudand / Apaharan/ Raajneeti)

Wow, I'm surprised there's already a trailer and everything...
I'm really looking forward to this one, and there are various reasons for that (yeah, list):

- Prakash Jha is a great director, and one of the best to make films about Indian politics - Raajneeti was superb
- We have a ensemble cast of good, but very different actors (yes, I'm starting to like Deepika even...)
- The trailer and first look seem promising

The film doesn't look as spectacular as my other favorite-releases, but I like that... It looks very Prakash Jha.

Verdict: Do-watch

Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge
Director: Nupur Ashtana (debuting in dir.)
Ugh, I'm breaking out in a rash when hearing that title... Much worse than Luv Ka the End.
Otherwise, I like the idea of Yash Raj's new banner, Y-films, but... Hm. Would I be able to like a film with that title?

Verdict: Maybe-watch

Director: Girish Dhamija (Yakeen, and also releasing this year Dial M for Marriage (hehe))

So, it's a thriller, and I also read the plot.

However, it's hard to say anything without having seen the trailer or something... The poster looks kind of trashy, though. And I heard that Yakeen is terrible. 

Oh, and Dial M for Marriage? Honestly?

Verdict: Maybe-watch

Director: Neerav Ghosh (debuting)
Wooooow, I like that poster!

Okay, the "What the F!" might be a little over-the-top... but maybe it isn't... I don't know.

Judging from the poster, this film is good.

Yeah, I think it'll be good. I know for sure.

Verdict: Do-watch

Sorry for the weird formation of the last films - blogger fail...

Thank you for reading,
Mette M. K.


  1. I like the Lion King rip off poster

  2. @ Bonjour Tristesse: Hehe... well, I think the poster's better than the film (Singham).


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