Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Weekual Thursday PP: Monopoly

Most of my week has gone by fast as the wind, but I'm happy I still found time to update you (and me) on the latest Bollywood releases.

Not that there's a lot going on, with only one single film releasing.

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan
Director: Ali Abbas Zafar (debuting)

I'm starting to like this film. After hearing the name, reading the story, even seeing the first pictures - believe me, I had some serious issues with this film.

The release-timing is obviously perfect - starting a weekend without competition? That's the good old Yash Raj monopoly. Doesn't mean I'll watch the film without being a little critic, but I do sense some masala fun in the way I like it (much more attractive than Bodyguard, this one).

And if it turns out Katrina's acting skills haven't improved? - We always have Imran and Ali!

Verdict: Kinda do-watch 

Official Site - Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

At the end of this post, I'd like to ask you if you're still interested in this feature - always like to hear some good or bad criticism.
(If there's no response, I'll take that as a yes, hehe).


  1. If this film tanks at least it has Ali Zafar, who has a brilliant comedic talent last seen in Tere Bin Laden. I like the songs of the film, especially Choomantar (is that how you spell it?).

    As for the movie, it's another "safe" role for Imran Khan - an actor who's become to comfortable in these peppy roles (I Hate Luv Storys, Break Ke Baad...). But I guess that comes with the age.

    Katrina likes it when people make a fuss about her - that's all I'll say about her. I found it quite funny when they made fun of her lack of Hindi on Zee TV's 'Little Champs'. Youtube it!

  2. I like this feature but it doesn't much concern me as I tend to mostly watch Bollyfilms on DVD. After all, you can't grab screenshots in the cinema... (unless you're Emraan Hashmi's character Jai from Crook...)

  3. The Bolly Hood - When I think about it, this feature doesn't concern me much either, as I almost never watch the films in the theatre. But I think it's nice to be up-to-date on all those latest releases.
    The screenshot thing's true as well, but I love the experience of watching a film in the theatre - they just don't show any Bollyfilms where I live.

  4. Hey Mette, I saw this twice in the theatre already and while I can safely say it's not a good movie (I generally have a problem with heroes and heroines who would rather sit on an elaborate mountain of lies than tell the truth), it is seriously FUN FUN FUN. Katrina is lovely in it and so are the two boys (though not enough Ali Zafar in it for my taste).

    The second time I went it was for the songs, they are unbelievable, it's been too long since we've had a film with such great music that also translates well in the picturizations. And the dancing is pretty nice too, nothing too complex but fun to watch. It's an explosion of colour, music, cuteness, and spunk. No great cinema, but sometimes you just want to be entertained and to look at the pretty.

  5. Dolce and Namak - If you've seen it twice, it can't be that bad. Especially if you went in just for the songs the second time - I'll check out the soundtrack asap.
    I'd feared there wouldn't be enough of Ali Zafar, good to hear that Katrina was good, though.


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