Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thank God It's Thursday - Diwali

A few of you have told me they appreciated this feature, which has convinced me to keep it.
Here we go...

Indian Hindi Releases

Ra.One (Anubhav Sinha) - That the mind behind this latest Shahrukh Diwali biggie would be the maker of DUS, CASH and similar trash-bashes, doesn't make me feel very comfortable. At least I know what to expect: Shahrukh, action, trash and Kareena (who, as I've heard, doesn't play a helpless heroine). It's going to be okay, I think. Nothing grand, no masterpiece, still an entertaining soon-to-be-blockbuster.

Damadamm! (Swapna Waghmare) - What the... I had to shut this off. Don't watch this trailer except you want your ears to bleed. I've always liked Himesh's singing voice, and even some of his soundtracks, but didn't bother to watch his acting debut Awarapan. So now the king of churned-out film music returns to Bollywood - the question is if anyone is going to watch his film. I wouldn't.

Mentionable German releases

Tintin (Steven Spielberg) - There's no way I'll ever watch this film. I've had nightmares as a kid, after watching a Tintin film. He's the only cartoon/ animated character I can't stand, I maybe even hate. He's scary! He doesn't... Well, I'll stop it in order to not loose any followers. I don't mean to offend you. Urrrgh... And why Spielberg?

The Future (Miranda July) - Am I being stupid, or why don't I get this trailer? What's this about? Actually, it's so confusing that I want to watch it. There's some ballet in it too.

Der letzte Angestellte (Alexander Adolph) - Looks like a very small production, the trailer is promising. Very simple, but effective. The title means "The Last Employee". 

Releases at the local repertory


La solitudine dei numeri primi (2010, Saverio Constanzo) - I've heard that the book is fantastic, and the story sounds very interesting, but according to my research the film isn't really worth watching.

Midnight in Paris (2011, Woody Allen) - Yes! Finally! I've been waiting for this so long, and tonight is going to be the night... Even people who normally don't like Woody Allen's latest films liked this one, and I haven't read a single negative review on it yet. Even though I don't remember Paris being as romantic as it looks in the trailer, the city has a magic atmosphere to it, and I'm eager to see the places I've been to in the film. 


  1. Ra.One was awful. I gave it a 5 out of 10 originally, but as time is passing by, I am realising more and more about how incredibly terrible it was.
    Don 2 has to be good. I need that for Shahrukh.

  2. Some people might tell you they loved 'The Future'. Truth is, they might've, but I found it to be terrible. I wouldn't recommend it. I'm jealous you get Tintin in your area so early.

  3. You've got Tintin already? That's interesting...we don't get it until Christmas time!

  4. I don't think I've ever heard anyone say that Tintin was scary before. But I was never a big fan of him, so I won't be watching it either.

    Der letzte Angestellte looks sufficiently creepy, just like something I would enjoy. I will probably have to wait forever for a subtitled DVD though.

    I'm one of those people who don't normally like Woody Allen and still haven't seen the film yet, but I hope to do so sometime in the next month.

  5. Nikhat - I've heard various reviews with very different opinions, but most people agreed that it wasn't great. Some loved it for Shahrukh, though, but I'm past the stage of liking a film for him only. However, Don was just so cool, so I hope they didn't mess the sequel up. They can't have.

    Max - Hm, it looks like a love-it-or-hate it. Anyhow, it won't release at my cinema so... I can always watch Tintin. Not that I would. I feel sorry for you, though, if you want to watch it.

    Stevee - It is... release dates are a weird thing. Most films take quite long to release in Germany because they need to be dubbed, but maybe Tintin was "available" very early because it's an animated film, which makes the dubbing easier...?

    Bonjour Tristesse - Me neither! Except for my little sister. I won't be able to see Der letzte Angestellte until its DVD-release, either, and I can't wait.
    I don't know if you'll like Midnight in Paris, but you won't be able to hate it at least. It's very... charming.


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