Monday, January 30, 2012

Lime's Sunday Supplement, 29.01.2012

Let's just pretend it's still Sunday...

By the way - how do you like this picture? Is it nice, or too amateur/ wannabe?

The snow is falling - temperatures too. Yes, winter has finally arrived in my home town, and I'm just about the only one happy about this. I finally have the very best excuse to stay inside with a cup of tea and enjoy my first Induna-order with some of 2011's most promising haven't-seen-yets (The Dirty Picture, Delhi Belly and Shor in the City).
It's also time for some improvement on this blog, for instance I've created a page called "LINKS", so that the right bar looks a bit better. I'm not going to change the layout yet, though... that's always a stressful thing to do.

Tomorrow I'll make my second visit to the theaters this year - Carnage. I can't wait for it.

Home, India and elsewhere.

last week, India: Agneepath | trailer
Trailers and posters can be misleading.
This one has too be good, it simply has to. Please.
next week, Home: Carnage
Trailers and posters can also be awesome.
And films can have an awesome... aura.
next week, Elsewhere: The Woman in Black | trailer
Looks like a fresh new horror film is on its way.
Goodbye Harry - hello Daniel.

Books, magazines, blogs.

So happy that my favorite Manga, Sailor Moon, is finally getting re-published in Germany. I sold my collection about a year ago, thought it's too childish. Then re-discovered reading Manga.
The old cover-design was a bit better, but it's still a wonderful thing, because you have to pay a lot to buy the old books, which are not available in stores.

We're currently reading this book in school - and it's fantastic! If you normally read 1000+ pages with tiny letters and no illustrations, and you pretend to be an intellectual (yes, I'm talking about myself) - then you will love this. Because it's intellectual and childish at the same time. (And there are many illustrations).

I'm sorry I didn't comment on other blogs a lot last week, I hope I'll catch up on that soon!

Thoughts and new discoveries.

Blue Danube by Strauss from the soundtrack of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Can't get it out of my head.


Did you discover anything new or beautiful last week?


  1. I can't wait for The woman in black. I hope there won't be too many jump scares with cheap CGI. The creepy dolls in the trailer loooks amazing.

    1. They absolutely do! I can't wait for it either, but I'll have to :)


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