Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why is Dil Se my favorite movie? or All the things I love about Dil Se..

"Philosophy is not about finding the answers, it's about asking the questions".
- My philosophy class book.

Dir. Mani Ratnam | India
★ Shah Rukh Khan - Manisha Koirala - Preity Zinta


Any great movie could be my favorite one, a thought that made me shiver of fear when I first tried to put together my 100 Favorite Films list. But it happened to not just be any movie, but a movie that had followed me through many years and that has never stopped intriguing me every time I watch it. 

Having finished the list, there was suddenly no other movie I could imagine, that could be my favorite. The thought surprised, even unsettled me - after all, I hadn't actually seen Dil Se.. for about two years. It was time to finally re-watch it with eyes that are quite different from the ones of my 13-year old predecessor. 

I was scared but also excited. And you know what? I feel I admire and love this film even more than I did before. Dil Se.. is not flawless, objectively speaking - so what makes it so special to me?

That's what I want to find out in this post, namely by listing all the things I love about this film. Of course I won't be able to fully understand and explain the greatness of this film, I know that - but it's an attempt that I have to do. And an excuse to make a lot of screencaps.


1. Manisha's mysterious implication of a smile. Who wouldn't get crazy about her?

2. The intro-song. Can't understand it's not on the soundtrack. I think it's Ladakhi.

3. This interpretation I just read:
„Dil Se is said to be a journey through the 7 shades of love that are defined in ancient Arabic literature. Those shades are defined as attraction, infatuation, love, reverence, worship, obsession, and death.“ - read more

4. Shah Rukh's youthful and natural performance - I miss that.

5. The sexiness. I remembered a lot of good things about the film, but I never realized how sexy it is. Mostly in the songs, but not only.

6. Amars beautiful declaration of love:

Meghna: Tum bata tumhe kya pasand hai.
Tell me what you love.

Amar: Mm. Paihle main yeh bataaunga ki mujhse sabse zyaada naa pasand kya hai. Hum dono ke biich mein yeh doorii hai. Yeh mujhe bahut naa pasand hai. Tumhaari andar jo yeh bahut kuch chupa hota hai. Aur sabse buurii lagti hai mujhe tumhari aankhen. Kitna bhi main inmen dekhna chaahoon... mujhe kuch dekhta hi nahin. Ab bataaoon mujhe kya pasand hai.
 No. First I will tell you what I hate the most. This distance between us. I hate it... So many things are hidden inside you. And most of all, I hate you eyes. No matter how much I want to see something in them... I can't. Now I will tell you, what I love.

Meghna: Hm?

Amar: Mujhe sabse zyaada pasand hai tumhaari yeh aankhen. Kyunki main jitna bhi inmen dekhna chaahuun... mujhe kuch dekhta hi nahin. Tumhaari andar itna kuch chupaa huaa hai. Mujhe woh bahut pasand hai. Aur sabse zyaada pasand mujhe yeh doorii hai... Kyunki agar yeh doorii naa ho... to tumhaare kariib aane ka bahaana naa mile...
The thing I love the most are these eyes of yours. Because, no matter how much I want to see something in them... I can't. Everything that's hidden inside you... I love all of that. And most of all I love this distance. Because if it wouldn't exist... there would be no reason to get closer...

I love the way Manisha's expression alters in the scene

7. Rahman's soundtrack in its entirety - might even be his best.

8. The 90s-style that isn't embarrassing. Haven't experienced that in any other film.

9. The fact that I never know how to describe and "classify" it. You can see that from the amount of genres above.

10. It's rather unknown and unloved by the masses, kind of an insider tip. My filmic taste is exciting and rebellious.

11. Preity's debut. Fresh and bubbly, you can see how excited she is.

12. I don't care that the kids call her character "Hitler". 

13. Amar's radio broadcasts - that guy would be a hit in todays podcasting world.

14. Its audacity. I think even today it would flop and cause demonstrations in India.

15. The Ladakh-setting in the first half.

16. The beautiful, beautiful, incredible work of cinematographer Santosh Sivan.

17. All the songs are total are partly dream sequences (except for one), and they are awesome.
Or as I would write in a proper review: they have great artistic and visual value.

18. The choreography, setting and look of "Satrangi Re" is awesome:

19. And daringly sexy without being vulgar:

20. This is true:
„Elleke Boehmer and Stephen Morton argue that the songs and locations in the film fill a sexual void with their exoticism.“ -wikipedia

21. You get an earwig of the word "All-India-Radio".
"I'm Amar, All-India-Radio".

22. Shahrukh's voice. Reminds me of mine. Nasal and youthful.

23. Manisha's voice. Mysterious and soft.

24. Preity's voice. Always loved it, it's very... bubbly.
(Too much of these reasons, right?).

25. This gaze and the appendant quote:

Meghna: Aakhir tum kya jaante ho mere baare mein?
After all, what do you know about me?
Amar: Kuch nahin. Sirf yeh ki main tumhe chahta hoon. Dil Se.
Nothing, except that I love you. From the heart.

26. The fact that the quote doesn't seem kitschy.

27. Dancing to the song "Chaiyya Chaiyya" at the beginning. By the way, that's the exotic song from Inside Man. Legendary.

28. Reading the name Mani Ratnam in the opening titles.

29. That rawness, everything seems so raw... even the title font is raw.

30. Dil Se Re is an un-romantic, romantic song.

31. It's the first film to enter the Top 10 in the UK box office charts.

32. It played at the Era New Horizons Film Festival and at the Helsinki International Film Festival. Oh, and at the Berlinale (Biennale). My taste is even more rebellious and exciting.

33. It's disturbing. But you don't want to put a gun at your head after watching it. You want to... applause.

34. The blood-thirsty, cloying last 30 minutes don't get the film down at all.

35. The end is perfect.

36. The amazing script written by now respected director Tigmanshu Dhulia, Mr. Best Indian Director Mani Ratnam and - interesting, I never knew - a seemingly fantastic tamil writer and novelist, the late Sujatha Rangarajan.

37. A terrorist has never been easier to sympathize with.

38. The lyrics of Ae Ajnabi - shockingly close to perfection.

39. This guy. I just can't find out what his name is.

40. The fact that I'm giving away precious leisure time to list up everything I love about this film.

41. The beautiful colors, even in the saddest, most brutal scenes.

42. Only two points after the title, instead of three.

43. The yellow earphones. And what she's listening to.

44. No kiss. Never.
I often watch films for the kisses, if a film has a good kiss it's better than a film with a bad kiss. But Dil Se.. is perfect without a kiss. Perfect.

45. The weird choreography of Jiya Jale is kind of cool, I don't know why.

46. Amitabh Bachchan sings Jiya Jale in Nishabd. He says it's the only songs he knows. If I knew only one song, I would be glad if it was this one.

47. The poetry of the film. Everything has a meaning, every shot, word, song... and the result is perfection.

48. No other Indian actress would've been able to deliver this performance. 

49. I don't know what the "re" in Dil Se Re means. And I don't care.

50. I learned my first Hindi sentences from the film, by learning some of the quotes by heart and reading the lyric translations.

51. I just found out that the song Satrangi Re also shows the 7 stages of love from arabic poetry, which is why Amar looks like he is dying at the end of the song. That would also explain the arabic look of the song.

52. The more I find out about the film, and the more I think about it, the more I love it.

53. Shah Rukh won Filmfare Awards for films like Deewana, Mohabbatein and Chak De India. I like his performances in those, but it's ironic. 
Wondering why I this is one of the things I love about the film? 
Well, it's not. I was trying to express how great his performance is in Dil Se.. And I failed.
Anyhow, Manisha still gets my biggest applause.

54. The locations. Read more.

55. „Kabhi ladki nahin dekha, kya?“
„Never seen a girl before?“

56. True love is said to be kitschy, non-existent and many other things. But after watching Dil Se.. I feel it is at least one thing: true.

57. All of this wouldn't have happened if Amar didn't smoke.
"Hey, uncle, got some matches?". Forgive him, for he knew not what he was doing.

58. The smell of spring reminds me of this film, because I bought it in spring.
Oh, those times when buying a DVD was such a seldom thing that you got obsessed about any movie... Not that this is just any movie.

59. This was the first R-16 I watched. I was 10... did it clandestinely.

60. Manisha only wears make-up in the songs. And she still looks stunning.

61. Meghna: I'm with him.
Amar: What did you say? My wife, huh? (To other people): This is my wife. We've been married for 15 years. Right? Congratulations, Honey.

62. The film was released 50 years after the independence of India.

63. I was alive when the film was released.

64. „HOYE!“

65. Politics. An interesting topic that is often uninteresting.
Well, Dil Se.. certainly had some comments to it.

66. The way Meghna turns the radio on and off.

67. The contrast between the two film-halves.

68. No "Intermission".

69. The kids in Dil Se Re are wearing Gryffindor-uniforms. Or at least they look like it.

70. The female station-director. Kick-ass! (At least at the farmer's market).

71. Terrorist-leader to Amar: When you're done with this radio business, you can come and join us.

72. The Terrorist-leader says he won't speak Hindi, and then speaks Hindi.

73. "AAAAUU! ... Maine Kuch Nahin Dekha. I swear maine kuch nahin dekha."
(Didn't see a thing, I swear).

74. The monk in the Ladakhi convent. Every time I see the scene I wonder what he must be thinking. "These crazy young people", or something like that.

75. "Bom-bom-bo-bom-bom-bom... Marching tunes."

76. After Meghna's "brothers" battered Amar, the first thing he tells Shukla is that she's not married.

77. The result of all the words from this list of positive words put together would come close to describing my feelings for Dil Se.. "Kissable", "graceful", "splendid"... and of course "Take the biscuit".

78. It's been 78 months since I bought and first saw the film, and today I love it so much more than I did back then.

There is no other way to say it:
... Dil Se (from the heart)!
And if you don't love Dil Se.. yet, then watch it. Now.


  1. Very interesting post. I saw this as a kid (it's an R16- whaaat?!) and there were many themes in it that I just could not care about. Terrorism for a 5-6 year old is just boring. But I really like how you've pointed out so many aspects in it. For example cinematography. Growing up watching these films, I think of them so much as a home affair, that I never bother to go into such depths. I really should.
    Also I think the "re" is sort of used as slang to super-imply something. I don't think I can explain it properly either, but that's the closest thing I can come up with.
    Very cool post.

    1. There's a lot of blood in it, so I can understand it's R-16 (at least in Europe it is)... I watched it when I was 10, and as I wrote for Nr. 78, I love it so much more today than back then, because I couldn't relate to most of the themes and everything when I was younger. But even then I liked it, because I just loved Shah Rukh, Manisha, the songs and all that.
      Ah, that's what I was thinking too... it does add something to the title, instead of just "Dil Se".

      Thank you, Nikhat.

  2. I loved this post, and no prizes for guessing why! Well-compiled (it is a huge list!) and so much effort gone into the screenshots - but it only shows how much you love it. I agree for almost all points - except for Preity Zinta. Granted she was fresh and bubbly, but she's not 1 of the reasons why this is my fav.
    I wanted to dissect most of the things I like about the movie myself; but then, felt it would be way too long. Glad to see such a list here - it's far more detailed ;) Good job Mette.

    1. Thanks, Vinitha, I was a little inspired by the post you wrote on Dil Se.. a few weeks or months ago. It was then that I started thinking about, how much I actually admire this film.
      And oh yes, it took me many hours to complete the list! But I finally did it, and I feel that I understand my relation to, and the movie itself, better than before.
      Well, I had to search for reasons, and Preity used to be my favorite actress (when I only watched "mainstream" Indian movies), so that's why.
      First I wanted to make a list of 100, but I thought 78 is more realistic. :)

  3. Without commenting about what I think about it(Not into it really) - At the time of release what Dil Se became known about was Songs, Cinematography and Terrorist Thing. Everything about songs is beautiful - Lyrics, Music, Singing and off course Santosh Sivan. Gulzar and Rehman combo has rarely failed(for that matter Gulzar with any worthy composer has rarely failed). And though it doesn't take too much to be controversial in India, problem was it sympathised with Terrorists. Mani Ratnam's previous film 'Roja(1994)' follows similar path too. And yeah, Chhaiyya Chhaiyya. That dance is Epic.

    Great Post !! And yeah 'Re' does not really mean anything.

    1. I saw Roja a while ago, but I felt it lacked some of the heart that Dil Se has. It was a bit too on-the-beaten-track, and the actors were not just as good as these.
      Chaiyya Chaiyya is just so timeless, and I completely understand how it could get so famous.

      I'm glad you liked the post, even though you're not really into the movie, SDG.

  4. Dil Se is a film I didn´t know what to think about when I first saw it around this time last year. I thought the story was extremely powerful and performances just pure amazing, but SHahrukh´s changing of character throughout the film did not make much sense - up until I read all those philosophic characterizations (one of them you have in this article as well) and only then it all fell wonderfully in place. However I was let down by the music and the picturizations of the songs seemed plain weird - but considering it´s Rahman etc I´ll give it another chance. I appreciate DIl Se more from a retrospective. It is one of the films that need to be seen more times.

    1. Definitely, as I said, I liked it more and more with the time, and I hope you will, too.
      Actually, I never really thought about why Shah Rukh's character changes so much, it just felt natural to me. But of course it makes more sense when you've read the explanation(s).
      The music and picturizations are fantastic in my opinion, but I guess that's pretty much up to your personal taste. (Can you say that?). Would be boring if everybody just loved it, and no body didn't.
      Thank you for commenting, Gaja :).

  5. LOVELY post. Dil Se is my all-time favorite Bollywood film.

  6. Wow this is a lot, a mind blowing post, I thought you'd have 10 or 20 things but 78, truly shows how much you love the film

    1. It was hard to choose a number, and of course took a lot of time to make this, as I already said. I'm glad I at least convinced people (and myself) about how much I love this movie.
      Thank you, bollywooddeewana.

  7. The yellow earphones. :) great review!

    1. Hi Mia, I guess you haven't seen the movie yet (?). It's not a typical Indian 90s film, but I hope you'll enjoy it, or have enjoyed it if you've seen it. Thank you :).
      PS: Never knew they had such "stylish" earphones in the 90s already.

  8. Hi Mette, Great to see that you like this film. Actually, I was 14 years old when this film came and I just know it at that time because of Chaiya chhaiya. I saw this movie few months back with no previous idea about the story. I was so badly wanting it all to end happily. But suddenly boom! And my mind, brain, body was totally blank. I can't explain how I felt but it was like a blast in the brain. I feel that this film is like a mini PhD thesis of love for me. It leaves behind so many things unexplained but it explains so much more that is truly worth realizing. I love this film but will need some courage to see it next time. I want to write as much as you wrote about the movie but since you have already done that I will read it again and again and feel happy. I so badly wanted somebody to talk about this film. Thanks for such a nice representation. This film is truly a Gem!

    1. Hello Anonymous, don't be afraid of telling us who you are ;).
      I'm very happy that you liked my post and the film - your experience sounds a lot like the one I had when I watched the film for the first time.
      I would have loved to be in India when Chaiyya Chaiyya became popular... if I would've been older than three years old (which I was in 1998).
      Hope you stay around and thank you for commenting.

    2. Hey Mette, Thanks for the reply. It's nothing like hiding identity. Actually it is the first time I am writing somewhere like this. My name is Gaurav and I am doing PhD in Germany. One thing I would have added to those 78 point which is, "I wish I should have that Red Jacket and Green Sweater Shahrukh is wearing and also I wish I could dance like him on Chaiyya Chaiyya ".

      Thanks again.

  9. When Shahrukh says that he hates the distance between them, watch how close they really are!!

  10. I am following your blog coz of this post Mette! What an interesting review. We share our love for Manisha. I am her biggest fan, especially coz of this movie. Interestingly, it's her most fv performance too (she mentions this in an interview).

    1. Thank you, Mr. or Mrs. A :D.
      If I was Manisha, this would be my favorite performance too (at least from what I've seen of her films).

    2. It's Mr. :)

      If you were Manisha, you would have a lot of contenders to choose from especially the ones that came out in the mid-90s like Khamoshi, 1942, Akele Hum Akele Tum, Yugpurush, and Bombay.

  11. YOU ARE A GENIUS MY FRIEND, i think i have finally found someone who i can disucss this movie with, i do not believe anyone who has more of a strong feeling for DIl SE than myself, but the way you have put the reasons together is absolutely brilliant, i can speak hours and hours about this movie, the more i learn about this movie the more i love it, just a few things i want you to take a look at,


    What you got wrong!

    There was a kiss seen in the movie (when they were walking on the desert after the bus broke down)

    There was an intermission after amar woke up in the desert realised she had gone then the movie diretly focused on the actress when she had a green band around her head and it said intermission

    What you missed?

    Haappiness in pain (How meghna's brothers were beating amar up and as he said to them "us ki shaadi nahi hohe hai" as they said "nahi hohe hai" he was in happiness although they were giving him pain

    Meghna's dilemma (Part of her wanted to leave everything and go into a different world with amar, but part of her made her realise that she could not be disloyal to her people and her mission)

    Her mind took over her heart - his heart took over his mind (She saw everything with her mind, he saw everything with his heart)

    "Sirf ik baar" (Through out the whole movie he kept on insisting to her that only once, say you love me but she didn't)

    The ending dialogue ("Agar thum merai saath nahi ana chathey ho, tho fir mujai apnai saath leh jalo" If you don't want to come with me then take me with you)

    The hug (In silence they both embraced each other, an expression that could not be created with words, flowers, actions, gesutres)

    The over view

    • She neglected him
    • She rejected him
    • She abused him
    • She used him
    • She hurt him
    • She left him

    • He stalked her
    • He teased her
    • He troubled her
    • He followed her
    • He assaulted her
    • He abused her
    • He loved her

    • He left his job for her
    • He left his home for her
    • He left his fiancĂ© for her
    • He left his family for her
    • He left his everything for her

    1. Woooow... that is a very long comment! Thank you for reading, Umar, I am happy to have found another great fan of this movie, and thank you for your kind words and interesting additions...

      Yes, there is a kiss, but we don't see it (I think Meghna's hair is hiding it or something like that), and it's not a romantic kiss either. It's more about power and the will to possess.
      Also thanks for telling me about the intermission, I'll take another look at the film and maybe turn the reason into "A perfect intermission" or something like that ;).

      Your other thoughts are very good too, though I think I did mention Meghna's dilemma and the fact that she never admits that she loves Amar... or maybe I just thought that and never wrote it.
      I didn't want to mention the hug because I didn't want to spoil things.

      Many thanks for your extensive comment!

  12. Hi again, i'm mad about the movie i haven't seen anything like it, the essence of the movie is in the bullet points noted above short sweet and simple,

    By the way are you from India? I was wondering if i could get this move in HD?

    You might be able to recall the song Dil Se towards the end amar is stnading on a bridge would you know the location of it? In the first half of the movie where amar follows Meghna to her house do you know hte location of the place? As amar sees meghna for the second time and runs to greet her after to his work friend where is that particular location?

    Thank you mette for brinning more light into this movie, ups sorry its more than a movie

    1. Hi Umar, sorry but I don't know the answers the your questions - you might be able to find some of the locations here: http://www.filmapia.com/.
      And no, I'm not from India. I don't think there's a HD version of the film yet, sadly.

    2. Hi Mettte hope your well, i have finally found the locations i was looking for :), i am in chase to attain a blue ray copy of the movie which is in progress

      Its like an obsession with this movie,i mean its more than a movie, i have created a personal article on it,i shall send it you once it is complete

      Ok i was wondering since you are also in love with the movie to ask you

      What are the 3 best things you like about the movie?


      What are the 3 worst things you like about the movie?


      By the way what is your email address just incase your dissapear of this website or the web page does not exsist

      Were did you get all those wonderful images from?

      Do reply back quickly as i am impatiently waiting for your interesting response

    3. That sounds great, although I don't have a BluRay player. Be sure to send your article - my email adress for this blog is limereviews@googlemail.com.

      The 3 best things are impossible to tell, you can see enough reasons in this post.
      And I don't really know what you mean by 3 worst things I like...

      The images are screenshots from my DVD, or pictures from google.

    4. I MEAN 3 best things, what are the 3 first things that come into mind when you think about the movie?

      3 worst things i meant were, what you wish that did not happen in the movie???

  13. I wish Dil Se had been an alls well that ends well kind of movie. I can't bear to see my two most loved stars ever die at the end. I wish Shah Rukh had learnt Manisha was a terrorist at the Ladakh convent and requested the Buddhist monk to help the poor girl get some peace and wish he had married them off and they had lived happily... he did silly movies with other heroines where they live on happily why a tragic death climax with manisha?

    1. I see your point, although I think the end is perfect. The film is just a tragedy all through - not necessarily more realistic than a more happy one, but just different. A happy end wouldn't have suited it I think.
      Thanks for your comment, Preethi.

  14. What are the 3 best things you like about the movie?


    What are the 3 worst things you like about the movie?


    I MEAN 3 best things, what are the 3 first things that come into mind when you think about the movie?

    3 worst things i meant were, what you wish that did not happen in the movie???

  15. You have really written this post, Dil Se..

  16. The 7 seven shades of love are shown as just his. She never tells him that she loves him...not even at the end. That was just beautifully poignant and part of the tragedy. Could just be the last shade, the 8th shade of love, the one missing - tragedy!

    1. That's true... and of course, it's a very tragic movie. Especially the ending.

  17. This has been as much food for thought as if it was a week long feast! I just finished watching Dil Se for the first time, having watched most of the video songs in the past.

    You know what else I like? SRK's dancing is so different from anything I've ever seen from him. There's a tribal feel (for lack of a better term), a rawness that is so different from the Bollywood norms. A wall of elephants --- wow.

    Also love the parts in Dil Se Re where SRK is playing w/the one little boy. I love the way their hair moves in slo-mo.

    Also, notice there is no well-chiseled body like the SRK of today & this is good. Somehow, if he'd had the 6-pack & big gun biceps, it would have destroyed a little of the authenticity for some reason I can't explain.

    Anyhow, I won't continue. I have to reread your list & rewatch the flick.

    You really taught yourself Hindi from Hindi cinema? Maybe there's hope for me yet!!! I'm obviously not from India, but I have been in several places where it was shot: the Chaiya Chaiya train that travels into Ooty, Jammu Kashmir, Connought Place & greater Delhi.

    1. Hi Tori, thanks for visiting!
      It's so awesome to hear that you loved the movie too, I really think it's a movie everyone should watch once in their lifetime.
      Shah Rukhs dancing: I agree! The dancing fits the movie really well, because well, the movie itself is pretty raw (one of my points in this list too). Most "serious" Bollywood films nowadays don't include dancing, which pretty much makes sense because... I don't think there's ever been another film like Dil Se.. It's neither an early New Wave film, nor a grand Masala feast, nor a mixture of traditional and new entertainment like Band Baaja Baaraat.

      Oooh, I can't believe you mentioned the part with the little boy - I've ALWAYS loved that scene. Funny I didn't put it in this list.

      And as for SRKs body - I agree too. It's ok to have a six pack when it's needed, as in Om Shanti Om or Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, but things have been getting out of perspective since Kaal Dhamaal... suddenly six pack has become the norm.

      My Hindi isn't perfect, not anywhere near that, but I understand most of a movie without reading the subtitles. I always have them turned on though in case there's something I miss.
      Sadly, I've come to this point where I can't improve by myself anymore - I really need to get out there, to India and actually talk Hindi to people and be surrounded by Hindi. But you can really teach yourself the basics and a little more on yourself. The rest will probably come naturally when you visit India again.
      Also, I'm really jealous for you, I've never been to India and would love to go to the settings of Dil Se!

  18. i kept agreeing to each and every point of yours....and I didn't even realize it that there were 78! your effort is totally worth it!the best use of your precious leisure time :)

    1. Thanks, Divya, I'm glad you liked the post :)

  19. Great Excellent, Please make sure this blog NEVER disappears

  20. this was some thing that was before time ....even for todays generation it is hard to understand the magic,,,,,,,,one more movie i can tell u like this one is SURYA S/O KRISHNAN ,,

  21. I was 16 when this movie was released. My mother tongue is Tamil. But I learnt Hindi purely because of my love towards the language.
    I was in my hometown where Hindi movies are rarely released. I watched the dubbed version of the movie first (as the director is Maniratnam, it was dubbed in Tamil). I personally don't like dubbing movies as they miss the soul. But Dil Se (Uyire in Tamil) was not so bad in Tamil.
    OMG! I can't forget the effect it left in me even today.... For about a week, I was in a different world. The best word to describe the feel I think is "Haunting"
    I also watched in hindi after sometime, it was even more blissful experience.
    Every point you have mentioned is perfect.
    But, I can never express how or what i feel about this movie.
    When I think about this movie, I feel a sweet pain (I donno how to say in English in hindi.... Meeta sa dard hota hai....) and I begin to hear the haunting echo which comes in the movie (i forgot all the situations.... but for sure it comes in the climax)

  22. I found that haunting echo.... a BGM sung by Sukhwinder Singh... It comes when Manisha leaves him in Ladakh... before intermission.
    I get goosebumps hearing it...
    I think it goes like this, "Kinare ke aage jahaan aur bhi hai...Sitaaron ke aage jahaan aur bhi hai...Abhi ishq ke imtihaan aur bhi hai"
    Dil Se keeps Haunting....

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Seetha!! I'm always thrilled to find other people who love Dil Se - and how could one not love it, when one has seen it?! I agree with everything you said here, it's a truly haunting movie. And I love that part before the intermission!

  23. I have been an SRK fan for as long as i can remember. I have never adored any other actor as much as i adore him. Though SRK's success is measured in terms of his high grossing movies like DDLJ,KKHH ,KANK ,Kal ho na ho,(the list goes on...), and though i have seen these more times than i can count, i somehow feel Dil Se was probably his best work as an actor. I feel a different connection to this movie that i cant explain. The performances were absolutely incredible.The music was top notch with Rehman at his best. Dil Se definitely deserved a lot more accolade than what it got.

    1. I feel the same way too! It's a little sad the path he has chosen with films like Chennai Express (which I haven't seen and I'm sure he's good in it but... you know what I mean). I wish he'd alternate between indies and blockbusters.
      Thanks for your comment!

    2. Hi Mette,

      I googled 'Dil Se' today, as i just finished watching the movie as it was aired in our national tv channel today.. and i found your blog (lucky me). I just wanna tell you that i'm extremely relieved and happy that you also loved the movie immensely just like i do.. i just loved all your 78 lovely points about the movie, and my favourite will definitely be the yellow earphone.. I watched Dil se when i was 14, and today was my Nth time watching it, and believe me i'm still getting GOOSEBUMPS.. This film is MAGIC & ETERNAL.. there will not be another DIL SE ever in Bollywood.. For me, this is the only film SRK acted from his heart(dil se), and Manisha will always be remembered for her role as Meghna. Dil se was, is and will always be my most favourite film in my entire life..

    3. Thank you so much for your comment, Juliana! I can't believe people still comment on this post, and I'm so surprised to find more and more people who love this movie as much as I do.
      I like Shahrukh in anything, but this was my favorite performance of his, and I hope he'll do some less commercial stuff soon again. He has the means to do it - he doesn't need money, so why go for blockbusters all the time. And I miss Manisha so much. She's very talented, it's sad she doesn't make more good movies.

    4. I did something magical last night.

      I saw Dil Se.. after 15 years. When I saw it in 1998 , I was merely 11 years old and all I understood about the movie was its songs , music and Amar's undying love for Meghna.

      Now, when I saw it again with maturity of a 25 year old , I am spellbound. I have never seen anything so beautiful. The reason I again decided to see it again was because deep inside I knew that there was something special about this movie and I let all my teen years and early 20's go away just to get matured enough to appreciate it.

      I think Dil Se.. is a movie that demands time from audience to appreciate it. That is one reason, that after so many years till date , people still are trying to understand the lvoe and tragedy behind it. This in itself is a beautiful phenomena.

      I loved your pose. You've covered almost everything about this movie that we all love. What stands out for me is the first scene (train station) when Amar runs to get tea for her and the last scene when they both are in arms. It completes a circle.

      Great Job Mette. Always great to connect with like-minded human beings around.

      Dil Se..

    5. Wooooow, you won't believe how insanely happy this makes me! I hope more people who've seen the movie as a child venture out to rewatch it and discover its real greatness.
      Thank you for your comment, Bandan!

  24. Dil se was on tv last night. And I watched the movie for the first time after almost 10 years. After the ending. I couldn't stop crying. The pain was too much. That Meghna never says that she loves him. And he just begs her aik baar. My heart felt like somebody was squeezing it. The movie released in 1998. We live in the uk. And I remember my parents went to watch it and the kids stayed home with the babysitter. I was 7 then. I watched the movie in 2003. Many years later. But it didn't make sense to me. Now when I watched it as a 22 year old. It's so different to what I remembered. I loved it. And I downloaded all the beautiful songs. And have been listening to them since. And reading everything on google. God bless u for writing this article. U have eased my pain :) so happy to find others across the world who love this movie.. A love I just discovered. It's truly a hidden gem.

  25. Wonderful post Mette, I watched the movie as it released and being a die hard SRK fan i thought I was the only one who adored this movie. Throughout my life I have adored every inch every aspect of the movie. SRK looked marvelously fresh and flamboyant.. especially the OYE!!

    I would mention only two reasons that for me wasn't covered in the blog:
    #1 When SRK realizes that the guys beating him are not husband/s of Meghna rather they are her cousins/brothers and he tells that to his friend with swollen mouth "Uski Shaadi Nahi Howi" :) "She is not married" #WonderfulMoment

    #2 When Meghan leaves Amar sleeping in the dessert with a note on sand... 'The Background music with Iqbal's poetry sung by Sukhwinder Singh "Sitaron kay aagay jahan or bhi hain, abhi Ishq kay imtehan or bhi hain... Meharbaan.." "There are universe beyond stars, there are countless trials of love still remaining.. Oh My love" And the Baseline that plays with... One Heart Wrenching Moment!! #SublimeStuff

    I'm so glad that you wrote this blog.. Would like to thank you Dil Se..

    1. Wonderful comment!! Thank you so much, Raheel, I am once again astonished to find someone else loving this film so much.
      The two moments you mentioned are great, just like the rest of the film. I love that scene in the desert so much!

  26. Loved how u have captured all the nitty gritties here ..It made excellent reading.. Dil-Se is indeed one of my favourite movies..It had everything going for it ...Mani Ratnam , Gulzar , Rahman , Santosh Sivan all the best in the respective fields..
    I remember how Preity asking Sharukh if he was a virgin was one of the talking ponts in the media..

  27. Hi Mette:

    To start with, i must say you are a discreet movie goer. Pure vetting of a movie with clinical precision.. I was amazed to see your post. Your point no 28 from your list caught my eye. Are you a diehard fan of Mani sir. Have you watched all of his movies. Would love to see your thoughts on that. I will return to your blog very soon .. for now, bye , dil se.

    1. Mani Ratnam is one of my favorite directors but sadly I haven't seen many of his films. I've seen Roja, Bumbai, Guru, Raavan/Raavanan, Yuva and Saathiya and loved all of them! Thanks for commenting.

  28. Jeez this movie had me chasing my tail for about a month. The nuisances. The fresh faces. The unapologetic demeanors. And the songs. This movie really didn't have any fat on it; no scene could be removed without compromising a character, and all the songs were vital undercurrents.

    I only learned of Bollywood earlier this year, and am grateful Dil Se was my first filmi experience.
    I nearly overlooked the film because I don't care for war flicks. Fortunately, after youtubing the title song, I was... so perplexed in my first, informed meeting with a filmi song (rapid scene cuts, costume changes, sensual tension) that I was giggling my head off. So I watched it twice [out of context].
    Also because of #25. Seriously. Too beautiful. Similiar to the models of Caravaggio's Musicians painting, really.

    Anyway. It was Satrangi Re that did it for me. #19!!!!!!!! This moment [of the already intriguing video] was so unusual and acute that I might as well been shot with a javelin. It was my kind of quirky.

    At least half of your points are my feels for this movie. Especially #47. The layers!! The more I learn about it, the more I want to know. Dil Se was nearly the first film I saw in its entirely, and it may as well been the only one I ever saw. At least that was my impression at just the beginning of my Bolly-travels. I've seen oodles of flicks since then but feelings are pretty much the same.

    I have yet to own this movie so I'm envying how you found a decent copy of this movie--with subtitles!

    Okay. Enough rambling. On to reading the next review.


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