Friday, April 20, 2012

I miss Bollywood!

Here I am, watching classic after classic, from Hitchcock to Fellini, from the 1910s to the 2010s. Loving most of the films, I think I'm happy. 
And what happens? Two things: I have a look at the films I've seen this month and see only two lonely Indian films, which I've only seen because I reviewed them for the ISHQ magazine. But okay, that has happened before, and it didn't really matter that much, did it? 
So I read a few blog entries, comment there and there, while listening to some random songs my iTunes DJ searched out for me... and then... a song. A song that feels like a drop of water in my dry throat. A song that smells fresh and well-known like grass after the rain. A song that's like, to quote one my favourite singers, „an Indian summer in the middle of winter, a hard candy with a surprise center“... 
A song that sounds of... BOLLYWOOD!

And then slowly, I realize that I'm lost without Bollywood. I thought I could, but I can't live without it. 

The biggest problem lies in the supply of my drug. 
There's a quite famous Austrian reviewer of Asian films, especially Indian ones, who has already reviewed much more than 1000 Bollywood films on his website. In the questions section, he claims that he has each and every of these films at home on DVD. 
Do you know those famous, arrogant fashion bloggers who show off the most expensive and beautiful clothes on their blogs? I feel even more jealous about that Austrian film reviewer than about them. 
He's not the only one - there are many other bloggers who have the money to buy and rent as many films as they want to, and the main reason is that their adults with jobs. While I'm just a poor student with a little side job. Yes, I'm complaining and I'm wallowing in self-pity right now... But I have the right to do so!
English films, Italian, French, Spanish... they're all easy to get. I can rent them on iTunes, go to the theater to see them, or get them from any library in Denmark, because they send them to the one in my town. But Bollywood films are nasty... of course, you can rent some of them and watch a few on youtube - but mostly the only thing to do is either buy them online or well... watch them illegally. Which I've promised not to do anymore, and haven't for many months now.

I don't know why I'm writing this post. Maybe I want to show you that I'm still a (white) Desi girl, even though most of my posts are about non-Indian films. Maybe I need some attention.
Or perhaps I just do what I personally think blogging is all about - sharing thoughts. No matter how unstructured and chaotic they may be. 

Thank you for your attention, in any case.


  1. I feel your pain - I too lack the funds to buy all the DVDs I'd like, and mine have MUCH further to come! :)

    On a more positive note, I am amazed and impressed that you find the time to watch so many films and write well-put together reviews of them. Perhaps that's an upside to being a student, as a counter to the downside of less money.

    1. Well, they said that as a student you have time and energy but no money, as an adult you have money and energy but no time, and when you're old you have money and time but no energy ;).
      But actually, I don't know how I find the time, because I do have a side job and home work and sports. Plus my driving license.

      Anyway, glad or well... sad? to hear that you know what it's like... Let's hope the future looks brighter.

  2. Well, I shamelessly download. Because otherwise I would have seen no Bollywood film at all. :( But I feel your pain.

    1. Thanks... it's so hard to be a non-Indian fan of Bollywood... but there's always a way (don't want to talk about illegal things right now ;)). No, honestly, it's hard.


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