Sunday, April 15, 2012

Updated 100 Favourite Films List!

Almost precisely 6 months after the first version, I am able to present to you the updated version of my 100 favourite films. I've decided not to include documentaries and shorts this time, but you can read more about that in the list itself.

Again, there are way too many new films, a lot of people might think, but I hope some of you will agree with some of the choices anyhow.

To satisfy the nerdy side of myself, I have also created some nerdy facts and diagrams this time, partly to find out a little about myself and my cinematic taste, partly to present them to you.

Nerdy diagrams:

The decades

I knew that I like a lot of newer films, but this result is quite surprising to be honest. Especially the large amount of 2010 films. And what happened to the thirties? 

Proportion of male vs. female directors

Here is something I definitely want to change. The problem is just that there are very female directors, opposed to male ones, and many of the female directors are not that good. This is the sad truth. But I promise I'll try to look out for more female directed films... I want to see more of Sofia Coppola anyhow.

The countries

Interesting. I think this is what I had in mind - and I'm not ashamed of the large amount of American films. There are many good ones.

I hope you had some fun with these facts, in case some of you are as nerdy as me. And have a look at the updated list, if you haven't already.


  1. I read somewhere that women currently only make up 5% of all the directors in Hollywood, so I think your pie chart is a pretty close representation.

    Now off to browse your new list.

    1. Wow, that's really little! Actually 9% of my films are female directed, so I'm above average!

  2. Of my top tier films I'm right about 11-12% directed by women. It's definitely a struggle but not wanting to increase it by having lower standards, I've decided to increase it by making a point to just watch a ton of films directed by women and let proportionality take its effect. I have a huge index of the female-directed films I've watched at my blog (direct link to the page on my name) if you need some ideas.

    1. That's a good idea, and thanks for the suggestion, I just checked out the list - it's huge! There's definitely a lot of inspiration there.

  3. Really love the charts, such a great idea!


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