Friday, June 22, 2012

Fabulous Filmic Fashion Friday: Elizabeth - The Golden Age

The film that I had thought would be mind-blowing turned out to be just decent enough to partly entertain me. Happily, it also turned out to not be the film I had mistaken it for.
Yes, I was stupid enough to watch the sequel before the original. But there were some great costumes in it (designed by Alexandra Byrne, who's also the person behind The Avengers' superhero suits).
At the time I was planning on becoming a fashion designer or something else fashion-related, I read a book about fashion history, and a big part of it was dedicated to the stern and pompous medieval style of Queen Elizabeth I. It was her style that influenced all of Europe during that time, and everyone was trying to look like her. 
As often with historical costumes, they look anything but comfortable - and sometimes it does get too much - but I really have a weakness for clothes like this. At least I like seeing them.

As there are hundreds of side characters, I have chosen to focus only on Elizabeth's clothes.

Already in this first image, you have a good example of the Queen Elizabeth style, with the extravagant and perfectionist wigs and stern, inflexible clothing and material. I really like the cold blue colour of her outfit, just as the feather and the detail in front of her chest.

This wig reminded me of the monster from Pan's Labyrinth. It's really frightening, to be honest. This is, if I remember right, the only green outfit Elizabeth is wearing in the film. What a shame.

Here we have another example of the feather hair decoration, and also that thing she often had in the back of her dress (I don't remember what it was called). And off course the large ruff.
It's interesting how supernatural and extremely powerful these outfits made the Queen, and that also in the film, the clothes didn't wear Cate, but the other way around.

An example of a comparatively simple dress, and surely much more comfortable than her other ones. The dark purple colour isn't as heavenly and soft as the colours she usually wears, so this is generally an uncommon outfit. Purple isn't my favourite colour, but I think it was a good choice for this dress.

The most unusual outfit of the whole film, but still very impressive and frightening. I think she looks much younger with her hair open like that. 

As already mentioned, the hair was an important part of Queen Elizabeth's outfit, and it was always perfectly suited for the clothes she wore. I don't know if she had short hair really, but it's an interesting contrast to the pompous wigs. 

Just so you can really see the dresses, and how the outfits looked for the people that were received in audience. I'm fascinated and disgusted at the same time. She looks like some exotic birds, there's just too much everything... but at the same time, there's this power she radiates.

My final choice is the most typical Queen Elizabeth I outfit seen in the film. It has everything; the back-thing (I call it butterfly wings), ruffles, corset with a pointed ending, wide skirt... and the golden colour as the cherry on top.


  1. Cate Blanchett is so stunning. I mean yes the gowns, but Cate Blanchett in those gowns are a whole another thing.

    1. That's also true.
      I think Cate Blanchett is very androgyne, and although I love feminine looks too, I'm crazy about androgyne looks.

  2. Awesome post! That wig you mention reminds me of gary Oldman in Dracula :) The clothes were gorgeous though, especially alll the blue and the green gown. The first movie is so much better than the sequel, watch it as soon as you can!

    1. I will - I really had no idea this was the sequel.
      Haven't seen Gary Oldman in Dracula, but that sure sounds interesting.

  3. God, the costumes in these films always make me wish I had the means to go all out like this for Halloween. Absolutely gorgeous.

    Sidenote: my favorite part of this movie was when she spat out "MY BITCHES WEAR MY COLLARS." I loved it.

    1. Haha, yes that was great.

      I haven't gone out for Halloween in many years, but if I ever do... ah forget it, I don't have enough money for a gown like this, not even a fake one ;).

  4. The Golden Age is a so-so movie but the art direction, the hair and especially the costume design are all stunning.

    1. That's a pretty much perfect description of this movie.


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