Friday, July 20, 2012

Fabulous Filmic Fashion Friday: The Avengers

What band with of possibilities for letting your wildest fashion dreams come true doesn't a superhero action movie provide? It's simply a shame how often the costume designers do not realize this.
The Marvel films however, are of a completely different sort. Here, style is an essential part of the production, and their latest superblastatomicbombofanactionmovie The Avengers tops everything I have seen before. 
Costumes designed throughout many years and for different films, are united in one stylistic explosion of badass superhero-ness. We can thank Alexandra Byrne (who also designed the costumes for the previously discussed Elizabeth - The Golden Age) for that. 

Let's revive this blast of a cinematic experience with our heroes all suited up.


In my opinion by far the most attractive male member of the Avengers cast; Jeremy Renner. And although I admit that the Legolas-inspired outfit (especially the bow) add another layer to that attractiveness, it's not only because of them. But: well done Alexandra, well done. You seem to know exactly what I want.

Iron Man

Okay, you're just too cool, Iron Man. Not only is your suit flexible yet protecting, you can even take it off pretty stylishly. However, some more skin would have been a plus - really, Robert Downey must have been bored during the shooting. I liked his band shirts by the way. 


Very fitting outfit - neither too modern nor too greek.  And not as ridiculous as Loki's. I also like the red, it really underlines the character, and the bare arms that underline... well, something similar. Also, the size of the hammer? Just perfect. And yes, I like the hippie haircut.

The Hulk

Sorry Hulk, but speaking from a stylistic point of view, your outfit is the least fashionable one of the entire crew. But your appearance certainly has other advantages, although I'm not really into bulky-ness.

Maria Hill

Being a H.I.M.Y.M fanatic, I actually found Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill cooler than Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow. Maybe not just as sexy though. But man, that suit suited her (even the headphone). You should have heard the guys shouting in the cinema - okay, it was the Roskilde Festival cinema (huge music festival), but still. She definitely deserved it.


To be honest, Loki caused much more shouting than Maria Hill did... to say I was surprised would be an understatement. It was "LOOOOKIIII!!!!!" all the time. But there is something about those horns, isn't there?

Captain America

Quite old-fashioned, as mentioned by his companions in the movie several times, but in the end I liked it. Patriotism is great, especially when you're German and thus not allowed to be patriotic. Stars, stripes and... helmet!

Black Widow

Well, now that I've told you about the shouting when Loki and Maria were in the frame - that is nothing, I repeat nothing, against what went on in the cinema when the Black Widow was framed from behind. I have never experienced such a thing in cinema before. It's so great to know that this is what people find attractive nowadays, because Scarlett isn't anorexic in the slightest. 
She is badass with a real good ass, if I'm allowed to say that as a girl. 

By the way, if there's going to be an Avengers 2 - I'm all ready for it!


  1. One of the reasons I love Scarlett is that she doesn't look like a hanger - she is curvy and gorgeous this way. Fun post!

    1. That's one of my reasons too - aside from the fact that she is a great actress. Thanks, Sati.

  2. Hey great post. Superhero costumes are almost as iconic as the superheroes themselves. Love Ironman and Captain America.

    1. They are the two most popular films from the Avengers "franchise" I think - haven't seen either of them. Yet.

  3. I actually like Loki's "civilian" clothes... he looks so sophisticated in those. Okay, if I can only now take my eyes of that close-up photo of Cobie Smulders.

    1. Hm, actually I don't remember him in civilian clothes... Cobie Smulders rocks!

  4. It's not old-fashioned, it's classic! haha horns or no horns, Loki is Loki. that's a weird thing to say, but whatever. I (and all of tumblr) love him. Loki'd all the way. Gosh, I'm such a geek.

    1. Aha, you're one of those ;). No, actually I think the minority is the people that aren't all geeky about him.

  5. Great film to focus on and it's awesome that you pick absolutely different movies for the series. I will always defend Captain America and his outfit because he looks nice in it. But people just laugh lol

    1. Thanks, that's what I'm trying to do.
      I think Captain America is cool. But I can also understand why people laugh about his outfit, a little.

  6. interesting post...I would like Black widow because she looking Awesome in this dress.


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