Sunday, August 5, 2012

Happy New Month: Films of July 2012

It's never too late - I hope the fifth is okay for a monthly recap.

So, school starts again tomorrow after six wonderful weeks that just passed by. I went to a music festival for the first time in my life, went on a roadtrip with a friend for the first time in my life... hey, I even managed to finally see The Avengers!
I didn't care about not seeing many movies, because there are things more important than cinema in my life (by the way, that is my proudest piece of writing ever because I managed to express my inner chaos as close to perfectly as possible). At the same time these six weeks also revitalized my passion for this art - and for ballet too, in case you care - and I can't wait to dive into blogging, watching etc. again, although I'm also going to have to focus on school more this year as this is my 12th year (only two more until graduation, from now on).

Don't worry though, I'll try not to ever fully abandon the blog. There's even a slightly updated layout on its way. 
But firstly, here's what I watched last month - not much, but mostly good or okay stuff.  

Watched for the very first time:

Blades of Glory (2007) Josh Gordon & Will Speck - USA
Hilarious in a way that masters the tightrope walk between slapstick and my kind of humor. Sure, there are better comedies, but for light entertainment this one is quite perfect. 
Rating: 6.3

Find Me Guilty (2006) Sidney Lumet - USA/ Germany
This is from the Sidney Lumet? The one everybody admires? Not that I'm disappointed, but this film wasn't exactly what I would call overwhelming. Too much talking, too many court scenes. However still intriguing at times.
Rating: 6.9

Le monde du silence (1956) Jacques-Yves Cousteau & Louis Malle - France/ Italy
(Part of the Cousteau Mini Blogathon).
„Despite its many flaws, The Silent World remains a must-watch for people interested in documentary and oceanography, and I don't regret having seen it. However, there are better films of the like.“
Rating: 6.4

Le monde sans soleil (1964) Jacques-Yves Cousteau - France/ Italy
(Part of the Cousteau Mini Blogathon).

A wonderful documentary with both an interesting plot and beautiful underwater cinematography. My favourite from this blogathon. 
Rating: 8.0

Mao's Last Dancer (2009) Bruce Beresford - Australia
What I said about revitalizing my passion for ballet didn't only have to do with this film... I actually considered stopping (with my ballet). But to talk about the film... well, it was a good idea to cast real dancers for the main roles because the dancing had so much more energy and power. Luckily, the leading man proved to be a decent actor too, which is why I kind of liked this movie. 
Rating: 7.3

Maqbool (2003) Vishal Bhardwaj - India
I love me some Irrfan Khan, Tabu and Vishal Bhardwaj. But I didn't love this movie. For years, I had been reading so much praise about it, one of the best Indian movies ever apparently, my taste - but it just wasn't my thing. The music was good. The idea was good (an Indian version of Macbeth). The acting, every bloody thing was good, except that I didn't love it. 
Rating: 7.4

Moonrise Kingdom (2012) Wes Anderson - USA
By far the best film I saw this month (I'd say this summer if it wasn't for Fight Club). A treasure that didn't only put a smile on my face, but filled my whole mind with smiles... oh, that Wes Anderson. I'm planning to watch all his films this month.
Rating: 9.7

Paul (2011) Greg Mottola - USA
I like those new fresh takes on the alien genre that have started popping out regularly. 
Rating: 7.4

Shame (2011) Steve McQueen - UK
How I wish I'd have the time and the guts to write a review on this. The ending was so damned perfect. As was Fassbender's performance. And the music. And the screenplay. And, and, and... 
Rating: 8.7

The Avengers (2012) Joss Whedon - USA
One of the most mind-blowing cinematic experiences I've ever had (not only because of the film). I don't know if you've heard of the Roskilde music festival, but it's like one of the hugest music festivals in Northern Europe. And there happened to be a cinema there too, which was awesome - the atmosphere, it was like being at a rock concert. Back to the film though; it was great, no question... not as OMG-SUPERGREAT as I had expected, but still pretty close.
Rating: 8.2

The Gift (2000) Sam Raimi - USA
„The story isn't very suspenseful and there are many awkward moments. Most of the time you just ask yourself: why? What's the point? But okay, it's not a complete lime explosion.“ I'm still glad I watched this as part of the Cate Blanchett Essentials (which I hope to finish this month). 
Rating: 3.9

The Green Mile (1999) Frank Darabont - USA
Typical Frank Darabont movie. You have to like it. The first half was a bit... tenacious?, but it only got better. Typical Tom Hanks movie too. You have to like him.
Rating: 8.0

Voyage au bout du monde (1976) Philippe Cousteau & Jacques-Yves Cousteau - France
(Part of the Cousteau Mini Blogathon).
„I did enjoy Voyage to the Edge of the World. It was the most conventional documentary of the three, with a special 70s flair to it. Something about the lighting. “

Rating: 7.5

You and Me Forever (2012) Kaspar Munk - Denmark
We didn't manage to go to the festival cinema very often, but this one we did see... interestingly it was the first movie I watched without knowing anything about it (except the title). I had never seen the poster, the trailer, read anything - it was refreshing. The film itself was pretty weak. Good idea though - it was about friendship and how you loose some friends when you grow up etc.
Rating: 5.3

Re-watched with the purpose of intense examination:

Fantasia (1940) Walt Disney? - USA
Nikhat inspired me with her Animation Month, and when I read what she wrote about this one, I had to re-watch it. I didn't remember much of it, having seen it as a child, but then again there was a well-known atmosphere about every single scene. Although I loved the music and much of the realization (and especially the concept), it got a tiny bit too sweet for me at times with all those unicorns. But still, an exceptional film (I wonder for what audience it was made). 
Rating: 7.7

Inglorious Basterds (2009) Quentin Tarantino - USA/ Germany
Much better than in my memory, except for Christoph Waltz who was just as brilliant as I knew he was. What I especially noticed during my re-watch: 1) Michael Fassbender is in this!, 2) he speaks awfully good German, and 3) wow, this film is quite brutal.
Rating: 8.2

Amount of films watched this month: 16 (June -24)
Average rating: 7.3 (June +0.1)


  1. Some brilliant films there!
    Glad you loved The Avengers. That film is too awesome for words.
    And yes the unicorns were too sweet in Fantasia, but the animation was to die for. Exceptional film indeed. I do not know who the audience for it was.

    1. I agree.
      The narration in Fantasia was really confusing, it was very "easy", so it could have been for kids, but also interesting enough for adults.

  2. Awespme you liked Shame, the music and Fassbender were the best parts of the movie, though it is impressive all together. I really can't wait to see Moonrise Kingdom.

    1. Awesome I saw it, finally :). You can look forward to Moonrise Kingdom.

  3. I'm in the middle of watching all Wes Anderson's work too, but still won't be able to see Moonrise Kingdom for a while. Haven't seen a less than great rating yet.

    The Green Mile always moves me, especially the electric chair execution scene.

    1. Yes, and when he sings the song.
      I'm so excited to see more of Wes Anderson films.

  4. Personally, I haven't warmed to Wes Anderson as a director yet, Rushmore I quite liked. Sometimes his movies I think are TOO quirky.
    That being said, Moonrise Kingdom seems very promising, and maybe it is finally his masterpiece, I'm excited to see it, and you clearly had a wonderful experience!

    1. I love quirkiness - but who knows if I'll like his other movies, I've only seen Moonrise Kingdom until now.
      Surprising how few people have seen it, I felt I was the only person in the world who hadn't.

  5. Wow I'm happy to see you really loved Moonrise Kingdom.. and it's nice to hear that you are having a good holidays.

    1. I've been in school again since last week, just forgot to remove the note on top :). And I also didn't have time to blog yet, but there's a post coming up today. Thanks though.


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