Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Pensieve

~ Hi everyone, this is the new feature on this blog, which is called The Pensieve. It's about me sharing or just throwing my thoughts out there, so that my head doesn't explode. Harry Potter style. And I will start with this right now.

~ I just wrote the Barfi and I M 24 film previews for the ISHQ magazine, and Barfi is looking oh-so-best-Indian-film-of-2012. Not just because it reminds me of Amélie. But actually I think Ranbir's chemistry with Ileana is much better than with Priyanka. I'm getting tired of Priyanka currently.

~ I started doing ballet three times a week instead of two, but I hope I'll still have time to blog and watch movies. Movies isn't all, as they say. (Do they?). 

~ Next week Cosmopolis will run at our repertory cinema. I'm excited.

~ Isn't the Lana Del Rey album just absolutely fantastic? The more I listen to it, the more I love it. The same goes for the Katy Perry MTV Unplugged album. Her best by far.

~ This weekend was full of classics. Okay, I watched two, but that was all I watched anyhow. Vertigo was all right, but the 50s just don't seem to be my era. It's so stiff. Little Big Man was a much greater pleasure. There is something about what they say about the 70s.

~ Wow, there's nothing more on my mind? That's great!


  1. A pensieve is such a great idea! Everybody ought to have one.

    Barfi sounds interesting. Is it out already?

    1. No, I think it's releasing September. Glad you like the pensieve :).

  2. Nice idea to add to your blog, and do check out Cosmopolis - it is unlike any other film I have seen (have been describing it as theatre on film than anything else). Welcome back, too!

    1. Thanks, I had some nice holidays.
      And I'm so excited for Cosmopolis!!

  3. Darn, can't believe I had to Google "Pensieve". Silly me. I do enjoy the Potter films although can't say I'm a big fan or anything.

    Hey, great to hear you wrote for a magazine too.

    1. I thought some people wouldn't get it to start with - but it's good we have google.

      Yes, I don't get any money for the writing, but DVDs and stuff. And of course it's great to read your name in print.


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