Friday, September 21, 2012

Fabulous Filmic Fashion Friday: SWEENEY TODD

Sweeney Todd is one of those movies that unexpectedly get better with each watch. The first time I watched it by myself, and this time I tried to convince my best friend of its greatness. Pitifully, I failed in this attempt.
The viewing was, however, effective in other ways - as mentioned already, it once again assured me of the fact that this is one of my favourite movies of all time. Secondly, it made me get all the more excited for my first trip to London in the fall holidays. And thirdly, it made me notice many a detail I hadn't noticed before - aside from many bricks of lyrics, much of the costume design surprised me too.
I  knew from my first few viewings that it was interesting and imaginative, but this was the first time I really payed attention to it.
And what else would there be left for me to do than write about it. 

As usually, Tim Burton chose his favourite designer Colleen Atwood to be in charge of the costumes, as as usually, she did a fantastic job. See for yourself...

„There was a barber and his wife...“ 

This cream-coloured beauty goddess seems to be a certain Laura Michelle Kelly - who only starred in three films! That's weird, I had the feeling I knew her from some other films... Anyway, her character is perfectly dressed in pale but warm colours and the style of the era. Like Sweeney/ Benjamin sings, "virtous" is the best way to describe her, and also her looks. Depp himself, here as Benjamin, looks nice and unimpressive. His wife simply steals all the spotlight. But that's going to change soon...

„These are probably the worst pies in London...“

The sunshine has left industrialized London forever and darkness is everywhere. So dark are the costumes and the looks too. As anyone who has seen the film should know, Mrs. Lovett aka Helena Bonham Carter, has the coolest outfits in the whole film. Somewhere between 21st century's gothic subculture and the romantic/ incovenient female silhouette of the 19th century, her outfits are always a treat. I'm not really going to talk about Sweeney's outfits much, so let me just say they are perfectly suited for his role. And anyway, he always looks nice in white shirts with puffy arms. I also like his boots. But again, a woman steals the spotlight from him.
By the way, did you notice the half-gloves they're all wearing?

„If I cannot fly... let me sing!“

This beautiful lady here is played by Jane Wisener, who also doesn't seem to have had her big breakthrough yet. Perhaps she should have kept her eyebrows blonde - it looks enchanting.
As for her actual costumes in the film... I loved them. She is the princess of the story, and the princess is always the most beautiful. And who didn't want to be a princess as a child? Or at least have the clothes of a princess? I still do. At least one time, let me have a dress like this dear God... Sigh.

„I'll steeeeeeal you, Johaaaaaanna...“

If you're in a desperate need of an earworm, you just have to listen to this song once. Or, if you already know it, just think of it. Jamie Campbell Bower definitely has a more interesting song than costume, but still his clothes are fitting, suiting... perfect.

At the market.

Firstly, I haven't mentioned Sweeney's and Mrs. Lovett's hairstyles yet. They're awesome. I wonder how they thought of Sweeney's... "Hey, let's just dry his hair really puffy and then die one part silver". Mrs. Lovett's about the same, just without the dying. Secondly, I love hats, especially since I interned at a milliner. And I especially love those pillbox-y things, like the one Mrs. Lovett wears here.
The second picture is just a shot of the market itself, with all the extras - I wanted to show how detailed and realistically even the background people are dressed.

„De king of da barbers, da barber of kings!“

I forgot to tell you; there's one person whose outfit is even more awesome than Mrs. Lovett's. It's no one less than Pirelli, the Master himself. The blue latex with golden embroidery and white lace, and the silky cape, the hat with the feather... gosh, Sweeney is nothing against this.

Knock before you enter the chamber of a lady.

This dress was screaming to be shared with you here. It is fashion design at its highest level - certainly more uncomfortable than anything I can imagine, and uh-mazingly beautiful. In my opinion. I can just look at it for hours... The masterpiece of the whole movie?

„By the sea... wouldn't that be smashing?“

Well, if the previous dress wasn't the masterpiece of the movie, these outfits must be. "By the sea" is like a colourful oasis in the middle of desert, as is the "Barber and his wife" sequence. Except this one's funnier. Could one put more clich├ęs into a single song?

„Mischief, mischief, mischief!“

Now, there we have it, finally. The blood-stained blouse (and face - even the hair). I guess we have found our masterpiece now, haven't we?


  1. When I watched the film I was positively shocked by it. I liked it, but at the same time almost made a promise not to watch it again because even though it is not exactly graphic it was just so disturbing.. however I feel like watching it again since I am on a Johnny Depp ride these days.....

    1. I didn't expect you to have seen this one - great!
      I was quite shocked by it too, when I watched it the first time - but at the same time I was so extremely fascinated that I had to see it again.

      Have you seen What's Eating Gilbert Grape yet? It's a little older, but I love it.

    2. Not yet... frankly I avoi anything with Leonardo DiCaprio. He is a great actor, no doubt about that, but I find him repulsive for some reason.

    3. He's quite good in this one, although I like him in anything... but you should try it. I mean, he's only a teenager in it.

  2. I knew the costumes were interesting but not *this* interesting! I hadn't noticed the variety, the way they so adequately express each character and situation... Every bit of it is so Tim Burton, and though I'm not terribly fond of his style, I appreciate the fact that he keeps doing his thing.

    I do think that the one entitled "Knock before you enter the chamber of a lady" is the most beautiful one. But of course, the bloodstained shirt and vest are a masterpiece.

    Now I want to listen to the soundtrack! Great choice, Mette!

    1. Thanks, Sofia!
      The soundtrack is running up and down my head all the time since I re-watched this one last weekend.

      As mentioned, I didn't notice the immense value of the costumes before either, it's surprising isn't it?
      Glad you agree on my favourite dress too!

  3. AWESOME post! I loved costumes in the movie, especially the way Lovett looked at the market place - I adore the hat - and the ones in By The Sea sequence. I agree about Jane's eyebrows - when they are blond she looks really delicate and lovely.

    1. I'm happy you liked it, Sati.

      Jane just looks like someone from another world or time, doesn't she? But only in this film, I think. I'm eager to see her in Jane Eyre though.


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