Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Pensieve #3

~ Sunday means flee market day, and I bought three DVDs:

Finding Nemo (a favourite, I needed it)
Somewhere (the last Sofia Coppola film I need to see - and for 1€...)
and Pulp Fiction (FINALLY! I couldn't find it anywhere, isn't that strange?!)

~ I have a lot of ideas for posts, but I'm also kind of in the middle of a writing project. I just don't know - do I really want to write this novel? And should I write it or should I write my posts/ articles? Is any one of these two occupations more "privileged"?

~ I figured I'll go to the Berlinale Film Festival next year.

~ Does anybody know a good German film magazine? The ones I've tried are more like TV magazines, 10 lines about the story, 1 line about the writer's opinion.

~ Trailers
Aiyaa, the new Rani Mukherji film, looks fun though it could be bad too.
The Company You Keep was so boring I didn't finish watching the trailer.
Hansel and Gretel, I'm not sure whether I like it. The idea and cast is cool, but the trailer is so cliché.
I know I'm late about this, but Seven Psychopaths really does look great, in a universal kind-of way.
De rouille et d'os might be the most pretentious trailer I've seen in a long time. But it does have Marion Cotillard.

~ Links;
Nick from Cinematic Katzenjammer reviews Pixelschatten, a German film that sounds good - can you believe it?!
Gaja Gamini from Bollywood-ish Blog doesn't go crazy about DDLJ.
Tyler from Southern Vision watched 65 movies in a month. !!!!!!
I'm not the only one posting about filmic fashion.


  1. Thanks for the link, Mette :) Thanks to my boredom of doing reviews somewhere last month so I decided to start highlighting fashion again. Never thought that some people would love it.

    I have loads of ideas too, but to start doing them actually need some commitment. Hope you manage to pick one's that good for you now!

    1. Great to hear! Yeah, I guess I will figure it all out.


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