Monday, November 19, 2012

The Pensieve #4

Hi, people out there. Above you can see a picture of what I feel like at the moment, and below you can read what I think about at the moment.

~ Hell, I am becoming one of those bloggers who have to apologize for not writing in every single post.

~ If only the day had more hours...

~ Watching Harry Potter inspired me to be a little more motivated about school... I mean I'm really good at school, but I also really think it sucks especially this year. I wish I was done, although there's another part of me that doesn't want to grow up.

~ Movie-talk... 
Yeah, it's not going that great with watching more movies... but that's fine.
Anyhow, is it kinda "in" to make these grand, philosophic and confusing movies after The Tree of Life? (#CloudAtlas, #LifeofPi, #LesMisérables?...) Not that I'm complaining, it's finally a trend I dig.

~ Trailers...
Oz: The Great and Powerful is an interesting idea and I'm glad I managed to watch The Wizard of Oz this year. But although it has James Franco & Co., the trailer is slightly typical boring.

I've been wanting to read The Host for a long time because yes, I am one of the people who liked the Twilight books. Saoirse Ronan is always a hit too, so despite the halfways lame trailer, I believe in the story and the star.

I was at the cinema the other day (yes, I was!) and there were a lot of cool trailers. Most impressive one (because I hadn't seen it before) was Cloud Atlas. I was just like "Mystery - check. Atmosphere - check. Beautiful visuals - check. Awesomeness - check?", in my mind of course.

~ My True Blood addiction might have become somewhat dangerously ignoring... You see, I do sense that the quality of the series might be descending... but I love it so much I can't stop seeing it! I hope the fifth season won't be as bad as everyone says.

~ Last night, a book kept me from watching a movie. When did that happen the last time to you? Honestly, I really wanted to watch a new and good movie (28 Days Later) but I couldn't because of that damned Murakami. The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle is my third book of his and I think I'll take a break from him after that. He's just too dangerously addictive (talking about True Blood).

~ So mainly my days have consisted of school work, trips with friends, True Blood and Murakami. In case that's of any interest to you. It feels weird blogging after all that time... like... weird.


  1. So glad you're digging Murakami! I've read most of his stuff at this point, but haven't been able to get round to The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles (too damn long, just don't have the time to read it).

    Have you been enjoying it?

    And I recommend reading Cloud Atlas and Life of Pi if you haven't already!

    1. I'm reading the Wind-Up Bird Chronicle on my kindle, so it's ok it's that long... it's really good! Like, super-good!
      And really suspensive, in a calm kind-of-way - I can't wait to finish it.

      I think I'll read Cloud Atlas or Life of Pi after that.

  2. I haven't read Cloud Atlas, but from the reviews of the film, it definitely sounds like one that should be read before the movie. I have read Life of Pi and it certainly is one to read first.

    1. Oh, thanks for mentioning that, I haven't read any reviews yet.
      I'll definitely read these two then.

  3. Glad to hear something from you ;) Just kidding. Mine was quite busy too. I think I managed to keep blogging anyway, even though I was pretty tired. It's on my system. But I can't keep up with commenting with other blogs. Nothing to blame about your busy-ness. Have a good weekend!

    1. Great that people remember me ;). Oh God, I think I really miss blogging. But what you can you do?
      I really don't want to stress myself. Probably, I'll post tons of stuff in the christmas holidays to satisfy my need :D.
      Thanks, and have a good weekend too!


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