Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Updating my 100 Favourite Movies List

Many an unexpected task has kept my from assembling an updated version of the list of my 100 Favourite Movies, but here it is, the final momentary compilation of movies that have had an unusually great impact on me.  

The list of my favourite movies is not supposed to be a list of the "best" films I have seen, apart from the fact that even this term is argumentative. Rather than being "good" in an objective way, these are movies that have made me laugh, smile, cry or sing. They've touched something in my mind (I prefer this term to heart) and perhaps made me wonder, ask questions I had never thought of, or delivered answers I'd have never guessed.
While there is a tendency towards violence-gloryfying, stylish cult films with great soundtracks, blue eyed actors and a poetic undertone, I believe that you can find films from any genre and many different decades in the list - a great progress since the initial one from some time in 2011.

The order in which the movies are listed is also to be noticed with attention, as ranking your favourite and most beloved movies is one of the hardest tasks I know - anyone who has tried or succeeded in creating such a list will agree. Which movie is perfect for what kind of situation and mood, is an important factor here. Another thing I would like you to consider is that most of the newly added films are ones I have seen a short while ago. My opinion on them may change during time, which is also the reason why many of them belong to the the lower ranks.
A great exception from this rule, and a first timer for that, is Fight Club, which immediately made it to my top 3 favourite films. As far as I expect, it's going to stay there.

All of this being said, I hope you enjoy browsing through the list, remembering some of your fondest favourites and perhaps being inspired to discover some new ones.

PS: This post also signals my decision to keep on blogging on a regular base. I have decided that it's something I love, because I'm able to express myself without any boundaries, and this is such a wonderful community. So, have fun and we'll meet again soon!


  1. YAAAY FIGHT CLUB!! Awesomeness man.

    1. YAY! I even finally managed to get one of my friends to watch it (the one who's most into movies) and she loved it!

  2. I am in awe of the work you put into this list - amazing, truly, literally amazing. I also love your very distinctive voice as a reviewer. From your list, nothing exemplifies this better than your inclusion of Slumdog - til date you are the ONLY Indian film buff I read who doesn't spit on the very name of the film. Our tastes are very different, which is why I'm especially delighted that my favourite cinematic experience ever has made it on to your list - what version of Lean's Lawrence did you see? The 70mm print was such an epic experience I can still see it in my head, twenty years later.

    1. You don't know how happy your comment made me!
      Concerning Slumdog, I cannot understand why it's met with such extreme hate from many people that like Indian films. In my eyes, much of it is a homage to Indian cinema, including the dance sequence at the end.

      You know, I had never expected Lawrence of Arabia to become one of my favourite movies, especially because another grand classic - Gone With the Wind - was such a disappointment. But I was so fascinated by everything, from the acting to the soundtrack to the cinematography... it's such a wonderful movie. To be honest, I have no idea which version I saw, other than it was a remastered one... but perhaps it doesn't even make much difference on DVD which print you see. I would just love to see it on the big screen one time.
      Thanks a lot for your kind comment and merry christmas!


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