Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Movie Jail Relay Race

The splendid and lovely Ruth passed the baton for blogathon-thingy on to me.

The concept:
„It's time to put some movie people in jail. The object is to give a prosecutor's argument as to why these movie people belong in 'Movie Jail' whether it be for violating the integrity of the content source of one of their films, or being a sell-out, just making bad movies overall, getting worse as time goes on or not being in a good movie for many years. 

   The baton will be passed to another blogger who will have to do the following - in order to free someone from movie jail, they have to do two things: 

Give a defence attorney argument defending the plaintiff
Pay bail: the cost of which is another case for the court and a prosecutor's argument against the actor/director of their choice that will replace the one set free. 
   Then make sure to list those who have passed the baton before you.

   There must always be ten people in Movie Jail. “

Previous participants:

Prisoners right now

George Lucas

Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer

Jennifer Aniston

Tom Cruise

Katherine Heigl

Michael Bay

Adam Sandler

Raja Gosnell

Eddie Murphy

Todd Phillips

So, Ruth added Todd Phillips here which is perfectly understandable. Hangover is one of my favourite comedies, but we all know what came after that.

I free...

Tom Cruise

I know, I know. He's not what he used to be. And I haven't even seen many of his old films. Nevertheless, I don't think Cruise deserves to be in the movie jail (we could talk about other jails). Perhaps it's the effect that Eyes Wide Shut had on me this weekend, but I really think somebody should give him another chance. I mean, that guy can act! 
... And even if he'll never do anything else, don't you think that the Mission:Impossible series are some of the most entertaining action franchises ever?

I throw in...

Til Schweiger

For making the worst romantic comedies in the world. This guy is spamming German viewers with bad  films that he directs, and in which he always plays the main character with his penetrating nasal voice. Preferably his children are in these movies too. But that's what (most) people like around here.
He also tried his luck in Hollywood - you may remember him from Inglorious Basterds (one of his best performances really) or other tiny roles that foreign actors accept while they could direct a blockbuster with themselves in the leading role in their home country.
Anyway, Til Schweiger and his films need to leave - fast!

I pass the baton to...

Diana from Aziza's Picks. Have fun!


  1. Freeing Tom Cruise is understandable - I saw Magnolia for the first time recently and he was superb in that one too. I almost set him free but I had barely seen any of his new stuff!

    1. I haven't seen many of his films, but what I've seen was convincing enough.

  2. Tom Cruise is a tough call. I mean Jerry Mcguire, Eyes Wide Shut.... oh wait, Knight and Day. That was just inhuman.

    1. You mean inhuman in a good way, or in a bad way?
      Personally, I liked Knight and Day... it's one of the better big entertainers of the last years.

  3. I don't mind releasing Tom Cruise. Haven't seen enough of Schweiger to have an opinion on putting him in jail. Thanks for participating!

    1. Thanks for launching the blogathon! It's always wonderful when people put stuff like this into the blogosphere.

  4. Not familiar with Schweiger myself, but it's fun seeing Cruise freed. I'd imagine he is writing you a letter saying "You Complete Me!" :)

    Someone...PLEASE, put Kristen Stewart back in prison. You know she deserves it. Diana, you're next. (k-stew, k-stew, k-stew) haha

    1. I considered putting in someone more famous, but I just couldn't think of anyone (not a Kristen Stewart hater myself, although I don't love her either).

  5. "This guy is spamming German viewers with bad films that he directs, and in which he always plays the main character with his penetrating nasal voice" ... that line is classic. :-) I've never seen any of his movies, but you made a persuasive case right there.

    I am not a Cruise fan, but I'll concede that I liked him in Eyes Wide Shut, Magnolia, and Rain Man.

    1. Haha, thanks!
      I wouldn't consider myself a Cruise fan either, but he's a good actor I think.


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