Saturday, April 20, 2013


Featuring Matt Smith's favorite suit and no glasses.

Costumes designed by Keith Madden (no one you should know), The Woman in Black is a hauntingly beautiful and slightly scary horror movie based on the novel by Suzanna Hill. It's not a movie that'll creep into your dreams and make you want to not fall asleep, but it holds up for an entertaining and as I said very pretty view. People who thought that there was nobody attractive in the Harry Potter series will have to reconsider their arguments - although admittedly, Daniel Radcliffe is short - as the Victorian suits make the best out of who's wearing them. There's not much variety in the costume department and the characters rarely change clothes, but what we do get to see is certainly worth a mention. Or a post.

The three sisters that are seen at the beginning of the movie wear typical adult clothes as was the tradition at that time (I do know this much about historical fashion). Of course theirs are a bit "cuter" than the real adult dresses, a tad shorter and paired with hair bows. Interestingly, the girls' hair is open instead of braided, which I reckon would be unusual, but perhaps they were just playing and didn't want braids. By the way, I love what Photoshop made me do to this picture.


Daniel Radcliffe wears a very posh suit throughout the whole movie, which as I said makes him look more handsome than he usually does look. The upswept sleeves add an interesting contrast to the otherwise very tight and formal wear, so I loved the scenes were he just relaxed and y'know, chilled in that suit. With an axe.

But the suit is definitely most beautiful when complete. I like the way the tie is somehow above the collar - and of course the watch-chain (I think it must be a watch). Very classy. And Daniel Radcliffe definitely is the type for sideburns. The whole outfit also set his character apart from the villagers, who wore more used and practical clothes, so it was part of what defined his character. Perhaps the movie should've been named "The Man in Black". I mean, you seldom ever see The Woman herself, much less than in the TV movie from the 80s. Which, by the way, isn't wort a watch - except in case you can't resist seeing the guy who played Harry Potter's father play the same character the guy who played Harry Potter plays in this movie.

That's that, I hope you all have a wonderful, fashionable weekend and that you're not all too disappointed with my irregular blogging habits at the moment. There's just a lot of other things on my mind and on my schedule. At least I've started watching more movies again. And the secret plan with two of my favourite fellow bloggers is starting to take shape.


  1. Interesting. I had such a thing for the shoes that the girls wore.
    DanRad looked adorable.

    1. I had shoes like that but then they fell apart completely.

  2. Interesting post Mette. I have to admit the costumes weren't something I paid much attention to but I think the authenticity of the period that is evident within the film, and the fact I didn't find myself questioning it, highlights the standard of the overall production design. I thought the film was average but I enjoyed seeing Radcliffe outside the Harry Potter role and I do love a good ghost story.

    1. I agree - not noticing something can be a very good thing sometimes. Well, to me the movie was just above average but that may be because so many horror films are really bad.


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