Monday, August 12, 2013

Still There

Yes, I'm still here. I didn't fall down some stairs and wasn't hit by a car, and I'm also not in a marriage crisis, with the descending sun being a metaphor for my life. I just want to let you guys know that things are quite messy at the moment, we moved from town to the countryside so a lot of my time is filled with bus rides and unpacking. Furthermore, my last year of high school just started, so I'll be very busy with that for the next 8 months.

I will write something eventually and of course the podcast will be there, but just remember that I'm still out there when you don't hear or read anything. Because I also don't really have time to read other people's blogs. Hell, not even to watch movies. 

Oh, and the picture isn't a metaphor for the life of this blog either. 


  1. Can't wait till your back in full swing. Hope things start to settle.


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