Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Across the Universe Podcast, Eps 12: Awkward Movie Viewing Moments

It's getting darker outside, but before you fall in to an early winter depression (which - admittedly - is an easy thing to do, especially now that news about Sherlock releasing in January is out), you might want to listen to this latest episode of the Across the Universe Podcast. I'm sure our embarrassing and/or funny stories of movie viewings will put a smile on your face, and who knows - perhaps they'll even make you laugh and forget about the dropping temperatures and the fact that supermarkets are stuffed with chocolate Santas already.

00:20 - Chick-Chatter
02:53 - Trailers
03:43 - Interesting Movie of the Fortnight
32:37 - The Chicks discuss their top 3 Awkward Movie Viewing Moments
1:07:18 - Plugs and Goodbyes

Lord Kitchener - London Is the Place for Me
Josh Houde - The Awkward Song
Jim Sturgess - Across the Universe


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  1. I was shocked when last weekend I saw christmas decorations on every decor shop!!! Seems like it comes earlier every year!

    1. I think it's as early as every year but every year you're just shocked. It's horrible.


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