Friday, November 22, 2013

Breaking Smiles and Breaking Thrills

We're mid-way through the Breaking Emotions Blogathon and I can already announce that this is my favorite blogathon of the year so far. Dropping out of the 5 Obstructions sort of disqualified that one from the first spot. This week, participants are asked to show off their dimples (I wish I had really cute ones, but sadly their rather unincisive) while sitting on the edges of their chairs/ sofas/ bathtubs/ beds/ wherever else you like to watch a movie. *

* As always, my choices are in no particular order. 


American Psycho • Business Cards

Yes, everyone, I finally caught up with American Psycho just yesterday. And it is brilliant. It's a great slasher film, a great psychological drama and a great satire all at the same time. The awkwardness of it all kept me from laughing but I basically smiled my way through this movie. I knew about the business card scene before but had never seen it - it marked the peak of my smiling curve. Well, apart from the scene where a blood-smeared, naked Christian Bale runs around with a chainsaw.

Aiyyaa  Dreamum Wakeupum

This movie is so brave and colourful, I couldn't help but love it. The only thing I disliked were a certain female side character and, to some extend, the ending. Otherwise, the creativity that went into this is amazing. Showing a woman obsessing about someone in an Indian movie is quite unusual, showing attraction towards dark skin perhaps even more and having a character dream about these absolutely wonderful, cheesy phantasies was the cherry on top. 

Shopaholic  The Google Scene
By now, everyone who visits my blog from now and then probably knows about my undying love for this movie. Rebecca Bloomwood always manages to make me smile. And come on, we've all been in that situation, haven't we?


The Deep (2012)
Not to be confused with a certain 70s flick, The Deep is an Icelandic movie from last year that is bound to keep you on the edge of your seat (with one exception - I'm looking at you, Nik). Even the trailer is full of suspense and had both me and my family go "We have to see this". It's the sort of film that'll make you shut up and not complain about a fly for at least a month. Since it's a rather unknown movie there are no specific scenes out there on the internet but that's fine since, actually, the whole movie is one big thrill.

The Hunger Games • Countdown

The Hunger Games has a rather sick premise for a movie (or a book for that matter); you're disgusted by the society it portrays and the way they watch people fight each other and die as entertainment. Like the Romans who watched Gladiators fight each other. However, you're watching these people fight each other and die, and you root for them, you're thrilled - you're entertained.

Talaash • Aamir and Kareena
There's so much to be thrilled about in this movie. Be it the style, the quality of the story, the fact that Aamir and Kareena have great chemistry - anything. What thrilled me most about it are two things: its intelligence and its self-awareness. The scene I chose is not necessarily the best but it's one I keep getting back to. I love the poetry in the dialogue and the unbelievable perfection of Kareena Kapoor portraying a prostitute. No offense; she's one of my favorite actresses. I'm just saying she's perfect in that role. (Sorry for the lack of subtitles).

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  1. Think the only film I've seen on this list is American Psycho. It's rather shocking that I haven't checked out Shopaholic since my love for a rom-com really knows no bounds sometimes. I subject more people than I should to that genre far too much.

    Really liking the sound of Aiyyaa - may have to check it out at some point - and I LOVE that tune. So damn funky.

    1. Yes, I just realized it's pretty outlandish. You haven't seen The Hunger Games though? Not that it's a must-see but I love it. Oh and if you're a fan of good rom-coms, like me, you'll be sure to enjoy Shopaholic.
      I also hope you'll give Aiyyaa a go, it's crazy fun.

    2. I read the first Hunger Games book years ago and just felt it to be a rip-off of Battle Royale at the time and no one seemed to clock that. After the film came out, all the comparisons started flooding in (which I thought was slightly amusing if a bit late to the part), and I haven't been bothered that much to see if it is alright or not. I'd hope it was better than the book, which, comparisons aside of Battle Royale and other stories like Lord of the Flies, wasn't very good. I'll probably give it a go at some point, though!

  2. Great picks! The only films I've actually seen out of these are American Psycho and The Hunger Games, but both of those are awesome scenes. The others definitely look interesting. (This is my favorite blogathon of this year too)

    1. Thank you! Yayy, I enjoy reading all of these posts so much :D

  3. Christian Bale is so unstable in American Psycho and that business card is so well-acted. The smallest thing tips him over the edge. Great picks! :)

    1. And so hot. Not that that's very important ;) Thanks!


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