Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Across the Universe Podcast, Eps 17: New Year 2014

Before I get my thoughts together and write a post, here's a New Year's greeting from the past! We welcome NZer Stevee Taylor from Cinematic Paradox as our second guest on the show and talk about our favourite movies we saw last year that weren't from that year. If you're still putting together a watchlist for 2014, this may be the right place to look - or just enjoy listening to us giggling too much.

Happy new year! - Frohes neues Jahr! - Godt nytår!

0:21 - Chick-chatter
3:40 - Trailer
4:11 - The Guest Questionnaire
11:14 - The chicks and Stevee list each of their Top 3 non-2013 films

1:10:04 - Plugs and Goodbyes

Lorde - Royals
The Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know?
The Lonely Island - Spring Break Anthem
David Bowie - The Next Day
Fiona Apple - Across the Universe

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  1. Lovely to hear Ugetsu enter your list, Mette. It's such a beautiful, soulful film and I'm sure - as my memory recalls - I went off on a tangent of commenting-love when you posted something about it previously.

    Chungking Express is one of those films that has settled in more over time. I appreciate it a lot more than I did when I first watched it (though I did like it on that number 1 viewing, no questions about it). I do love myself some Wong Kar-wai. He's damn awesome.

    Also, YES for everything Tony Leung related. I've had a crush on that man for, well, far too long than I should have been able to withstand without going insane.

    On the subject of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, I read the book a while back now and didn't connect to it in the way that lots of people have. I dug the writing, for sure, but it left me a little bit out in the lurch, as if I had missed something (not just from the universal love and adoration that the book had, either).

    I was glad that, when I watched the film, it was a good representation of that story, told in a slightly different way which I liked. Though, again, I don't really connect on an emotional/personal level with the film (or the book) in the ways that others like Stevee has, I did dig parts about both versions and I loved Paul Rudd as Mr. Anderson. One of the coolest teachers ever, no?

    Great episode, guys!

    1. I remember you doing that, yes! The film deserves all the praise its gets. I love Wong Kar-Wai too, although 2046 didn't do much for me... maybe because In the Mood for Love is so great.

      Hm, that's an interesting reaction to The Perks. But you're not alone, I heard other people saying similar things - not many, but some ;). Paul Rudd is great in that role... he's a good actor, isn't he? Just doesn't always choose his roles very wisely.

    2. I'll publish your comment on the facebook page too so the others can answer you back.


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