Saturday, February 22, 2014

Spread the Word | Fight Club Trivia, New Rowling Novel and Video Games That Should Be Banned for Kids

The roots of blogging, social networks and most other things I spend too much time with are in networking and connecting to other people. That's why I'm introducing this new feature where I'm going to share posts, videos, podcasts and much more, as well as some of my own extra-blog activities.

B Nick Jobe's fun little game of Grammatically Scripted continues.
L Lindsay lists 5 Things You Should Know About Fight Club - and yes, I didn't know all of them.
O Nik writes about her favorite posters and favorite shots of 2013.
G Dan reviews The Spectacular Now, a film I simply cannot get out of my head.
S Rissi names her Top 10 Reasons I Love Being a Blogger - very inspirational.

V Jamie is just the kind of vlogger I'd like to be one day - here she talks about fangirling.
PewDiePie makes the funniest video game vlogs like games that should be banned for kids.
D lisbug cracks me up everytime, especially with her slutty makeover.
S Not even Honest trailers succeeds in making Gravity look bad. That was a compliment.

The Fantastic Four movie is cast with Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell!
J. K. Rowling's next book The Silkworm (sequel to Cuckoo's Calling) releases this summer!
Sherlock Season 3 is finally out on DVD - too bad I'm broke.
I got a credit card. Okay this is not really news. But still!

M New video: The first and foremost last book haul. (YouTube)
New article: Is Sherlock Holmes Still Readable? (The Artifice)

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  1. I'm glad to see Kate Mara on screen again after her "leaving" House of Cards. Loved Jamie, hi-la-rious. Didn't know her! Oh the other girl was so funny too "but then my arms look fat" hahaha. Oh and loooved Rissi's blog, definitely following!

    1. Hey, glad I could spread the word about those two ;). Rissi blogs a lot about books, but not exclusively. She's a tv addict too :D

  2. How weird that we both introduced a new weekly roundup post on the same day (or close enough!). Want to try and include other links bar things I've written for other places on the net, so you're on the right track with your series.

    Really enjoyed your YouTube vid and a nice selection of books you and your sister managed to get. Looking forward to the next instalments you've got lined up.

    Not a big fan of PewDiePie, though. I understand, to an extent, why he is popular, but usually when I watch gaming vlogs/walkthroughs it's a lot different to his kind of humour and for the most part, more production value and graphics going on. You should really check out Angry Joe's reviews, he's brilliant and a definite recommendation of a really passionate gamer and movie watcher.

    Good selection of links and keep them coming!

    1. The butterfly effect. Or something, hahah. No, that's really cool.

      Glad you enjoyed the video! I hope everything will continue this well, it's kinda hard to do it together though so I might open my own channel some time. I'll check out Angry Joe, thanks for recommending. PewDiePie is just nice like when you're tired but you're right, it's not that well produced in a way.


    2. Angry Joe is good. Similar to PewDiePie, I like Tobuscus, though I more watch his other stuff than his gaming stuff (he's terrible at video games, sometimes frustratingly so, but that's also part of what makes him funny... but it does get old after a while). For legit gaming stuff, I love Video Games Awesome. They do playthroughs with a hug production value... generally a group of them (it's the same group of friends, but varies from show to show who is on) actually on screen with the game playing via green screen, plus a chat. They're funny, entertaining, very thorough, and informative. In my opinion, video game commentary doesn't get much better than VGA.

      Also, thanks Mette for the plug!

    3. Cool, thanks for recommending those! I knew Tobuscus but not the other ones. Not that I play a lot of video games, plus I suck at them, but I really love playing them when I can.

  3. Cool, this will help me find more stuff to spend way too much time on, lol. Seriously, this is a great idea.

  4. Cool format. Thanks for the link!

  5. Good job sharing these links, gonna check out 5 things about fight club.
    I watched book haul, you bought a lot of books when you went to US! I guess they are cheaper there? I once read “Scorsese by Ebert”-it was interesting how much the two guys have in common. I actually used several quotes from that in my Scorsese reviews.
    "Life Itself" by Ebert I haven't read, I hope to see the 2014 documentary(from Sundance), when it it gets a release.
    I read Fight Club, he's a radical writer, for me, the book is good, the movie is great. Hope you enjoy reading those selections!

    1. Do that - I love finding something new whenever somebody writes a post like that.
      Yeah, I did. They're not *that* cheap but they're English and you can buy them in real shops that are super inviting. It's just something else than buying something on amazon.
      I can't wait to see that doc either, heard it's really good.


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