and Welcome to Lime Reviews and Strawberry Confessions, Ladies and Gents.
Trying not to bore you or talk to much about myself, I will hereby put into words what the blog you're currently looking at is all about.

It took me almost one year to find the perfect title, but I can assure you the current one is here to stay. What it means? The lime, which is both part of the blog title and the rating system, is supposed to be a slightly ironic metaphor for those (hords of) so-called "critics" who think writing a review is equal to lacerating a piece of art. That's a "technique" you won't ever find me using. The strawberry confessions are a contrast or opposite to the lime; a symbol for the personal favorites and your individual, intuitive opinion. Furthermore, a strawberry is not what it seems to be - it looks like a fruit, but it's really a nut, biologically. Well, don't let me explain everything to you, that would kill your opportunity to philosophize yourselves.

Once a Potterhead, always a Potterhead.
The background of this adventure?
In October 2010, a 15-year old budding film buff decided to found a blog of her own with the initial purpose of sharing the reviews she wrote in Bollywood forums with a larger amount of people. She didn't know anything about film blogging, nor was she a very skilled reviewer yet (because now I am, of course). The first posts were random reviews, and there was no response, but she started following other blogs and got inspired by their way of blogging. This led to the first non-classical (boring) review - an equation of two films including some facts. And that, my dear readers, was the first post on this blog that earned comments. I would like to thank Mansi, my first commenter, at this point. Further thanks to bollywooddeewana, my first follower. And, yeah, the rest is history (... more or less).

What you'll usually find on this blog is the weekly and monthly features, some random rambles, thoughts, lists etc. and about one review a month.
I can't say what plans I have with Lime Reviews, whether it will be all movies or more poetry, but my main objective is not to focus on personal advantage – aside from this fantastic opportunity of sharing thoughts on, and discussing, some of my greatest passions.

You can find a review, review-lated posts, director posts and writing elsewhere index at the top of the page.

This is a list of all the films I remember seeing: Mette's IMDB Ratings + Mette's icheckmovies.
This is a list of lists I created: Mette's Letterboxd.
This is a list of all the books I remember reading: Mette's Goodreads.
These are some songs I like to listen to: Mette's Spotify.
These are some images I like to stare at: Mette's Tumblr.
This is where you can get all the news or not: The Blog's Facebook Page.
This is where you should reach me: limereviews@googlemail.com
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  1. Hello!
    Nice blog. I like your review style. However there is one thing I did not understand...
    Your Blogspot profile gives me the impression that you're a German, but you write reviews for Indian films! How is that possible?

    1. Hello Abhinav, thank you for your kind words, and welcome to Lime Reviews :).
      You sound a little chocked - the thing is, I just happen to be strangely obsessed with Indian films. It's not that I think Indian films are the best, but the whole (Hindi) film industry just fascinates me, I don't know... Like, I read about most new Hindi releases, but not the Hollywood ones.
      And this obsession also opened my eyes to the many other film industries outside Hollywood, so here I am.
      By the way, I consider myself part Dane part German. It's complicated.

  2. You should patent the lime-and-strawberry; it's the only way to discuss art. It's what I try to do when I write reviews too; keep things personal. Alright, I'm off to go through your work. I'm not a big Bollywood buff, but always love reading reviews.

    1. Hi icyHighs, thank you for reading!
      I don't write about Bollywood films only, really - actually I watch a lot more non-Indian films than Indian ones.

  3. So I noticed you were following my blog, but I don't think I've ever stopped by and I apologize! Your site is gorgeous, I love the logo! Like, a lot. I promise to make an effort to read some of your stuff!

    1. Oh, that doesn't matter at all! I'm glad you're here though.
      Actually, I just started following your blog recently and haven't read much of your stuff either yet.
      Thanks for stoping by!

  4. hi
    i dont have words
    probably every movie you have mentioned in this blog be it any language
    is exactly the movies i die for! and Dil se movie which i consider as a hall mark and the definition of cinema to me.

    Cant thank you enough, what i always dreamt of staring as a blog, YOU JUST DID IT!


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, krishna!
      This is why I write, to share my interest in this beautiful art with other people and perhaps hit the right note and touch something in people.
      I'm very happy for your appreciation of my work.

  5. Nice blog! I love Cate Blanchett too! I think her best role is like Galadriel(LOTR fan). Fairest of them all...


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