Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Important Announcement

Dear Readers,
I'd like to announce to you, that I from 2011 on (which is from now on, as I won't post anything until then) will concentrate on the Indian film industry. By that is meant, that I will not publish any Hollywood reviews or similar. There's a simple reason for this and that is, that it's just too big a band with to write about all film industries known by me. I have accepted that and it is easier, when you can really "engross the mind" into something (which I still can't really do, as the Indian film industry is huge). The biggest part of the blog will be about Bollywood, because I'm not yet that into all the other Indian film industries, but I don't limit myself to Bollywood.
Sorry if this post sounds a little funny in the language, I'm just quite tired.
Your Limette

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