Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Month

"Happy New Month " Posts

At the start of 2011, I started a "mission", trying to watch about one film a day to build up a better knowledge of films and get some "good viewing habits".
I didn't always watch a film a day. But sometimes I watched two, or three, or four. It depended.
After 7 months, I found that this mission had somehow come to an end, and that the monthly posts needed to have a new name and maybe a new meaning as well.
The new name, "Happy New Month" posts, is a lot more fitting, as it both celebrates the past month as well as the start of a new, hopefully happy, joy- and film-full month.

In my opinion, these posts are a good way of giving attention to every single film I watch, which is very difficult to do otherwise.
Furthermore, it's still interesting for me to see, how many films I watch in one month - or even one year.
I hope you'll have fun reading.
Love, Mette.

PS: The "Film of the Month" is marked by a blue background.

An overview of the monthly results:

January 2011 (31 films)
February 2011 (23 films)
March 2011 (21 films)
April 2011 (24 films)
May 2011 (27 films)
June 2011  (20 films)
July 2011 (18 films)
August 2011 (23 films)

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