Wednesday, April 20, 2011

... Banana-fana-fo-fanny... Fi-fai-fo-fanny - LAMMY!

Hi everyone,

as you know, I only started blogging some months ago, and I became member of the LAMBs community in January, I think. Recently, I found out there was an award-thing called the LAMMYs in this community, which I think is a wonderful idea to honour some of the people blogging about films.

I don't think I'm the most modest person in this world, because I believe that you can be happy if you achieve something - this blog is already an achievement to me, and I'm very happy I started it.
If you appreciate this blog, then I'd like you to consider voting for me in the above-mentioned categories - it's just an experiment, because I like to participate in as many blogger events as possible; they make our film blogging world a bit more fun than it already is.

Talking about modesty: Don't you think that Vote-Banner, I just spent almost an hour on to create, is quite fabulous?

Your Mette


  1. Cool, you're participating as well!

    I like your banner, it's cooler than the one I hastily threw together...

    Good luck!

  2. @ Jack L: Thank you, and good luck to you!
    I think your banner hasn't been posted yet, has it?
    Maybe I should make a similar picture as a header for this blog...

  3. I posted it on my blog, but it hasn't appeared on the LAMB yet.

    I think your current header is pretty good, but a change could be cool...

  4. That is seriously the cutest banner EVER. Nice touch with that bindi, hahaha!

    You've got my vote(s) :)

  5. @ The Bolly 'Hood: Thank you - it took me a while to make it, but I just love designing and drawing and all that :).

  6. Love it!! I think you should have it as a banner too

  7. @ Nicki: I'll work on that next weekend.

  8. Lovee the banner! :D Especially the Indian touch. :D

  9. @ Siham: Too sweet, thank you!


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