Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Weekual Thursday PP: Dum Maaro Dum, and Other Drugs

A few minutes ago, sitting in my desk chair, enjoying the view out of my window while the warm day of spring slowly comes to an end, a beautiful idea fell down from the skies. An idea for a new series of posts, called The Thursday PP. You know what the first three words mean - "The" is an article, "Thursday" is the 4th day of the week and "weekual" is a common adjective. Now, let's get to the mysterious two similar letters at the end of the title... PP.

Preview-Package? Poster-Post? Poster-Preview, Package-Post?
Okay, that's up to you. Important is, what this is about: Every Thursday, I'll ramble about the (Hind) films releasing that week (you know that this depends; some release Thursday, other Friday or Saturday). I'll also try watching them, but probably I won't have a chance before the DVD-releases. And that's about it. So, let's start with...

Thursday, 21.04.2011

We have only two single releases in India this week, namely two very different films:

A long-awaited and intensely discussed drug-thriller
And... oh, I've never heard about this film before. Okay, the poster tells us, it's a Disney production.

Dum Maaro Dum
Director: Rohan Sippy (Bluffmaster/ Kuch Naa Kaho)

The film is set in Goa and revolves around drugs. We have a Deepika-cameo that has already gained too much attention in my eyes, Bipasha, trying-to-save-career Abhishek and newcomer Prateik.

What set a start to the intense discussion and attention towards DMD, was the First Look featuring Deepika's... well, part of her body, and the tattoo on her waist. People said that her cameo was going to be the new "Sheila" and that she'd be wearing the shortest skirt ever made. 
Yeah, I don't care about those discussions, also because I don't like Deepika, but the poster does look good. Very stylish, dynamic, colourful. Some palm trees on the right hand. Have you noticed that Goa is becoming a frequent set in Bollywood films? 
Deepika's hair looks blue, I think... And there's a man with a gun standing in the upper left corner. That means drugs are a bad thing, and you shouldn't talk to those men with long coats standing in corners. Did you hear me, Raju? Come home straight after school. I don't like your friends, they're no good company for you. Especially that girl with the short skirts and tempting curls.
Verdict: I'm scared it might be stylish only.

Director: Satyajit Bhatkal (Chale Chalo - The Lunacy of Film Making)
Hey, it's the cute little boy from Taare Zameen Par! Oh... Oh, he's... he's wearing a superman-costume. And Anupam Kher is wearing a... wig. Oh.
The first 30 seconds of the trailer look promising: a little boy with his friends, sunshine, a mother (or elder sister), some problems.
But then we get the full package of a scheme-superhero-kids-film, and find out that Javed Akhtar and S-E-L made the soundtrack/lyrics for this. Why? Why did they do this, why did the cute TZP boy do this? 
Can it be, that this is a good movie? But the trailer looks awful. I'm sorry but... even the name "Zokkomon" is not really original, immediately making me think of the iconic Manga series "Pokemon" (not that I like it, but it's famous).
I just hope that the film doesn't praise violence. The trailer also reminds me of "Azaad" - remember, that 2000-Shilpa-Shetty-flick that I warned you about?
Verdict: Please, dear God, let this not be as horrible as it looks like in my first impression.

We'll have a whole bunch of new releases for next week, in contrary to this week's little florilegium (a new old word I learned), so be excited and if you like, then please tell me what you think of this new series.

Thank you for reading,
Mette M. K.


  1. Dum Maaro Dum looks like something I would watch. Will have to keep an eye out for it.

  2. Nice feature - I like it. Although maybe you could post a video of the trailer/s in the post? All I know of DMD is the song Te Amo, which is good but the title isn't original. The film looks blaaah. Like Game I guess.

    Check out my blog where I have a feature about new film posters...

  3. Loving the new idea! Sometimes its hard to keep up with which Bollywood movies are coming out when, so this'll be a great help!

    I haven't even heard of Zokkomon, but I'm scared now. As for DMD, I agree that it seems to be relying a lot on style. I really hope there's more to it, but sometimes I don't mind watching a simply stylish flick, so I guess we'll see. I'm also a big Abhi (and Deepika) fan, so that may be biasing me a little ;)

  4. @ Bonjour Tristesse: I'll watch it, but as I said, I'm a bit scared it'll be not that good.

    @ The Bolly Hood: Just click on "tube the trailer", I didn't want to write "watch the trailer on youtube", and also not "youtube the trailer", so...
    I'm keeping an eye on your blog :).

    @ The Bolly 'Hood: That's also a reason why I made this feature - to keep up on the latest films myself.
    And I also love Abhi, but as I already said, I'm not a fan of Deepika.

  5. great idea for a regular post!

    I will probably never have heard of all the films you mention but I still find it interesting.

    btw I came across this site and thought you may find it interesting it you don't know it already,
    it deals with new releases in India, but not only in Bollywood...

  6. @ Jack L: Thank you for the link, I'll check it out!

  7. I read up on Bollywood movies releasing in theaters but I hardly ever go to the theater, not even for Hollywood. I usually wait for the dvd since it's only going to be a few months, guess I can wait, lol

    Just by the title, I thought you were going to mention the Hollywood movie, Love and other Drugs...I just saw that recently :D

  8. @ Nicki: I try to go to the theater very often, because it's more inexpensive than buying a DVD, but sadly I can almost never see the latest Bollywood in theater.

    Love and other Drugs is an older release, I watched it in January or February - it was just inspiration, because DMD is about drugs ;)


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