Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Weekual Thursday PP: Dilli, I Am In The City (+ 40 Naughty Men)


Let's first take a look at the films that released last week:
While Zokkomon seems to have turned out just as bad as I predicted, Dum Maaro Dum received some rather positive reviews from many viewers, and even the critics didn't tare it apart completely.

This week includes some more releases than the last one, and I'm quite proud that I managed including all of them in my post title. I mean, that's pretty clever, right?

So, what's waiting for filmgoers with access to a cinema showing those films (and I'm not jealous - Thor is releasing here in Denmark, so I might watch that one instead): 

An urban thrillomedy Mumbai Noir, based on a short film
A road(,) movie with lovely Lara

Highly acclaimed, and long-awaited offbeat drama "I Am"

Yeah, some new "No Entry" bla, bla: "Men Will Be Men"
And finally: a Govinda-comedy

Shor In The City
Director: Raj Nidimoru ( 99)
After the highly acclaimed "Dhobi Ghat" (by the way: when is that DVD finally releasing???), a new Mumbai Noir flick is already on its way to the Indian theatres.

With "Shor In The City", director Raj Nidimoru combines the stories of three different men, living in Mumbai. This happened due to the good response he gained for his 2008 short "Shor". 

All of his films have received a current rating above 7/10 on IMDB (except for Flavors, which has 6.7), so though I have not seen them (yet), I trust those filmgoers: this man surely does have talent. 
Viewing the trailer a couple of weeks ago, my curiosity was awakened - and still is, off course. 

The film stars a fine (but underrated) Kapoor - Tusshar - and some other rather unknown performers.

So, "chaos begins" today, and I hope that many people will go and watch this promising release.

Chalo Dilli 
Director: Shashant Shah (Dasvidanya)
... Wait a minute: Akshay Kumar is also in this one? I thought it was all Lara and Vinay. Not that it's bad, though - as you know, I happened to like two of his latest films, that I didn't even want to like.

But I think we can agree, that Lara is going to be the star in this one. And that's so wonderful, because even though she has been accepted in Bollywood for a long time, it seems like she never really got that big break.
She was always the second violin, sometimes better (Billu), sometimes worse (Kaal).

Vinay Pathak is somewhat of a riddle to me. Sometimes he comes near to the annoyance of 90's Johnny Lever, and  sometimes he's incredibly funny.

I also can't say anything about the director, apart from "I've only heard good things about Dasvidanya".

But in a nutshell/ in a trailer, "Chalo Dilli" smells like fun and entertainment all the way to little Denmark.

I Am
Director: Onir (My Brother... Nikhil/ Bas Ek Pal)
Maybe I'm blinded by the love of the moment - but I think I'm even more excited for "I Am", than for "Dhobi Ghat" (did I mention, that I really, really want that DVD to release?). Might also be because of Manisha Koirala, who will always stay my favorite Indian actress, aside of Preity Zinta.

Or perhaps because Nandita Das is back on the screen - or because Juhi Chawla is back on the good screen.
Or is it because homosexuality is portrayed in a sensitive and realistic way? (Yes, I know that without having seen the film).

At least I can do something to help myself, until this DVD releases: Watch my copy of "Bas Ek Pal".

Yes, I think that's a good idea.

And for those who are as privileged as being able to watch this flick tomorrow: What are you waiting for? Book your seats NOW!

Men Will Be Men
Director: Gorky (Krishna Arjun [TV-series])
Yeah, right, there's not even a theatrical trailer, and the film is directed by some forky "Gorky", who directed a tv-series that no one saw, in 1998. After that, he spent his time being associate director in some unimportant productions, and now he decided to make an own film.

The title is also very original - not at all reminding me of... "Friends will be friends..."... yeah. I mean, the song.

Okay, I can't find more words for this soon-releasing-box-office-desaster.

Naughty @ 40
Director: Jagmohan Mundhra 
Hey, this film isn't even on IMDB or Wikipedia. And who is that Amisha-Patel-look-a-like gori? Ah, forget it, I don't even want to know.

Because this is a very good example for a film, that I don't want to watch. At all. Even though Govinda can be funny and sweet (in a teddy-bear kind of way).

We've all seen a "comedy" about some guy in his 30s or 40s, who's still a virgin, and on his search for a girl to hit the bed with.

This is one of the rare films, where I'd say "no, thanks" to someone offering me a free ticket for it.


The films in order of how much I want to watch them:
1. I Am
2. Chalo Dilli
3. Shor In The City
4. ---

And here are some links I really enjoyed reading (because I've never done a link-post before):
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Shweta was so nice to share her knowledge of Danny Denzongpa singing.
And Jack L., my favorite non-Bollywood-viewer-movie-blogger, viewed a lot of films last week. 

Thank you for reading,
Mette M. K.


  1. I'm SOOO excited for Chalo Dilli, Shor in the City, and I Am!!! I agree that I'm not quite too sure about Vinay Pathak in CD though, but we'll see.

    Also, Dhobi Ghat is currently on Netflix streaming if that helps anything....

  2. Thanks for the love <3

    I definitely want to see I Am! However, I think I have to wait for the dvd. I haven't been in the theater in forever!

    Thanks for the update :D

  3. Thanks for the link Limette :)

    Shor In The City actually looks rather interesting, if I ever get into Bollywood film then I'd probably watch films like that...

  4. @ The Bolly 'Hood: Me too. And please don't mention netflix again - ever. It's not available outside USA (grumbling).

    @ Nicki: You're welcome :)

    @ Jack L: That's what I tell myself all the time - but I still end up watching a bunch of bad 90s stuff as well. I think you'd also like "I Am".

  5. I am VERY anxiously awaiting I AM and the reviews so far are great. I just hope I won´t be disapointed in the end because I ´ll let my expectations rise way too high. I am also looking for Chalo Dilli, because I am a Vinay Pathak fan! :)

    Thank you SO much for featuring the link :)

  6. @ Gaja Gamini: I don't think we'll get disappointed by I Am :).


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