Sunday, May 29, 2011

15 Movie Questions Meme - Desi Edition

AKA: Pandrah "Filmon ke baare men Savaal" Meme

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PS: I've been learning Hindi for about 4 years now, but I'm still not perfect at it - so be free to correct me.

1) Movie you love with a passion.
Fillum, jisse tum sachaa pyaar karti ho. 
My first choice for this answer was Kal Ho Naa Ho, one of my all-time favorites - Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham isn't even one of my favorite films - but I decided to choose this incredibly kitschy and not-good-in-my-traditional-taste-for-movies film, because: it brought me to Bollywood. 

Might be that I would have "met" Bollywood however, under different circumstances, but I will never know, so that's why I appreciate this film so much.

No, it's not really good. It has many flaws. But it's a childhood memory, that I share with my sister, and with my best friend. And this is my tribute to it.

2) Movie you vow to never watch.
Fillum, jo tum kabhi nahin dekhogi, kasam se.
There are a lot, but there also a lot that I watched without reason, leaving me feel like a complete  lunatic, because I watched them (Army, Yeh Lamhe Judaai Ke, Azaad...). 

But I'm sure I'll never watch Naughty @ 40. There's no reason for doing so whatsoever. 

... Yes, I'm not a fan of Govinda. He can be fun, but he can also be a total mess.

3) Movie that literally left you speechless.
Fillum, jisne tumhe sachmuch avaak chod diya hai.
Just like in my World Edition, while my choice for the first answer isn't a true favorite, the choice for this answer is.

Dil Se is a film I can watch over and over again, it will never fail to impress me. I think that it was one of Shahrukh's best, best performances until know, same for Manisha Koirala and even Preity Zinta ("even", because her part was so small). I never understood, why Manisha was waisted in so many other productions, but rumor has it, that this was also her choice.
The whole film is so close to perfect, and almost all of its contributors are genuine favorites of mine today (music director A. R. Rahman, director Mani Ratnam - just to name a few...).

4) Movie you always recommend.
Fillum, jiska tum hamesha sifarish karti ho.
Not many (read: maybe one) of my friends watch Bollywood from time to time, and if they do, then mostly the "old" films we watched, when we were younger (Chalte Chalte, Main Hoon Na, Kal Ho Naa Ho etc.). However, if I had to recommend one Bollywood film to all my friends, I would probably recommend Luck By Chance

I watched it with one of my friends, and she really liked it (except for the many songs). It's the kind of film that many people will like, because it's not too commercial nor boring, not too serious and political, and not too filmy and kitschy.

5) Actor/actress you always watch, no matter how crappy the movie.
Actor/actress, jisse tum hamesha dekh rahi ho, yadhyapi fillum bakvaas hai.

Let's have a guess, I think it's... Hm... Hard to tell...
Forgot his name...

King of Bollywood, King Khan, Baadshah of Bollywood (same as the first, but koi baat nahin), The Rukhster...


6) Actor/actress you don't get the appeal for.
Actor/ actress, jiska tum appeal nahin samajh sakti ho.
I have to be honest: every - single - role I saw her in, she completely failed.

Surely, it wasn't hard to get through Om Shanti Om without anyone noticing she only had a face but no acting skills, but after Bachna Ae Haseeno, I definitely had enough of it. Sadly, I still watched Love Aaj Kal. Shouldn't have done so.

Deepika, I don't know what you did in acting school - and I don't even think I want to know. Just please don't make any more films.

I'll rather watch Katrina Kaif struggling to receive some decent reviews, than you.

7) Actor/actress, living or dead, you'd love to meet.
Actor/actress, manda ya zinda, jisse tum bahut milna chahti ho.
Sorry Raj Kapoor, you came really close, but I've only seen very few of your films, and He is... well, He's my idol. No, more, much more.
If Shahrukh is the King of Bollywood, then He's the God of Bollywood.


(And after Slumdog Millionaire, even the Western world slowly seems to "detect" him).

8) Sexiest actor/actress you've seen. (Picture required!)
Sabse sexy actor/actress, jisse tumne dekhaa hai.
A hard one, because with most actors I feel that they look very different from film to film. Take Hrithik Roshan: Hot in Kites, but Mujhse Dosti Karoge? Not quite.
Or Shahid Kapoor: Fida - fail. Kaminey - wouw!
Secondly, I feel there's a lack of sexy young actors. And thirdly, none of the actors are just really, really, incredibly sexy.

Except for Shah Rukh maybe - when he was younger. Nowadays, I must say that he has grown away from me. Not only in age, but also, I just don't find him quite attractive anymore, personally. I mean, yes, I can see he is attractive, but it just doesn't appeal to me anymore, in his newer films.

Whatever, here are the sexiest characters I've seen:

Siddhart in Rang De Basanti (didn't find a better picture, this one is kinda not-sexy, and he doesn't look like himself).
Vivek Oberoi in Saathiya - again, no better picture

Saif Ali Khan in Parineeta

Shah Rukh in Dil Se - now this is a good picture. Except it's an animation.
Wow, now I got going, I can think of so many. Anyways, I'll stop at this point - as I already said in the World Edition, we don't want Blogger to get cracked again.

9) Dream cast.
Tere sapnon kaa cast.

Shahrukh, Preity, Saif.
Oh, and Amitabh should've been in it - you do know what I'm talking about, don't you?

Yeah, I had to quote Atonement. And by that tell you that Kal Ho Naa Ho is my dream-casted film. Except for Amitabh (who's not in it).

10) Favorite actor pairing.
Sabse favorite jodi.
Forever and always Preity + Saif.

Why aren't they making films together anymore?

You were perfect together...

11) Favorite movie setting.
Sabse favorite setting.
No comment.
By the way; Yes, many NRI-films are good. But there are too many of the bad ones/ too many in general.

12) Favorite decade for movies.
Sabse favorite fillum kaa dashak.
Right now.
Which is similar too: Every decade.
I like all of it. Perhaps I don't watch all of it (yet), but every decade needs attention and appreciation.
Just remember, that it has all been "right now" once. And also remember, that "right now" will be "back then" sometime.

13) Chick flick or action movie?
Chick-flick yaa action movie?
I've only seen one good Indian chick-flick (Aisha), so without doubt, I'll go with Chulbul...

14) Hero, villain or anti-hero?
Hiiro, villain yaa aintay hero?
As much as I love, love, love villains, Bollywood often has its problem with them: many of them are either embarrassing to a villain-fan, or hilarious.

The hero is not any better: either embarrassing, or hilarious. Well, or boring.

So regarding this multi-faceted problem, I'm going to choose the aintay-hero, which is what Bollywood is best at (at the moment).

We'll never know if he was intended to be an aintay-hero, but he most certainly is: Shah Rukh in Darr.

15) Black and white or color?
Kaala-safed yaa rangiin?

To this, I can only write, what I already wrote in my World Edition:
As much as I love black and white, it's more of a "snack" to me. Something you need once in a while, but you couldn't live on it.

And that's the end of it.

Hope you had fun!

Thank you for reading,
Mette M. K.

PS: Some small Hindi-flaws have been corrected.


  1. OMG I definitely wanna steal this meme from you! Love it! I was also just watching K3G about 15 min ago.

    Also, I'd love to help correct your Hindi grammar (if you'd like me to!).

  2. @ The Bolly' Hood: Yes, I'd appreciate that! So, which of the sentences is worst? ;D

    Am looking forward to your answers.

  3. @ Amaluu: Yup, just what I think :D

  4. 1. Fillum jisse tum sacha pyaar karti ho.

    2. Fillum, jo tum kabhi nahi dekhogi, kasam se.

    3. Fillum, jisne tumhe sachmuch avaak chodh diya hai (I'm not completely sure about my corrections to this one because I honestly don't know what avaak is! Oops!)

    4. Fillum, jiska tum hamesha sifarish karti ho.

    5. Actor/Actress jiska tum appeal nahi samajh sakti ho.

    Hope this helps! (And I hope I'm actually right!)

    I think Hindi is a really hard language to learn if you haven't grown up with it, so good job!!! How long have you been learning it (and how?)?

  5. Also, oops, I failed with my numbering. That last one should've been 6. The rest of your sentences seemed correct BTW!

  6. @ The Bolly 'Hood: Thank you for correcting me! I've been learning Hindi for about 4 years now, I think, just with books, audio and well, by watching films... I think it's not that hard to learn, but if you never really speak it (when should I?), it's hard to get those small details really right :)

  7. Cute, may have to steal it from you. Did the alpha meme a long time ago though :D This is more fun :D

  8. @ It kind of is, because you write more...

  9. I met Big B. He was in my hometown once, few months ago, and then promised to shoot his next movie here.
    He has really a "star" presence, trust me. Not only the height, literally everything.

  10. @ Louella: I believe you - that's what I've heard from everyone who has met him. How cool, that he's been to your home town, and you've met him.

  11. 1) Movie you love with a passion - DDLJ, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

    2) Movie you vow to never watch - Ram Gopal varma ki AAG

    3) Movie that literally left you speechless - A Wednesday

    4) Movie you always recommend - Saathiya, DDLJ, Salaam Namaste, Jab We Met, Band baaja baraat

    5) Actor/actress you always watch, no matter how crappy the movie - SHAHRUKH KHAN

    6) Actor/actress you don't get the appeal for - DEEPIKA PADUKONE

    7) Actor or/actress, living or dead, you'd love to meet - SHAHRUKH KHAN

    8) Sexiest actor/actress you've seen. (Picture required!) - John Abraham

    9) Dream cast - SRK Kajol

    10) Favorite actor pairing - Saif and Priety, Rani and Abhishek, kareena shahid ( i only liked them together in jab we met though)

  12. eatpraylovemovies - Love your answers, you should post them on your blog!

  13. A very interesting list! I definitely agree about the performances in Dil Se, and that film's ending is amazingly perfect. What really surprised me was to see someone admitting to liking Aiasha - it's a small, lonely club I think, when poor Skinny Kapoor just gets hated on all the time. I thought it was a great remake of Clueless, and am always glad to see it getting some praise.

    1. Thank you for commenting, maxqnz!
      I don't understand why people hate Sonam, I mean she's not that bad an actress, she just hasn't been in many right movies yet. For example, I though she was quite good in both Aisha and Delhi-6 - and as for the skinniness, why do people always mock on that? I think I'm even thinner than Sonam, and I assure you, it's not because I'm anorexic or something like that. I love both Clueless and Aisha (much better than the British Gwyneth version of Emma).

    2. I *HATE* Emma, the book. Finishing it was a supreme triumph of will, and a tribute Austen's success at her stated objective of writing an unlikeable lead. That's why I like Clueless and Aiasha I think. As for Sonam's weight issues, the publicity and interest is largely self-inflicted - I seriously think she has issues with food and body image that are quite concerning. When someone in her position ends up hospitalised for what is effectively malnutrition, it's hard not to think she needs help. Like you, I also liked her in Delhi-6, especially Masakali. :)


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