Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fifteen Movie Questions Meme - World Edition

Jack L. made me notice this blog, hosting this blogging meme.

Instantly, I decided I'd do this, also because I do have time left today (I wrote yesterday, that I didn't).
But you know me, I have to make two versions of this; a world and an Indian one. I couldn't imagine doing it differently.

So here are my answers to the 15 Movie Questions Meme, World Edition.

1) Movie you love with a passion.
It has to be Dirty Dancing. I couldn't live without it. Of course, it's not the best film ever made, and it's not my favorite film of all time (I have several of those, couldn't choose one), but I can honestly and truly say, that I love this movie. With a passion.

2) Movie you vow to never watch.
That would probably be Jackass 3D. Sorry, but I'm not really into this s***-humor.

Many people I don't particularly like (and let's not talk about their taste of films), loved this film, which is another reason for me, not to watch it.

Otherwise, I think I'd see anything.

3) Movie that literally left you speechless

(This is supposed to be the "speechless" part).

4) Movie you always recommend.
I really don't have an answer to that question. The people I talk to about movies are so different - and how wouldn't they, if I'm talking about movies every day, to every person I can? So, logically, they have a very different taste for films, and I don't recommend one "special" film everyone likes to all of them.

I decided, therefore, to answer this question with the film that was recommended to me the last time:
Winter's Bone. I liked it very much.

5) Actor/actress you always watch, no matter how crappy the movie.

No one else, but Jackie Chan, would make me watch a film that has received the worst reviews ever. No matter how crappy the movie, it can never be genuine crap with him in it.

That doesn't mean I watch all of his films. But there are actually no actors or actresses outside of Bollywood, that I would try to watch all movies of.

More likely directors...

6) Actor/actress you don't get the appeal for.
Incredibly unsympathetic.

Not seen many of Gwyneth Paltrow's films - but that's not the reason why I don't like her.

7) Actor/actress, living or dead, you'd love to meet.
My hero, Marlon Brando.

I think I've only seen three of his films, but that's enough to already be crazy about him.

8) Sexiest actor/actress you've seen. (Picture required!)
This is a tie between James McAvoy, Robert Pattinson (yes, I do now, how typical and teeny-like that last one is, but I wanted to be totally honest) and James Franco.

He did have some weird roles, or roles that were looking weird, but that just makes me realize how hot he really is, when I watch one of his "better" roles. 

I heard Robbie is now officially a good actor? Whatever, I don't care if he is, I just care about his looks.
Sometimes I wonder, if he's gay... I mean, have you seen "Milk"? Well, I don't care anyhow.
And yes, I do realize they all resemble James Dean (except for James McAvoy). I was going to choose him as well, but there'd be an over-saturation of hotness here. And James'es.
We don't want Blogger to delete posts another time, do we?
Aaron Johnson was really hot too, once, but not anymore. And he married a 40 year old woman, so I don't like him anymore. I also didn't like his latest film.

9) Dream cast.
Mads Mikkelsen, Kate Winslet, Marlon Brando, Juliette Binoche.

10) Favorite actor pairing.
Going with the classic example for incredible on-screen-chemistry: Kate and Leo.

By the way, isn't that picture cute?

11) Favorite movie setting.
I like fantasy places (I think I did mention, that I'm a fantasy freak concerning books, didn't I? Not as much in movies, because a lot can go wrong here, but if they're good, I'm mad about fantasy movies.).

The Lord of the Rings
Harry Potter
12) Favorite decade for movies.
No one in particular. I haven't watched tons of old films, but I don't really think they're all better than today, if I'm able to judge here. The best ones have been remembered and recommended a thousand times, but there must have been millions of bad ones as well, so I think it's been almost the same situation as today.
Of course, some people might still have their favorite decades, but I personally don't.

13) Chick flick or action movie?
Please don't ask me to choose between breakfast and dinner.
Action movies are mostly the better films, but I, as a girl, still need my chick-flicks in between.

14) Hero, villain or anti-hero?
I'm with the villains here. 

I do like my anti-heroes, and even heroes, but villains have always fascinated me, since I was little. 

Mostly, when we have to play theatre or make a short film in school, I'll play the villain. It just comes so naturally...

No, honestly, the dark, really really dark side of people is one of the most intriguing and interesting things to philosophize about, to me.

15) Black and white or color?
As much as I love black and white, it's more of a "snack" to me. Something you need once in a while, but you couldn't live on it. 

Wow, that was really fun. 

I'll be back with my Indian Edition, some time this weekend.
(And I have plenty of time because... we don't have school next week! Yeah!)

Thank you for reading,
Mette M. K.


  1. Sheesh, it would be SO hard for me to pick just one answer for most of these!

  2. Awesome choices!

    I dislike Paltrow as well, she just seems incredibly boring.

    I'm surprised at the love for Dirty Dancing, I've never seen that film but it sounds like something I wouldn't enjoy, I don't like musicals much and it sounds a bit too 80's if you see what i mean.

    I've never seen any of the Jackass films. They look not too bad. But nothing amazing. I can understand your reasons for not wanting to watch them...

  3. @ The Bolly' Hood: It was, but I had fun.

    @ Jack L.: Thanks. I don't know, Dirty Dancing is just so nice, but I don't think it's anything for you. I personally do like musicals (of course, I wouldn't like most Indian films otherwise), and also 80's films are not my favorite at all - but DD is supposed to play in the 50s, I think.

    Who knows, maybe I'd like Jackass... I might watch the first ones, but what I heard about the 3rd one, sounds crappy.

  4. I am no original, I think I'll steal this idea too once again. (but it will only be a Bolly-one of course. That's weird how I am not really interested in the other cinemas. LOL )

    But it was really interesting! I agree for the actor pairing and the fantasy sets. <3

  5. @ Siham: Well, there can always just be one original, but it's not stealing if the original tells us to answer these questions :). I'm interested in reading your answers.

  6. You have some really awesome answers here! And I always recommend Winter's Bone too, that's an excellent movie!

  7. @ Stevee Taylor: Thank you so much! Yeah, I'll probably recommend it to some people also - it was much better than I thought.

  8. nobody puts baby in the corner...i think that movie is a guilty pleasure. actually swayze double feature with ghost, a suitably enjoyable afternoon.

  9. @ Toby: Very true. But I don't like Ghost that much.


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