Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Weekual Thursday PP: Luv, Luv - and even more Luv!


This week's news feature has been pre-dated to today, because I don't have any time at all tomorrow and on Friday. And posting it on Saturday would be pretty lame, I thought.
By the way, I watched a very interesting, good film in class today: "The Graduate" from 1967. Simon and Garfunkel are great - how could I not realize that before? Aw, I love classics... I should watch more of them.
Oh, and someone voted for me at the LAMMYs for Best Design and Best New LAMB. But I didn't expect more votes - after all, this is more of a "niche blog". And in the end, it's all about the fun in blogging.

Now, a look on this weeks releases... Oh, only one? 
Well, that doesn't matter, unless... 

Its title is misspelled.
But then again, Rahul Bose is in it - an excuse?

Director: Barnali Ray Shukla (debuting but wrote story for... Thodi Life Thoda Magic ???)

My impression, after watching the trailer, is that KLJ will be a rather mainstream entertaining film, but one that I'd be more likely to see than "I Hate Luv Storys" or "Luv Ka the End". Why? Because of Rahul Bose.

Apart from the misspelling, three things are annoying me: 
1) The black-white shots in between (= stylish? Naaa...)
2) The scheme-like characters (house wife, boring husband and secret, but tender in the core love interest)
and 3) Story seems weird, somehow.

I wouldn't necessarily watch it, but it might be fun.

A little. In the Sex and the City 2 kind of way.

And just like some other blogger (I think it was that girl from Cinema Paradox), I should be practicing for my math test... But I don't feel like. Just feel like sitting in front of the laptop and practicing some Swedish and Spanish... But I think I should do math now.

Thank you for reading,
Mette M. K.


  1. Rahul look soooo cute! :) Finally another romcom from him :D What's up with the spelling of LUV!

  2. That second poster has a cross between a rom-com and ultimate 'bad assery', what with that gun splayed out like it was nobodies business.

  3. @ Nicki: I don't know, he's not my type, but I think he's a great actor. As I said in the previous edition, I think no one in Mumbai has got a dictionary. Or if they do, it's a very bad one. Maybe "luv" has become adopted in the Oxford dictionary, though, already? I dunno...

    @ Cherokee: You're absolutely right. Whatever, I don't have high expectations for this one, I just hope to have some fun (if I buy it).

  4. I liked The Graduate as well, especially the music.

    This film seems kind of strange, I don't know if i'd enjoy it.

    Nice post though!

  5. I agree, its about the fun in blogging. I didn't do the lammy awards voting. If bloggers like my blog then they will come anyway, I think.

    Yes, Simon and Garfunkel are definitely worth checking out!
    Also some great songs from Paul Simon's solo career I love: Wartime prayers , Cool Cool river . and from his 2011 new album liked tracks: the afterlife, Love and hard times

  6. @ Jack L: I've been listening to "Song of Silence" all the time since yesterday (when I first saw the film). It's been a loooong time since I've been so addictive to a song... It's awesome, it's incredible, it's... I can't even put words to it... (And yes, I might be crazy).

    @ moviesandsongs365: I did vote, but you're absolutely right... Still, I think it's a fun thing, even though, off course, the blogs that are already ├╝ber-popular, will be most likely to get a nomination, and to win (for example A Life in Equinox).

    I'm going to listen to a lot of S. and G. from now on - and I'll make sure to check out the songs you mentioned.

  7. Oh, I meant "Sound" of Silence.


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