Monday, June 6, 2011

Kapoor Khazana: Would I buy this? Kareena Edition

Kapoor Khazana is in full swing already, and I think I'm allowed to say that the entire Bolly-blogging community is celebrating the film family of India this month.

Just on the side, I already mentioned in my post for Deol Dhamaka, how much we needed a blog-event concerning the Kapoors... Thank you for listening to me (she said, with a humble expression on her face).

Whatever, I will surely be contributing with more than one post only, but let's start at the beginning (kya bataa, kal ho naa ho):

"Whatever". Whatever is a word I consider to be closely connected to Kareena Kapoor; as most of you know, the in-famous Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham marked mera-paihla-paihla-pyaar - my Bollywood debut. Not knowing that this was an actual film industry (I thought it was a Hollywood musical playing in India - hey, I was 9), I listened to the soundtrack again and again and again and again... An endless circle... I suppose you remember the catchy "Deewana Hai Dekho"? The song with some hilarious 2001-outifts? Right. In the middle of the song, Kareena says "Whatever".

And why's that interesting or important? Actually, I don't know. But it's Kapoor Khazana, so I might as well demonstrate some of the things that connect me to the Kapoor family.

Whatever, in this post, I want to more or less analyze some of Kareena Kapoor adverts, and debate, whether she succeeds in selling the product, or not (only theory, of course). Not the most original idea, but neither is a review. Or a blog.

Achha, then let the magic begin...
(All pictures from Kareena Online - the unofficial website and #1 source for Kareena).


Kareena has been an ambassador for Airtel for many years now, as you can see from the picture below, which is... quite old. "Duniya se dost karoge" - become a friend of the world. That does sound intriguing. And also, if you get a 70s bodysuit like that one plus a nice microphone - I'm in it.
The newer add is a little more complicated, I mean... Kareena and Saif are obviously together. And Kareena is wearing a sari... Who's supposed to be lulled by that? Not boys... maybe some girls, dreaming of a husband like Saif... Okay, honestly: both ads are pretty fake.

The commercial is better: cute love story in 40 seconds... Not the best, but okay... Better than German commercials.


Kareena is using creme hair remover? That one? Oh, my, gosh! I need to have it!
And as a plus point, it's India's no 1 hair remover!

This ad seems to be an older one, but I don't understand why they don't show any legs or... armpits... Well, body areas that are "essential" for hair removal. 

Beautiful skin is in? I didn't know that. Must be some new trend... 
I think I'll try it.


Kareena has modeled for various creams of Boro Plus, and this was the most-seen ad by far (at Kareena Online). What can I say... It's photoshopped. Extremely photoshopped. And pink.

Ahm... weird soundtrack... Otherwise boring.


This is actually a good one... I like ads for watches (don't ask me why)...
The watch itself is a little too big for my taste, I like them slim.
But the ad has some kind of classical touch (though a little boring).

Wouw... trashy... I like that.
The watch also looks better on video than in the pictures.


The first one is obviously rather old. The watches look very 2002, just like the ad itself.

Now, the second ad - I love that one. Not because of Kareena, she looks fake somehow, but the watch is beautiful. Not that I'd spend 1000 $ or something on a watch, but I might as well fancy it.


Kareena looks very pretty in this one, but she doesn't sell the product.
... Seriously, what is the product? 
Wall colour, furniture colour, colour for dying clothes? I have no idea.


That gaze is scary!

But I like the dress - nice colours. 


Must have earned a stack of money on that... I heard that hair dye ads were highly paid.
The hair colour itself is pretty... I like reddish hair.
And by the way, I've used Garnier Nutrisse hair dye once, and it's pretty good (though I won't dye my hair once again, I don't feel it's necessary. Well, you try things when you're young).

It just struck me that the lines of the Garnier ads are the same in every country... They do the same ad, just with different models...


The first ad is well-made - very classic. If I ever marry, I'd like to have rings like those ones.
The second ad is little too much for me, and Kareena is staring too much.

Bollywood 90s in HD and not as long as usual... Sweet!


Quite high-end-y... You know I was a fashion freak once. I'm still rather interested in fashion, but not as much as before.
Not sure if I like the clothes, but the shoot is well-made.


My scalp doesn't tolerate head & shoulders, but...
I love that ad! It's really cute, and I'd buy the shampoo if I'd not be allergic to it.


Remember when that ad was released? I remember it... It was everywhere on the internet (I don't know about the blogs, it was before my blog-era).
This ad is really good.You just want that chocolate soap. You crave it.

Lux is often called the "soap of the stars", because the soap itself and the star-modeled ads have been and still are very popular in India.


Hahaha, I love that look on her face... And the scooter has a nice colour, even though I don't like scooters (so noisy).
But if I'd live in India or Italy, I'd probably have one (or my family would have one), so I'd probably like them. 

Oh, the scooter looks even cuter in the commercial...


Ew, I hate those shoes... What are they called? Oh, yeah, "booties". So ugly.
Otherwise, it's a typical shoe ad. Nothing new. If she'd wear nice shoes, I'd like it.


I heard that, in India, you're either Pepsi or Coca Cola.
Most Bollywood stars are Pepsi, but there are exceptions (Aishu for example).
Personally, I think that Coca Cola is the true original, but Pepsi is okay as an alternate.


What is Peter England, you might ask yourself. 
I don't. I ask myself: "Who's that un-handsome fella', and who told Kareena to wear lipliner?"


Not good. Salman is not-good-looking as always (don't mean to be bitchy, sorry Sallu-fans) and Kareena... well, she's looking like she doesn't like him. No Karva-Chauth magic at all.

An improvement to the picture ads... Kind of lovely, don't you think? I mean, for a commercial.


My cell phone is Sony Ericsson, so, I like this ad.
Although I'm an Apple-maniac, I feel that smart phones are so overrated. I don't need that.
I'm fine with the 2008-Sony-Ericsson Walkman-handy.
(Yes, I do know that Sony Ericsson produces smart phones as well (who doesn't), but the difference is that Apple produces nothing but I'm-so-smart-Phones).

That, I don't like. My Danish guest brother has exactly this handy, and it's:
1) So big/ unpractical.
2) So smart phone.


You didn't hear me, did you? 
I said: "I'm an APPLE-maniac"! The MacBook Pro is my best friend.
I was born-and-braid Windows before I discovered the fabulous-ness of Mac, and then I realized I was so sick of that Windows-crap.

But I must admit: Sony Vaio and Acer are 2nd best after Apple, IMO, Sony having a better design though.


Nice try, but Tashan still flopped, and is available on youtube for free (legally).
Anyways, Vivel didn't have to pay for the photoshoot.

I'd go for Lux though.


I'll be back soon with more Kapoor-Khazana-fun.

Thank you for reading,
Mette M. K.


  1. This was so much fun to read, great job! I think the first ad for Gitanjali Jewels is my favorite. Super simple and classy. She looks beautiful when she's not over made-up (like in the second ad).

  2. @ The Bolly 'Hood: Yes, that's one of my favorites, too. Kareena is such a natural beauty, she can proudly wear less make-up than she often does.

  3. I must say it's a clever idea to review ads Kareena's been in! Limette, do you know of any recent DVD releases any of the Kapoors have starred in? I'm itching to contribute to this Kapoor Khazana! (when does it end?)

  4. @ The Bolly Hood: Hm, thank you :)...I can't think of many films right now... Or would you call Rishi's Do Dooni Chaar recent?

  5. Fun post, had me chuckling, and ah kareena, you've come a long way baby, I love the Gitanjali adverts the best

  6. @ bollywooddeewana: Thanks :)... The Gitanjali ads are really cute.


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