Monday, August 22, 2011

"Liebster" Blog Award

One of my fellow film bloggers Maria Sofia from FILMflare nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award, and Maria I want to thank you so much! It's wonderful how nice and kind everyone in the blogosphere is, this being my second blogger award already. So once again: thank you (or: Vielen Dank, as the name of the award is German, and I'm German too).

The rules of this award are: you have to link back the person who nominated you and thank her/him as much as you can. After that, you nominate 3-5 of your favorite blogs, who must have less than 300 followers (which isn't hard to find). Just like Maria Sofia, I want to tell you that if you've been nominated by me, you don't have to do a post like this and give the award on to other blogs.

You can already see by looking through my "Surfboard" on the right hand, that I follow a lot of blogs. I've never counted them, and sometimes I delete some of them because they're not as good as I had thought, or because they're dead without being on an official hiatus (meaning they haven't written for about 6 months). I'm also in a little dilemma because of my passion for Bollywood, as this blog was a Bollywood blog at first, even though I now also write about other film industries, and off course love films and not Bollywood. Therefore, I chose my favorite two Bolly-blogs and my favorite two other film blogs. It was a hard choice, and I still appreciate or maybe even love all the other blogs that haven't been nominated (I also didn't nominate those who were already nominated by others).
So these are the blogs I keep closest to my heart (yes, I am aware of the fact they are just long HTML lists flowing around in the thing we call "web"):

Jack L. Film Reviews
Dolce Namak
Bonjour Tristesse
Totally Filmi


  1. Good choices I must say.

    What you think of my blog? I'm looking for some helpful feedback. Just wondering why people who often comment on other blogs don't want to on mine. Just curious.


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