Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Weekual Thursday PP is back

I know that it's Saturday, but this first week of school was quite stressful, so I had no time at all to write this.

There was also some complication with my DVD-order, so I don't have any 2011-Bollywood-DVDs yet, and I also don't have any money (almost). It's just enough to go to the indie-cinema about once a week for 3€, which means I'll be watching "The Tree of Life" next week, but I'll still have to wait for "Super 8" and "Planet of The Apes". Anyways, I have a lot of other DVDs to watch.

It's nice to really be back again, I always love writing this feature.

Not A Love Story
Director: Ram Gopal Varma (Rann, Rakht Charitra)

Ram Gopal Varma is Bollywoods go-to man if you want to chock the whole industry/ country. He has his very own film-making style, and he has both failed greatly and succeeded greatly with his films. 
I dare say we can expect something new and chocking from his latest film.

Mahie Gill has already left a quite good impression on me in "Dev.D", and I'm eager to see, whether she can live up to the expectations I have.

The male lead is a newcomer, and I'm also interested in watching how good he is, but it's also important that this is a female-centered film. At least I hope so.

"Not A Love Story" is one of the films to keep an eye on...

Verdict: Do-watch

Sahi Dhandhe Galat Bande
Director: Parvin Dabas (former actor, debuting as director)

Except for Anupam Kher, all the actors look unfamiliar to me, except for Parvin himself, who had a small role in MNIK. 

At the first look, SDGB seemed like another brain-less, stupid, typical comedy, but I've changed my mind now - at least a little.

I'm not completely sure, how to look at it, but it does have potential to be more than just stupid. Hopefully even funny.

Interesting also, that it's produced by Preeti Jhangiani - I didn't know she's producing now.

Verdict: Maybe-watch

Chatur Singh Two Star 
Director: Ajay Chandok (Nehlle Pe Dehlla, Team - The Force)

Sorry guys, I'm not watching that trailer. The first 30 seconds and reading the synopsis was enough.

I'm in a weak state of mind, I can't deal with more of that nonsense right now.

Watch it yourself, if you want to.

Verdict: Rather-do-not-watch

Thank you for reading,
Mette M. K.


  1. Limette, I think the movie title 'Chatur Singh Two Star' is prophetic in itself; it gives itself only 2 stars (I doubt if the viewers even want to give any!)

  2. haha, I like the title of the first one.

    Glad you're doing these posts again, I like seeing what films get released in India, even if I don't watch them myself, I find it most interesting.

  3. @ Vinitha: Hehe, right, I didn't even think about that... well, if anyone is going to watch it, I also don't think they're going to give it any stars.

    @ Jack L: I also like the title... at first I thought it was weird and too obvious, but I changed my mind. Glad to hear that you like the feature, I also find them interesting myself, because I'm obviously not able to (and don't want to) watch all of these.


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