Monday, October 24, 2011

Blogathon: Houdini's Magic Ticket

Daniel Stephens recently launched a blog-a-thon on the Top 10 Films site, which I found interesting enough to join.

Shortly, it's about an imaginary ticket that would allow you to dive in to the fantastic worlds of your favorite films. So here it goes...

What character would I most like to be sat next to on a plane…

Becky Bloomwood from CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC, for sure. Come on, she is so loveable. I know we'd get along. Probably. 
If not, I'd maybe not love the film as much as I do and wouldn't have to be ashamed of that anymore. It's a win-win situation.

What character would I most want to enjoy a passionate romance with?
TEAM EDWARD!... Ahm, or maybe not. 

No, no - who else could a mature and sophisticated woman like me choose but....

Robbie-squeek from ATONEMENT, played by squeek-James-squeek-McAvoy-squeek?!
Just that... he wouldn't die. And neither would I. 

If I were a cop who would I want as my partner?

If I absolutely had to be a cop, then my partner would be Axel Foley from BEVERLY HILLS COPS. Because to me, being a police officer sounds like a really depressing job. I just hope he wouldn't hit on me - that would have bad consequences. 

What animated feature would I love to walk around in?
Or let's say "swim" around in

People who have been around this blog for a while may know that I'm a sucker for THE LITTLE MERMAID. It's my favorite animated feature of all time, and I must have seen it around a hundred times since I was little - it was also the first film (VHS) I ever owned.
What you might not know: I've been raised on a ship, I've lived on a boat or a ship most of my life (not anymore though) and even though I sometimes act like I hate(d) it - I love it. I'm deeply in love with the sea, yes, I could never live far away from it. And yes, I still sometimes dream of becoming a mermaid. Who doesn't?

What adventure based on earth would I most like to go on?

What a question! I'd join my childhood hero PIPPI LĂ…NGSTRUMP on all of her adventures, like searching for spunks, washing the floor with feet-brushes, buying candy for all of the children in the street and all those other awesome things she does. 

What adventure based in an otherworldly, fantasy-based location would I most like to go on?

LOTR intrigues and fascinates me very much, but I have always, always dreamt of getting that letter from Hogwarts. So I'll stick with HARRY POTTER. I'm sure I'd be a superb witch... I guess the owl was... tied up with business... yeah. The letter's going to come. Some day... over the rainbow...

What movie gadget would I love to try out (or steal)?
Time machine. No matter from which film.

What film’s plot would I alter and how would I do it?

Funny you should mention this, because actually I saw a movie with great potential yesterday - SOMMER IN ORANGE - that had an awful end. It was quite realistic with a funny note all the time (it's about some German Bhagwan-followers who lived in the 1980's and the problems their children have to deal with, and how the outside world rejects them), until some time the producers must have thought "yeah, let's make an unrealistic happy-end now". Or something similar. Anyway, I was vastly disappointed.

What one film would I most want to be transported into, simply to be a part of that world?

Finally room for my LOTR-obsession. If Ursula won't turn me into a mermaid, and if neither a Hogwarts owl nor Pippi is going to knock on my door - I can always go and find the mysterious parallel middle-age-esque world of this epic novel and film. 


Blog-a-thons are a wonderful invention, don't you think?
Click here to read more on the Houdini's Magic Ticket blog-a-thon.


  1. Oooh, I LOVE Robbie in Atonement... first James McAvoy film I saw and I instantly liked him. Another LOTR pick, I love that world but I don't know if I'm up for the challenge of living without the daily necessities I have now, yes even with Aragorn by my side it'd still be hard :D

  2. Fun answers Mette! Seems like I'm not the only one pinning for a letter from Dumbledore ahah :)

  3. Fun choices! I love the fact that you let your love of LOTR shine in your answers! Bravo!

  4. LOVE Becky Bloomwood! I secretly wish I was her! (just without all the debt, haha)

  5. Super answers Mette.

    I think your the first person to mention Axel Foley for cop partner - I'm a bit surprised - he's a good cop and funny too!

    I like the fact you want to join the world's of Harry Potter and LOTR - I would like that too.

    And the time machine for movie gadget - oh yes, me too.

  6. Ruth - Hi Ruth, welcome to Lime Reviews :). Atonement was also my first film with James, and I've seen some good films only because of him (The Last Station, Beloved Jane etc.).
    Oh, I think I could say goodbye to electricity and the like, if I'd live in LOTR instead... also, I wouldn't know it, so...

    Castor - You too? Maybe we should write a letter to Hogwarts and complain.

    Scarletsp1der - Welcome to you too.Thank you, well I've always loved fantasy, there was a time when I read fantasy books only (also the time where I stumbled upon LOTR).

    Stevee - I know, she's so happy all the time and so kind... like a sunshine. I also sometimes wish I would be more naive, like her. Would make life a lot easier.

    Dan - Thanks for commenting, this was a great idea for a blogathon. When I read "police cop", Axel was the first one to pop into my mind, haha.

  7. I'll join you in Middle-earth! I think quite a few of us are going there :)

    I love your reasoning behind The Little Mermaid. It's a lovely, magical story and Ariel is a great character.

  8. Seems you had a lot of fun joining in. I would love to visit Hogwarts if I got the chance. Magical isn't sufficient enough to describe it.

  9. Count me in as another to make the journey across to middle earth.

    Great set of answers, Mette!!

  10. Claire - That was the name - Middle-earth! It's been a while since I saw the films the last time...

    Max - Absolutely right!

    Ruth - I once watched a part of the making of that is included on the Special Edition DVDs, and I think I remember the people in the background were mostly extreme fans of the books - how cool must it have been to be able to enter that world for the duration of the filming!

  11. Great answers. There were more questions for this though? :O

    I loved Robbie. He was among the people I thought of, but I went with Jack Dawson seeing that he was my first love and all.

    Fantastic blog btw. I'm sorry it took me so long to get to it.

  12. Nikhat - Merci! Well, these were the question I found... ?
    Jack Dawson would be my second choice.


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