Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thank God It's Thursday - Brandnew

Previously named "The Weekual Thursday PP", this feature has been adjusted a little. As I'm not only interested in Indian releases, I will from now on also mention the official German cinematic releases. Well, at least those coming to a cinema near me and those that interest me (mentioning each and every release would take ages)
Furthermore, I won't write as much about every film as I used to.

Another announcement is that I've changed the rating system, slash destroyed a part of it, namely the Lime Star. Yes, it's time to say goodbye. It has always been hard for me to rate a film - I'm not God, after all -, so I'll go with the most precise option available, namely the out-of-10 one. Professional and precise. 
I was also thinking about something with pictures, but we'll see, however the out-of-10 one is hear to stay. I mean, it's always been here. But... yeah. Confused.

Be-Careful (India) - I don't even want to show you a still or poster or anything. Try anything to forego it - even though it's the only Indian release for this week.

Contagion (USA) - Top-notch cast and director, praising reviews until now - what could possibly be wrong with this one. If only I had some money left...

La Piel Que Habito (Spain) - Didn't know anything about the film until now, but knew I had to watch it since I saw the poster. As you might know, I introduced myself to Señor Almodóvar last week, and can already call myself a fan. Sadly, it looks like it won't come to my theatre... gr.

Footloose (USA) - I haven't even seen the original, but the trailer of this one seems kind of bland. After all, most dance films are quite unoriginal and mostly about dancing, which is okay for a one-time-watch, but not more. There are some exceptions, though.

That's it, then. Do you like the adjustments I've made to the feature? 
And have you seen any of these films yet?


  1. The Skin I Live In, and Contagion are also on my to-see-list, even though I suspect the stories are rehashes done better in older films. I usually like Kate Winslet films, we'll see

  2. Chris - That might be, but I believe that The Skin I Live In is going to be absolutely fantastic.
    Kate Winslet is one of my favorite actresses... I'm thinking about what to write for the LAMB Acting School on her.

  3. I would really like to see Contagion and The Skin I Live In, but I have no idea when they come out here. The Skin I Live In looks really bizarre, and I like bizarre movies!

    As for Footloose, it looks pretty much like any other dancey movie. But I don't believe that there would be a town in America that would *still* ban dancing. Seriously?

  4. Stevee - Haha, true... maybe the film is supposed to play the same time as the original.
    And I love bizarre movies, too. Black Swan, for example :).

  5. I actually liked one of the Footloose trailers/TV spots, or whatever parts of said trailer/TV spot that just had the guitar licks and the dancing. There's also the inspiration trailer that is awful.

    Also, Contagion is amazing.

  6. Paolo - I don't know which one of them I've seen, it was probably the theatrical trailer, and that one was awful indeed.
    I want to watch Contagion! Finally a good film running at our multiplex and I don't have the money...


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