Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A task that is killing me

As you may know, I'm currently working at a Top 100 list of my favorite films. Many blogs have one, some others refuse to create one... I decided to give it a try.
But right now I feel like digging myself a nice and warm little hole and stay there until december 9th when we're going to Mexico - this is so hard! How can I rank one film higher than another one, if I love both of them? And how often am I going to change this list? - Probably every month, as my previous watching habits have been so bad that I'm not even sure I've seen 1% of the favorite-film-material (not to speak of the classic, must-watch etc. material) out there. It's been almost one year since I've started watching many films, and especially trying to focus on good films - not just anything I can get my hands on.

You're making this very tough for me, Mister...

Another problem is that there are films I know I love and have called my "favorite film" for some time, but now I don't remember how much I love them... Would I like them if I re-watched them today? And how much?
Nikhat's comment on one of her favorite films (and mine too) ATONEMENT made me wonder... how high would I rank that film? High, that's what I'd say a few weeks ago. But maybe it's not that good a film, maybe what I found so great about it are James McAvoy's blue, blue eyes... Or DIl SE - once my favorite film of all time, I start thinking... wasn't there a lot of violence? And how much did I like that? 
Or THE LITTLE MERMAID. Sure, I love that film, but how high can I rank a childish Disney film?

Facing this and many other dilemmas, I remembered Stevees wonderful post on selecting your Top 100, in which she said you shouldn't make a difference between favorite films and favorite film material (at least that's what she concludes in the end).  I want to be honest with myself in this list, I want it to be 100% me, 100% Mette's favorite films. So maybe that's what I should start doing now - being honest. Well, I'll let you know the next time I fail.

Sorry if I rambled you to the ground, I don't usually write many ramble posts, but I want to blog more regularly and this was all I can think of today. Well, except that I'm excited to watch some more short films tonight - I'm currently working my way through IMDBs Top 50 short films. There was a short film festival last week here, but I'm saving all my money for our trip, so I decided to make my own kind of short film festival for the next few days. Plus I'll watch RANGO; highly acclaimed (for an animated feature) and situated in Mexico (judging from the trailer). By the way, do you know any good Mexican films?


  1. I genuinely love Atonement, and would have ranked it that high even with someone else in McAvoy's role, even though he was the perfect Robbie. I just really like talking about his blueeee eyes, that's all :P

    You should go favourite over favourite material, definitely. One of my friends was like astounded by my very high ranking of Shaun of the Dead, and relatively much lower ranking of Black Swan. But I love Shaun of the Dead to death, that's the basic fact. Black Swan's amazing too, but not in the same way for me.

    Chew upon it, grasshopper :P

  2. Favourites I think are the movies that hold up to being watched several times. Although a few films I loved watching only once-Forest Gump for example somehow was so powerful that I could remember so much-therefore it just wasn't as good on 2nd viewing.

    Perhaps certain films I need to wait 10-15 years before I see them again, others are rewatchable the same year.

  3. I saw Atonement very recently for the second time, and loved it so much more, for so many different reasons (including McAvoy's blue eyes, yes) - no matter what rotten tomatoes may say about it. The way I see it, favorite material is just a convention, and we should never settle for it. So love the movies you feel like loving, and give them the highest score you can, if that is how you feel about them, in that moment. The same goes for dishing on the all-time greats. Trying to turn movie rating/listing into science just doesn't work, and above all, it's not honest. No matter how hard certain people seem to try. So you're list will probably be changing a lot, just like mine does. But that is not a sign of inconsistency, weak spirit or whatever. It just means that you're still passionate and curious about cinema. So go for it!

  4. Remember it's your personal list. I think its perfectly alright to include films for nostalgic, childish or even shallow reasons. It's much more interesting that way. Of course I'm still too chicken and lazy to make my own list, so you can disregard my advice if you want. :)

  5. Why would you ever want to do such a thing!

  6. Nikhat - I'm sure you're right, I remember Atonement as a great film that I truly enjoyed. It can't be all due to some... eyes... can it?
    I'll make sure to watch Shaun of the Dead some time, even though I did love Dawn of the Dead.

    Chris - I felt the same way about Forrest Gump - the question is: is it a great film now or isn't it? Is the most important thing what you think while watching, or what you think after watching (maybe even years after)?

    Sofia - You changed your name! Isn't Maria your first name? Thank you for encouraging me (just as the other commenters), I feel content with my task now... I know what I want to go after.

    Bonjour Tristesse - Don't worry about it, I used to comment on other peoples Top list and thoughts about them without having the slightest intention of making one of my own. I think you're perfectly right.

    The Kid In The Front Row - Good question! Well... the main reason is... I don't know. Feeling that I have really thought about which films I like and how much and you know... just reflecting. The way is the goal. Or something like that.

  7. It is, but everyone calls me Sofia, so it didn't make much sense. sorry though, I didn't thought about you not recognizing me xD plus it felt kind of pompous to have two-three names, haha. I look forward to see your list!

  8. Mette, will Cinema Paradiso be part of your top 100? (I think The Kid In The Front Row would agree with me...) It doesn't fail to make me cry every time I see it!

  9. Sofia - No, no, I did recognize you :). I have two names as well, but I use my first name.

    The Bolly Hood - I haven't seen Cinema Paradiso, so I can't say.

  10. The Bolly Hood - If I find it somewhere, I will.


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