Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thank God It's Thursday, 17.11.2011

Mentionable German Releases


Arthur Christmas - Mentionable only because of James McAvoy (who made out an important part of my previous post discussing my currently-in-production Top 100 list). The trailer looks rotten. Not even really cute... I'll stick with THE POLAR EXPRESS, HOME ALONE 1 & 2 and LITTLE LORD FOUNDLEROY, like every christmas. Anyhow, I'd bet my LOTR 6 Disc collector's Edition that this is going to be the family-christmas-fun-in-cinema 2011.

The Thing - Had expected more since the reviews have been quite positive. Apparently this is a film that has been remade various times, or at least various films have had this name. The trailer doens't promise anything new.

Submarine - Typical - the only film I like of these is the one not releasing at our apparently very bad-taste multiplex... Many people recommended it, but I was still surprised by the trailer. Looks like a good coming-of age film for a change (I'm thinking of NOWHERE BOY right now). I'm sure it's going to release at the repertory some time next year though.

Hindi Releases in India


Na Jaane Kabse... - Déjà vu! This was supposed to release two weeks ago, wasn't it? Well, the trailer can't have improved since then.

Who's There? - I'm smelling a very B(!) horror film. If you need a good laugh, watch the trailer.

Shakal Pe Mat Ja - No. No, no, no. No! ... That's... so tasteless. A film that makes fun out of 9/11, I mean the accident itself (not like in Tere Bin Laden, which was about the consequences)? Mixed with bad music, weird actors (including a B-Shahrukh-lookalike) and a fart joke?! Please.

Releases at the local repertory

Baikonur - Looks funny, but a bit over-the-top too. Also, the German dub isn't very good in the trailer (couldn't find any original trailer).

Le Havre - There is definitely some potential here... I just don't like it when trailers include quotes from critics' reviews. Even though I do understand why they do that.


  1. I don't know about that The Thing remake, the John Carpenter version is one of my favorite films. Maybe I'll end up watching it on dvd later.

    I thought Submarine was just ok. Cool style, but I didn't like the characters very much.

    Le Havre is one I've been dying to see though.

  2. Submarine was released where I live about a year ago, looked good (indie cinema), will probably check it out on DVD.

    They really need to stop with the remakes! Hollywood will never learn!

    Arthur Christmas has been getting positive reviews so far so I will get it on DVD I guess (shame it's not released on DVD for this Christmas!).

    I've heard of Le Havre.

    Don't get me started on how bad the Hindi releases look! Haven't filmmakers learn their lessons with horror films?

  3. Bonjour Tristesse - I've heard that from some other people too. Anyhow, I'm going to see what I think about it.

    The Bolly Hood - It's not only Hollywood, but I see what you mean.
    And that's exactly what I thought about the horror films! I heard that Raaz is pretty good though, Nikhat said so.


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