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[1] The Upcoming Adult Presents: 18 Favourite School Movies

Editor's note: In 18 days from now - which means on the 9th of March - the creator of Lime Reviews and Strawberry Confessions, Mette, will become an adult. Technically, that is. Having spent exactly 18 years on this planet then, she will be allowed to do a lot of things she wasn't allowed to do before (and of course didn't), but she will also have a lot more duties.
This is why Mette decided to celebrate the last 18 days of her childhood (ahem) with a little blogathon-thingy in which she will present 18 lists consisting of 18 entries. Most of these list are of a very childish or at least teenager-ish nature, so beware if you're looking for some serious Yoda wisdom. Mette is not going to restrain her most immature thoughts and opinions in the following two and a half weeks. 
So go on and read her first list - if you're ready. And now, Mette has the word.

Thanks, editor! As you can read, this list is about school movies. Most of the entries will be American (High School) movies, because that's just what the majority of good school movies are. Anyhow, I found a few Indian and even one British movie as well. 
Having only one and a half years of High School left (kinda High School, we don't really have colleges, only universities, in Germany so we have 13 years of High School - I think it's a bit different than in America), I can't say I'm exactly nostalgic about school. But yeah, sometimes I do think I'll miss these times, although I'm really excited for university (and my sabbatical). 
However, my grades are increasing and I'm the best in my class (yeah, sometimes I need to brag) so I guess I'll survive the last year of school. Although my iPod Touch does represent a challenge.
Here are my 18 favourite school movies (in no particular order):

[1] Harry Potter Series: Aren't we all still waiting for our Hogwarts letter to arrive? I am. And it's getting worse because my sister is currently in a really bad Harry Potter phase, so she's spamming me with all this information and all these memes and ships - I'm afraid I might be turning in to a Harry Potter freak any time now.

[2] American Pie: This was the first "dirty" movie I ever saw (part two it was). Yeah, I was too young to get it, but when I rewatched part 1-3, I recognized that this really is so much better than all these other movies "inspired" by it. It's actually a very honest movie.

[3] Grease: I used to hate, really loathe this movie - but then I became friends with someone whose favourite movie this is and voil√°: cured. My favourite song is Summer Nights. Could listen to it all day long.

[4] Rebel Without a Cause: This might sound weird, but I'm always surprised when a very hyped or famous classic is actually any good. So I was double surprised when I realized how outstanding this ol' classic was. It's really very... modern. I mean, I could relate to Jim - a lot.

[5] The Virgin Suicides: Besides being one of the most poetic, honest and bittersweet movies I have ever seen, this is also a very good summary of American High School as I know it from movies. Probably a bit over-the-top - although I wouldn't bet on that - but extremely entertaining. Plus it gave me one of my favourite songs, Strange Magic from The Electric Light Orchestra.

[6] Main Hoon Na: Being one of my first Bollywood adventures, this film will forever have a special place in my heart. I do think that it's quite good, although I haven't seen it in ages... 

[7] Easy A: Like most people, I was a little sceptic towards this one. It really looked like just another all-right-ish teenage comedy. But guess what, it's a film that actually wants to say something. And is entertaining at the same time. 

[8] Hairspray: One of these rare great films I saw by "accident". Thinking about it, I should've known I'd love Grease when I watched this.  

[9] The Perks of Being a Wallflower: So, I have a little obsession about this movie and anything related to it. And I don't think it's because I watched it in the greatest city in the world (*London*). The DVD is ordered already, so I'll probably be talking about the film a lot in this year too.

[10] Liberal Arts: Watched in the same cinema and same city as the previous one, this is another big treat from 2012. I've always loved Josh Radnor ever since starting HIMYM, and since his first feature film Happythankyoumoreplease is one of my favourite movies, he didn't disappoint me at all with this one. I mean, the trailer is already so funny, and yet there was a lot more in the movie itself!

[11] Rushmore: (High) School movies have a tendency towards being funny, but it turns out they're best when they have a profound layer to them as well. Rushmore, to me, has the perfect mix - and that might be the reason it's one of Wes Andersons most successful movies.

[12] Clueless: Again, I was quite skeptical towards  this one, but it didn't disappoint at any time. It's just so bright and... lovely! And filled with great quotes.

[13] 10 Things I Hate About You: This is my most recently discovered movie in this list, and actually I decided on making this list instead of writing a lengthy review that no one would care about. Can I just say that this is one of the most perfect teenage comedies I have ever seen? It's like with DDLJ. You can't really say what's so special and different about it, but somehow it just stands out among the other 90's flicks.

[14] Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging: Yeah, I know - worst movie title ever. Big deal, I love this movie so much that I don't care about its flaws. I'm just a little worried I could be too old to watch it soon. 

[15] Mohabbatein: A very kitschy and bad example for Bollywood, because it really is everything I'm trying to convince people Bollywood isn't, it's still one of those movies I can't get out of my heart. Which is also the reason I don't rewatch it. 

[16] Mean Girls: Is there any female blogger who doesn't love this movie? And what's not to love? Although it might not be as profound as Easy A or Clueless, this one still is the #1 choice for a girls' night. 

[17] High School Musical: Coming to my favourite guilty treasure. Except I won't call it by that name here, because I'm allowed to love and cherish anything I want to in the next 18 days. Putting "We're All In This Together" on repeat. 

[18] Dead Poets Society: A film I've only seen once a loooong time ago, it's incredible how dearly I remember it. Keating's monologue on poetry is mindblowing! 

Next on The Upcoming Adult Presents: 18 Favourite Movie Titles.


  1. Ooooo. I did something similar when I turned 18, which seems like so long ago though it doesn't feel like it.
    We have a lot in common- Clueless, Harry Potter (when will that darned letter come?), Virgin Suicides, Rushmore and now my list will definitely have Perks and Liberal Arts which makes shit loads of sense at my age.

    Will look forward to the other posts :)

    1. (at my age sounds so old :( I'm only 20 and have vowed to remain a teenager till I'm 25).

    2. Liberal Arts makes sense for a wide range of ages, so I don't think it sounds weird to say "at my age" :).

    3. I agree about Liberal Arts and Perks - I am well outside any "target" demographic, being in my mid-40s and never having been to university, but they are both compelling stories well-told. In fact of the three "upcoming adult" lists so far, this school movies list sees me most in synch with you, Mette! :)

    4. Great to hear, Stuart. I guess I am in the target demographic of both movies - Liberal Arts because I'm almost Libby's age - but I'm sure I'd have enjoyed them just as much had I been older.

  2. I would have cared about a 10 Things.., it's my favorite movie that I haven't been able to watch ever since Ledger passed away. It's just so.. so sweet all the way!

    1. Yes, it is! I always get happy when I find something great from Ledger now.

  3. Great list! I adore the love for Harry Potter on this blog :)

    1. Thanks! Glad I'm not alone loving Harry Potter.

  4. Great list here. Rebel, Virgin Suicides, Rushmore, Perks.. all solid. And Clueless, yeah, I can dig that.

    Congrats on your upcoming birthday!

    1. You dig Clueless! That's so cool :).

    2. I do, no doubt. That's a movie that knows exactly what it is, and never pretends to be more. I appreciate that :)

    3. Clueless is an excellent movie, and the inspiration behind another movie I like. The Hindi film Aisha often cops a lot of flak for being a poor adaptation of Emma (a book I absolutely ABHOR), but is in fact a quite competent adaptation of Clueless.

    4. Thank God I haven't read Emma - although I like Jane Austen - I've only heard bad things about it.
      I loved both Clueless and Aisha, but didn't like the british adaption with Gwyneth Paltrow, which I think is closer to the book.

  5. This list is tremendous! I too fell in love with ELO's "Strange Magic" and grew an extreme infatuation with The Virgin Suicides. Recently, Perks is a movie that took me completely by surprise...I loved it, and I keep telling all other skeptics to watch it!

    Rebel Without a Cause is on my list of movies to see...I always hear great things. I need to get on that!

    1. Great to hear - and thanks!
      Rebel was on my list for a long time too, you should really watch it.


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