Thursday, February 21, 2013

[2] The Upcoming Adult Presents: 18 Favourite Movie Titles

Your soon-to-be adult blogger continues her celebration of childishness and innocence with 18 of her favourite movie titles. 

To be honest, many of my favourite movies don't have very special or great titles - mainly the movie title business is about preciseness and "less is more". However, even with little space to work with, it's amazing what some people's fantastic minds have produced in these little more than 100 years of film art. 
In this list creativity and the surprise/ curiosity factor are most important. I've seen all of the movies, but had also heard about them before seeing them, and the titles were often part of what made me watch them in the end. So, let's start the party!

(Again, the titles are in no particular order).

[1] I couldn't care less about Gone With the Wind - although actually I do; I read every review I stumble upon and use every opportunity to mock on this movie. Nevertheless, its title (same as the novel's) counts to the most poetic and intriguing ones I ever heard of.

[2] Watched as the cherry-on-top of my Stanley Kubrick obsession (= the last of his movies I saw), Eyes Wide Shut remains a true favourite of mine. Ever since I had first read its title somewhere in the vast internet vortex, it kept returning to my thoughts now and then. I had to watch it eventually, and when I did, there was so much to see that I had to keep my eyes real wide open.

 [3] It's pretty much the same story with this one as with Eyes Wide Shut. Once I had read the title, I couldn't get it out of my head. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind really is one of the best movie titles ever by far.

[4] Moonrise Kingdom was one of these rare films I actually kind of hyped before its release. Although that is a little too much said: I simply anticipated it a lot. And when I finally realized what the title meant it was as if beautiful yellow fireworks exploded in my head.

 [5] The simple fact that its Inglourious Basterds instead of "bastards" already makes this movie title utterly awesome.

 [6] Like many children of the internet age, I have a weakness for quirky gadget-y, technology-adoring art. And Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is such a superb example for how to do something like that right.

[7] Seeming a bit awkward at first read, Sunrise: Song of Two Humans is a very fitting title for this poetic silent film, also the only one of it's kind I ever truly loved.

[8] Somewhere, Sofia Coppola's latest celebration of nothingness that means something is as simply and effectively titled as its predecessors. 

[9] "Tere" in Hindi means "your(s)", while "tere bin" means "without you", so Tere Bin Laden is a clever wordplay either meaning "Without You, (Bin) Laden" or "Yours, Bin Laden". This is also one of the finest newer Indian comedies.

[10] My first thought when I read the title of The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert could be summarized WTF. Turns out the movie would be equally crazy and bold - and a true treasure.

[11] Another word play, this time a spanish one, Amores Perros is most often translated into "love is a bitch". It could also be translated as "lost loves", "loves gone bad" or "loves gone to the dogs". Which makes even more sense when you've watched the movie. 

[12] Actually, when I started watching (500) Days of Summer, I expected some kind of celebration of summer. That might be true too, but there's so much more to the movie and its title (for those who haven't seen the movie, Summer is the name of the girl our main character falls in love with).  

[13] When you reach the point where you think you can call yourself a film buff, you're probably acquainted with the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's. You actually should've watched it by then, although you can do as I did and watch it at that exact non-existent moment. In each case, the title remains extraordinary.

[14] Although Supersize Me was a strong contender for this list, I don't think I've ever read a title as provocative and intriguing as Capitalism: A Love Story. The movie isn't just as controversial as the title suggests, but very inspiring nevertheless. 

[15] Don't you just love this picture? Or is it just me, because I think I have a slight obsession with the colour red? Anyway Coffee and Cigarettes is just such a sexy mixture, as much as I don't want it to be (not a smoker myself though).

[16] I think the only reason I watched this was its title. Don't Look Now. How can you not watch a movie called Don't Look Now? 

[17] If there ever was a feel-good-movie, this is the one. Not only the title, Little Miss Sunshine (especially the sunshine) but everything about it makes me feel good. 

[18] The last entry in this list is, much like the first, a movie I was disappointed with. Especially after its undoubtedly awesome title that just screams strawberry explosion.


  1. Interesting idea for a list. I love Eternal Sunshine, Dr. Strangelove, Coffee and Cigarettes, Inglourious, Moonrise. I don't like Gone with the Wind (the movie) either. Hi5!

    I also love Y Tu Mama Tambien, Wristcutters: A Love Story, Pulp Fiction, The Fabulous Destiny of Amelie Poulain.

    1. Hi5!
      Haven't heard of the first titles you mentioned, but both Pulp Fiction and Amelie were considered for this list :)

  2. you always have the best ideas for posts and such, Mette. Dr. Strangelove has the most interesting name ever, I haven't seen it yet, but with a title like that it has to be great. Eyes Wide Shut is also one of my favorites, I think it's very intriguing.

    I'd also pick Sweet Smell of Success, Dial M for Murder, None But The Lonely Heart, Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf, and Brief Encounter. And some funny ones, like How To Loose Friends and Alienate People, Everyone Says I Love You and I Was a Male War Bride. Oh and I think Some Like it Hot and Shame are really good to. I love this kind of list, it's something I often think about when watching a movie (all the way through Dial M for Murder I was fascinated with the title).

    Not exactly about the names themselves, but do you know that website, Art of the Title? It analyses the title sequence's design, I like to browse it sometimes.

    1. Thank you, Sofia!
      Dr. Strangelove isn't a bad movie, but I just didn't really love it.
      I've always been intrigued by the titles Dial M For Murder and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, although I haven't seen them yet. Oh, and Some Like It Hot!
      I also considered to add Shame to the list, but perhaps it was too simple...

      No, I don't know the site, but thanks for recommending it!

  3. Great post! I love a lot of these titles, especially Moonrise Kingdom, Little Miss Sunshine and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I personally like Me and You and Everyone We Know. Interesting title for an interesting movie.

    1. Oh yeah, the title actually had me reading a few reviews... should watch the movie some time!
      Thanks, Brittani!

  4. It's also 'Inglourious' instead of 'Inglorious' which makes it even more awesum. :)

  5. Great list - I loved the title "Eyes Wide Shut", it was the reason I watched what I fonud to be a dull, tedious and meandering film, unlike the only Kubrick film I actually enjoyed, "Dr Strangelove". :)

    The only title I can think of to suggest was in fact suggested to me by your mention of "Coffee and Cigarettes". "Thank You For Smoking" is not just a delicious blackly comic film, but in this smokefree age, its title is a real hook.

    1. Haha, interesting!

      Thank You For Smoking sounds really interesting, I think I'll add it to my watchlist.

  6. Nice choices! Eternal Sunshine OTSM is an amazing header for a movie. Rebel Without A Cause, 5 Centimeters Per Second ,Lost In Translation, & Breaking the Waves are a few of my favorite movie titles.

    1. I think it's one of the most loved titles ever.
      I also considered Lost in Translation, but thought Somewhere was a little better (the title).


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