Tuesday, February 26, 2013

[7] The Upcoming Adult Presents: 18 Favourite Nostalgia Movies

How nostalgic you can become once the end of your days is in sight... Childhood days in my case, but it's tragic either way. Yes, nostalgia has entered my world and filled every single corner of it, dripping from the windows like rain after a stormy night and overshadowing my heart like death itself.
It is indeed a kind of death and no matter how hard I try to forget and to live in the now, my mind keeps wandering back to the days when I didn't have to saddle my lasagne before I could eat it, to the days when summer meant strawberries and winter meant snow. 
The days before everybody tweeted a movie instead of watching it, the days when Dustin Hoffman and Jack Nicolson seemed in the least attractive to me and aging was a matter of dignity.

... Oh wait, all these things happened before I came to this planet? Who cares, I like nostalgia, once in a while. Here's my favourite movies to celebrate that melancholic feeling with, in no particular order:

Probably 1970s, released 2004.
traditional clothing - rapeseed fields - coffee-table-book India

1970s, released 1978
bow ties - crazy shirt patterns - retro house music - gangster

Midnight in Paris
1920s and 1910s, released 2011
avantgardism - gold - glamour - bridges - feathers

Forrest Gump
1945 to 1982, released 1994
laissez-faire - old school sports - San Francisco - countryside

Om Shanti Om
1970s, released 2007
retro Bollywood - dandy - hand-painted posters

1950s, released 1978
high school - milk shakes - petticoats - dance contest

Bonnie and Clyde
1960s, released 1967
gangster - hats - high way - robbing banks without masks

1970s, released 1973
summer afternoons - hippie - teenage love

An Education
1960s, released 2009
cocktail parties - sunglasses - la France

Bright Star
1810s and 1820s, released 2009
poetry - frills - true love - tragedy - emancipation

The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Probably the 1990s, released 2012
prom - wool - Bowie - hash brownies - Rocky Horror

Blast From the Past
1960s mixed with 1990s, released 1999
time travel - swing dance - Kennedy - black n white television

1910s, released 1997
glamour - "lower class" parties - hand kissing - automobiles

Taking Woodstock
1969, released 2009
can food - ecstasy - long hair - green hills

Dirty Dancing
1960s, released 1987
mambo - vinyl - charade - animalism - watermelons

Stand by Me
1959, released 1986
best friends - adventure - Goofy

The Dreamers
1960s, released 2003
student revolts - film buff-ism - free thinkers - cigarets

Moulin Rouge!
1899, released 2001
bohemianism - can can - diamonds - sparkles - love at first sight

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  1. Perfect list. Wouldn't change anything in it.

  2. great list, Mette. The Dreamers, Midnight in Paris, Grease... they all fill me with nostalgia, just perfect.

  3. This list is incredibly fantastic. I need to rewatch Midnight in Paris and An Education...both were such great throwbacks. Let's hope the new Gatsby lives up to expectations and finds a spot on here.

    1. I am utterly excited to see the new Gatsby - the old one was close to being included here actually (the Robert Redford one).

  4. Again, one of these days... I am going to watch An Education.


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