Wednesday, February 27, 2013

[8] The Upcoming Adults Presents: 18 Favourite Squeak Moments in Movies

We're getting to the real dirty stuff now, so if any guys did somehow, eventually, press the "view" button, they probably shouldn't press the "read more" button following this short introduction. 
Admittedly, dirty is too much said - there are many, many... well, "worse" scenes to find in movies. But then again, I guess the scenes I'm referring to wouldn't be considered especially bad by... anybody. The scenes I am referring to in this list however, do include a huge portion of corniness, female mystery and... attractive actors.
Sure, there are two or three "normally enjoyable" scenes here, so if you can tolerate the rest, stay with us, read on. As for the ladies, I know I don't have to convince you to read about...

... some 18 of my favourite squeak moments in movies, in no particular order.

The library scene
The best thing about this scene is actually the scene before the scene - Cecilia and Robbie walking through the library, confused and unable to explain themselves. And of course Robbie's whispered "Yes, I know exactly". - Just kidding, that's not the best part of this scene. Squeak.

In the Mood for Love
Every time the main theme is played
I simply couldn't choose one exact scene from this movie. But every time the unearthly "Yumeji's Theme" is played, I don't even want to hug this movie because I know I can't because it's so truly of space. Squeak.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Dr. Frank n Furter's introduction
Sweet Transvestite - the best musical song ever. Can't get enough of it and this movie and Tim Curry, squeak (not in that way though).

Bright Star
The dream
I haven't seen this movie in years yet I remember so much of it. One of the scenes that I see especially clearly in my mind is this; Keats tells Fanny of a dream he had, and that he kissed someone's lips in that dream. Fanny then asks (in her gorgeous British accent); "Whose lips? Were they my lips?". Squeak.

Les Misérables
"A heart full of love"
I know, I know. Corny, over-the-top - and why the hell do you like this movie? - Whatever, I just like it, love it - pretty much adore it. And this song, as corny as I do find it, just touches my Heaaaart fuuuuull of looooooove! Squeak.

Dil Se..
From my heart
My favourite movie and my favourite scene from that movie. Doesn't make it my favourite scene in film history but it comes pretty close. Squeak.

A Streetcar Named Desire
Every scene with Marlon Brando
Oh my. Here I am, talking about cheesy declarations of love and blabla, when I can have this! Squeak.

Match Point
Ping Pong scene
Someone on youtube called this the sexiest scene ever, and when another person asked what the hell was so sexy about two people playing ping pong, a third one answered: psychological sex.
Pretty much sums up what I wanted to say. Squeak.

Last scene
I couldn't find a picture of that last shot, but it's almost like this one. If you've seen the movie you'll know why I would squeak when the credits rolled. Squeak.

Sex and the City
The Closet
I'm not a big fan of Sex and the City, although I don't hate it either. It's good for interesting clothes, gossip and... enormous walk-in closets. Squeak.

Fish Tank
Michael Fassbender in the kitchen
As I read on the site where I find this picture: "Every kitchen should have one". Squeak.

 Remember Me
The first kiss
Remember Me is a movie of varying quality, but when it comes down to the essential values and ideas, I do like it. The first kiss of the leading couple is very short, more of a smooch, but overly sweet. Squeak.

Romeo + Juliet
The Meeting
Anything with a young Leo DiCaprio in it would have me squeak. Squeak.

Lost in Translation
The last shot
Perhaps one of my most reasonable choices for this list - though, can a squeak be reasonable? Anyway, I just cannot believe how dissatisfying and satisfying at the same time the ending of this movie is. Squeak.

Confessions of a Shopaholic
The dress
It's pretty extravagant and could end up wearing Isla Fisher, but damn does she wear it! Squeak.

In the Gym
Not the famous kiss, not the scene in the car, not the drawing scene, not the dying scene. No, this was when I fell head over heels in love with Jack Dawson - this very scene. Squeak.

Mary and Max
Mr. Ravioli
An imaginary friend who's called Mr. Ravioli? - the coolest idea anyone ever had. Squeak.

Angus (don't make me write the rest of the title)
I saw it twice in the theatre. Just to hear him singing this song at her birthday party. 

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  1. Oh I could not breathe in that Fassy-Fish Tank scene.

    1. Me neither... it was so forbidden and so sexy.

  2. So many amazing choices. And totes agree about Les Miserables. I re-watched it and fell in love even more. My second favorite of 2012.

    1. Hey, nice to see you here, welcome!
      The friends I watched Les Mis with loved it too... I can see it's not made for everyone though.

  3. Becky's dress in 'Shopaholic' is so over-the-top-ridiculous that it's actually cool. Love this scene. It's so joyful and just... so in character. :)

    Despite the sadness at the ending, someday I'll watch Remember Me.

    1. Me too - I like it best without the veil though.


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